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Bakugan EQG - Banshee531

Bakugan, the most popular game in the world. But there's more to it then meets the eye. Now, a group of teens must work together to save both their world and another.

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Author's Note:

Hello my beautiful readers and welcome to my newest series here on Fimfiction. Some of you might already be familiar with this chapter after reading it on my one shot story and if so, feel free to skip this chapter and go to the next one. If you haven't read this yet, then I welcome you to my Bakugan MLP story. Let us begin.

Hey there, nice to meet you. Let me tell you a story that changed not just my life, but the lives of everyone on the planet.

It all started when a massive flash of light filled the sky, over the entire world. An aurora that covered the entire planet, causing every piece of electronics to go nuts.

Scientists were completely lost about what it was, but we would soon learn it was the beacon of great change. For a few months later, a new game was released in america. Bakugan.

A company known as Dark Industries created stadiums all over the country, in every single city. In those stadiums, toy balls called Bakugan were sold and traded. But they were more then just balls. In an arena, these balls came to life. Transforming into huge creatures with incredible power.

That was the game. Collect Bakugan and use them in combat, facing off against other players that are dubbed Brawlers.

With hundreds of Bakugan, along with special cards to control them with, you can change the outcome of any battle. But play the wrong card and you can lose not only the fight, but also the Bakugan you fight with. And with so much action, it's no wonder the game became a smash hit.

But we would soon learn that this was more then just a game. It was a battle with the fate of not just our world, but another world as well. But the true story begins six months after the Bakugan game began, in the city of Canterlot.

It was just an ordinary day In Canterlot.

Well, ordinary for those living there. If anyone from another country were to come to Canterlot, they'd be very intrigued by the large stadium that existed in the middle of the city. It was a large domed building, surrounded by a bunch of other domed buildings it was connected to by a series of pipe like hallways. Each dome had a glass roof, allowing light to filter in.

Inside the central dome, we find it to be similar to a mall.

It had multiple different food courts selling a variety of things, along with small stores you could buy items focusing or based on the game the building was designed to market. And in the center of the building was a ring shaped desk covered in computers, where a bunch of people were sat helping anyone who came there.

The building also had a bunch of pillars and connected to each pillar was a TV, showing images of what was happening in the other buildings.

And it was on of these TVs that was the focus of a young lad's attention.

He was a teenager of about sixteen years of age, with blue hair and orange skin, wearing a black leather jacket over a white shirt and blue pants. On his shirt was the image of a shield with a lightning bolt running through it.

The TV he was paying attention to was showing images of a large colosseum like building, which had tons of people sitting in the seats. And down in the arena section was what looked like a forest, having large trees filling it.

A clearing was in the center of the forest and it was there you could see two young girls.

One was a mint skinned girl with blue and white hair, wearing a pink dress, blue shorts and boots. She wore a necklace with a harp on it. Meanwhile, the other girl was cream coloured with pink and blue hair wearing a white dress with blue and yellow trim. Both girls had a strange watch device on their wrists, the mint girl's blue while the cream girl's was orange.

The boy watched as the announcer overseeing the match spoke up. "The brawl between Lyra Heartstrings and Bonnie Sugarcane is reaching its conclusion. What Bakugan will these girls pick to try and claim victory?"

The two girls held up the plastic balls known as Bakugan, Lyra's being blue while Bonnie's was brown.

"Bakugan," they both threw them at one another, "brawl!" They hit the ground and rolled for a second before stopping and opening up. "Bakugan, STAND!" A mixture of water and brown light filled the battlefield. And from those two elements, large creatures appeared.

"Rise, Aquos Juggernoid!" A giant blue turtle emerged from the water.

"Let's go! Subterra Saurus!" The light faded to reveal a yellow humanoid triceratops wearing brown armour.

The teen sighed as he watched the two beasts battle.

"Flash," he turned towards the ring shaped counter and spotted a friend of his. She was a grey skinned girl with blonde hair, wearing a blue shirt, yellow tie and green skirt. "Don't you think you have better things to do then just watching battle after battle?"

"Like what?" The boy named Flash asked as he moved over to the counter.

"Like maybe actually competing in one," she said back before seeing Flash huff and plop his head on the counter.

"Come on Derpy, you know I can't." Flash looked over at a section of the building that had several strange machines. They almost looked like touch screen soda machines, but where there should be the dispenser there was instead a contraption that looked like a four clawed claw machine over a bowl. "Why do Bakugan have to be so expensive." He then spotted a kid half his age rushing up to the machine.

The kid put a credit card into the device's slot before the touchscreen turned on and showed six symbols, one red, one blue, one green, one brown, one yellow and one purple. The kid pressed the green symbol and seconds later, the claws sparked with lightning before firing it into the bowl. After a few seconds, the lightning stopped and the kid reached in to pull a green ball out of the bowl before taking his card and running off.

This made Flash groan, "it's not fair."

"Haven't you been saving up?" Derpy asked, "how close are you to having enough?"

"I was close," Flash went on. "But then I accidently kicked a ball through my neighbour's window. Now I'm back to square one." It seemed that the universe was against Flash where Bakugan was concerned.

He came from a very low income household, so his parents couldn't afford the luxury of buying him whatever he wanted. So Flash had been saving up his money to buy a Bakugan on his own. But whenever he was close, something happened to derail his plans.

Aside from the window, he also had to repair the bike he used to get to his job, get his phone screen fixed after dropping it and helping his parents with fixing the leaking roof. Now he was once again months away from becoming a Bakugan Battle Brawler, something he desperately wanted to be.

Derpy frowned at Flash's depressed look, putting a hand on his shoulder and patting it lightly. "Don't worry Flash. It'll happen one day. And when it does, everything'll be different. Some of the best Brawlers I know started off with only one Bakugan and they managed to win the rest in battle. Once you have a Bakugan, the rest will be easy pickings."

"If you say so," Flash sighed. "Or I might finally get a Bakugan and then lose it right away."

"Come on, that won't happen."

"What won't happen?" The two turned to see Lyra and Bonnie moving over to them, Flash realising their battle must have ended.

"Flash is scared he's gonna get a Bakugan and then losing in his first match," Derpy explained. This made both girls frown.

"That won't happen," Bonnie assured him. "You watch so many battles you're practically an expert already. When your time comes, you're gonna clean up."

Lyra nodded and was about to go on, but then someone interrupted her. "Yeah right!" They turned to see a teen with red skin, orange hair and wore a dark red hoodie. One his wrist was a red watch like Lyra and Bonnie's. "A loser like him, who doesn't even have a Bakugan yet, doesn't belong on the field. Heck, he shouldn't even be here to begin with. Quit wasting space and make more room for us real Brawlers."

Lyra couldn't help but burst out laughing. "Shouldn't you get lost too then. Last I checked Garble, you've lost your last three brawls." Garble frowned while Derpy went on.

"That's right. He didn't even deplete his opponent's life gauge in those matches."

"Shut it!" Garble yelled before pointing at Flash, "I'm still a better brawler then him!"

"Sure you are," Lyra told him. Garble growled for a few seconds before turning to march out of the building, the girls turning back to Flash. "Don't let that jerk get to you. He's probably scared that if you become a Brawler, his rank will drop even worse."

"Maybe," Flash nodded. It was then he realised something and turned to a nearby clock, "gyah!" The girls were surprised by this as Flash rushed towards the door, "I've gotta get to work!" With that, he was gone while the girls just stared at where he'd been before chuckling.

That night.

Despite the lateness of the night, the city was still bustling and noisy with hundreds of people wide awake. This included a figure standing on the roof of a tall skyscraper.

He was a tall teenager wearing mostly black clothing. He had a black leather overcoat on over a purple shirt and black pants, with metal bands wrapped around his coat's wrist. He had bushy purple hair that was spiked and his eyes were hidden behind a set of golden shades with tinted black lens.

The teen sighed as he looked out at the city. "No one yet," he stated. "Not a single brawler who's strong enough to give me what I need. Nor a single Bakugan with the power required." It was then the screen that was one his left wrist band beeped, causing him to look down at the screen. "What's this?" He tapped the screen several times, "dimensional energy readings." A smile appeared on his lips before looking up at the sky, "is history about to repeat itself. If it is, I might finally find what I need."

The next day.

School had just gotten out and Flash was biking through the park, it being one of the many days off he had from his part-time job. Though Flash would have preferred to be working, his place of work couldn't afford to pay him for more shifts then he already had and no other place was able to fill the time he had.

So instead, Flash chose to head towards the Battle Arena. Biking through the park on his way there, he slowly came to a stop when he remembered what Garble had told him yesterday.

He sighed before looking around, realising he was parked at the top of some stairs leading down to an area around a fountain. And after several moments, he finally got off his bike and slowly climbed down the steps. He sighed as he reached the bottom of the steps and made his way over to the fountain, remembering what Derpy had said. "I'll be a Battle Brawler...someday." But as he said that, something strange happened.

Up above him, a bright light suddenly exploded in the sky. Flash's head shot up at it, "huh?" The light slowly got brighter and brighter, "what's going? WOW!" He cried as the light got too bright for him to see, forcing him to look away and close his eyes.

What he didn't know was that this flash of light was sweeping over the whole world, starting from where he was and flying around the planet so fast most people didn't even notice it as it flew passed them.

And as the light slowly began to weaken, completing its world tour, something shot out of it. A Bakugan.

It was a mixture of white, yellow and purple and hit the ground before bouncing off and flying towards Flash's feet. It hit the ground again and rolled until it pumped into his toe, causing the teen to look down and see it.

"What?" He looked down at the ball before reaching down to pick it up, "a Bakugan?" He grabbed the ball and stood back up, looking the ball over. "I've never seen one like this before?" He tapped it, causing the ball to open and reveal what it looked like.

Though a lot of Bakugan ball forms looked very different from their true forms, one could still get a good idea of what it was from them. And as Flash looked the Bakugan over, he could only guess that it was some kind of dragonoid Bakugan. It was mostly white, with yellow trim and purple lines on the front and sides.

"Definitely a Haos type. But what's your name?" Flash then looked around, "and where did you come from?" There was no way someone would just drop a Bakugan like this. It had to belong to someone, right? "Maybe someone'll know more about it at the stadium." With that, folded the Bakugan back into the ball and rushed towards his bike before racing off.

He was so focused on the Bakugan, he didn't notice someone staring at him from behind some trees. The shades wearing teen, who smiled seeing him go. "So, that's what for dimensional energy reading were from. Interesting." With that, he stepped backwards and seemed to disappear into the darkness.

Flash raced through the city until he finally arrived at the the stadium, reaching the bike spots while spotting Derpy walking towards the entrance.

"Derpy!" The girl looked around and saw him rushing towards her frantically, so frantically that he started having trouble stopping. "WOW!" He cried as he almost ran into Derpy, who barely managed to jump to the side before he ran into her. "GYAH!" He tripped and landed face first into the ground.

"You okay?" Derpy asked, only for Flash to jump up looking like he didn't even notice he'd fallen over.

"Derpy! You would not believe what just happened!" He reached into his pocket and pulled out the Bakugan, Derpy gasping as she took it.

"Where'd you get this from?" She opened it up and looked confused, "never seen this one before."

"Me neither. You think you can find out who owns it?"

"What makes you think someone owns it?" Derpy asked as they headed inside.

"Well how else would a Bakugan just be laying on the ground in the middle of the park. They must have dropped it or something. Talk about careless. I mean, who'd drop a Bakugan that's as unique as this one." Unbeknownst to them, a certain someone had heard this.

Derpy stepped behind the counter and sat down, placing the Bakugan on a small device behind it that had a round slot in it. "It could be a fake. A lot of people have been caught making bootleg Bakugan and selling them to unsuspecting kids." The device lit up and began to scan the Bakugan. "If it is a fake, I'll have to report it to head-" She stopped as the computer finished scanning it, bringing up the stats. "Huh?"

"What's up? Is it a fake?"

"I'm not sure," Derpy explained. "The scanner says it's real, but there's no record of it in the database."

"So what do that mean?"

Derpy hummed. "It could be that it's a newly made Bakugan that hasn't been entered into the system yet. But I'm not really sure. What I do know is that if this Bakugan was used in a battle, it should work the same as the others." The computer then beeped. "Huh, the stats have finally been found. Let's see." She read through the screen. "It says its name is Haos Leonidas."

"Leonidas." Flash looked down at the ball as the machine switched off.

"Yup. Wow, it has a base power of four hundred." Flash's eyes went wide hearing that. "And it's got some pretty impressive abilities." She took the ball and smiled before holding it out to Flash, "take it."

"What?" Flash asked.

"It's not registered to anyone, so you could use it for yourself."

"But it's not mine."

"If it belonged to someone else, they shouldn't have lost it. I know you wouldn't do something like that, so I think you having it's a good idea."

"But what if someone shows up and takes it. You said it's a new Bakugan, so wouldn't your bosses want to have it turned in?"

"Maybe, but this is your chance." Flash raised an eyebrow. "Remember what I said. All you need is to use it once and you could win some more Bakugan. That way, even if someone from higher up confiscates it, you'll still have more Bakugan to use." Flash couldn't help but admit her logic was flawless.

He took the Bakugan and held it in his hand, a smile slowly creeping onto his lips. "Alright," he turned to her, "let's do this."

Derpy smiled at this before nodding and beginning to type. "Then let's get you registered." She reached into a draw and pulled out a white version of the watch Lyra and the others had, which she connected to the computer through a cable she plugged into the side. "Bakugan, please." Flash gave it back to her and she placed it back on the device, scanning it and loading the data into the watch. "And with that, you're officially registered as a Bakugan Battle Brawler."

Flash couldn't believe his ears. Him, a Battle Brawler.

Derpy then held out the watch to him. "Here's your BakuColar. It'll act as your identification, store your Ability and Gate cards and allow you to check the stats of you and your opponent."

"Got it," Flash placed the watch on his wrist and smiled before Derpy held something else out. It looked like a credit card, a silver one with several numbers on it.

"And this is your BakuCard. Like a bank account, you have a points account that stores points that you win in battle. You can trade those points in for new cards or even for new Bakugan."

"Wow," Flash took the card. "It's finally happening." He then looked down at his new partner. "Alright, Leonidas, I'll be counting on you." This whole thing was starting to feel like a dream. But alas, even the best dreams can turn into nightmares.

"Well, well, well." Flash froze at that voice, "what do we have here." He turned to see Garble standing off to the side, "you finally managed to get yourself a Bakugan, huh?"

Flash frowned at him, "so what if I have?"

Garble smirked before reaching into his pocket and taking out his own red plastic ball, "then let's see if you're as good as those girls said you were. Let's brawl." Flash tensed up while Derpy looked worried, standing up and turning to Flash.

"You can't!" She almost cried out, Flash looking at her curiously. "I know we said you could beat him, but that was when you knew how your Bakugan would fight." She pointed at the ball in Flash's hand. "You don't know anything about this Bakugan yet."

Flash understood what she was getting at. It was true he already had many ideas for strategies, but those were for Bakugan like Lyra's Juggernoid and Bonnie's Saurus. Common Bakugan almost every Brawler had. But Leonidas was an unknown.

If he wanted to guarantee a victory, then he needed time to study it and its ability cards. To see how well they'd do and which gate card would be the best to use when. That kind of prep-work took time.

"What?" Garble chuckled, "you scared. Worried you're gonna lose your Bakugan. I knew it. I knew you weren't a real Brawler. Real Brawlers accept any challenge, no matter who they're up against. You're just a poser. A poser and a coward." This got Flash going, making him growl while pointing at Garble.

"I'm no coward! And I am a real Brawler. You're on!" Garble smiled while Derpy put her head in her hands.

"Alright then," Garble pointed back at Flash. "Stadium C, one hour. Hope you enjoy your short career as a Brawler, cause I'm taking that Bakugan when I beat you." With that, he turned and walked off.

Once he was gone, Derpy turned to Flash and frowned. "What were you thinking?"

Flash, now calmed down, finally understood the mistake he'd made. "Sorry. But that guy really gets under my skin. I wasn't just gonna let him get away with badmouthing me."

Derpy sighed. "Well I hope you know what you're doing, because you've only got an hour before you face off with him. And hour to figure out the best strategy to beat him." Flash nodded back, looking down at the Bakugan he'd found.

"I can do this."

An hour later, Lyra and Bonnie stepped into the building while chatting.

"You wanna team up in a tag-team brawl?" Lyra asked her best friend, who smiled and nodded back.

"Sure," she then said back. "Aquos and Subterra are the best combo imaginable." The two laughed before hearing an announcement.

"Attention all Baku-fan. A new brawl is about to commence if stadium C. Competitors, Garble Scales and Flash Sentry." This statement caught both the girl's attention, making them turn to look at one another in shock.


"But he doesn't have a Bakugan," Bonnie pointed out. The two just stared at one another for a second before nodding and rushing towards the stadium Flash was in, wanting to make sure their friend had the support he needed. And hopefully, he wasn't too nervous.

Flash felt major butterflies in his stomach as he and Garble stepped out onto the battlefield, the crowd that'd gathered cheering for them as they reached the center of the room. And as they did, the announcer spoke out

"Welcome Baku-fans, to what is sure to be an amazing battle. On one side we have a well known if less then popular brawler who goes by the name Garble." Very few of the people in the crowd cheered at this. "And in the other corner, making his brawling debut, it's Flash Sentry." Much more of the crowd cheered this time, likely wanting to help the newbie feel less nervous. But it didn't really help Flash feel any better.

Up in the stands, Derpy stared down at Flash looking worried. "You can do this. Just...be careful."

It was at that moment that a glass dome closed around the battlefield. And once it was completely covering the field, a flash of light filled the room. When the light faded, Flash opened his eyes and found he was in a rocky terrain filled with large rocks. Continuing to look around, Flash spotted Garble had somehow gotten on top of one of these large rocks.

"Looks like today's terrain will be a rocky terrain. How will this effect the outcome of the battle? Are both brawlers ready?"

"Heck yeah!" Garble cheered as he flicked his Bakugan into the air.

Meanwhile, Flash just took a deep breath before looking down at his Bakugan. After a few seconds, he nodded. "Alright. I'm ready!"

"Then without further ado. Bakugan...BRAWL!" With that, Flash and Garble's BakuColars beeped to signal the battle's start with both showing their current life gauges.

Flash: 100%
Garble: 100%

"Alright!" Garble pointed at Flash. "Since you're new at this, I'll let you set the first Gate Card." Flash gulped before pulling out a card and holding it up.

"Here goes. Gate Card, SET!" He tossed the card towards the ground. When it landed, the card flashed yellow before disappearing in a light that spread out throughout the entire battlefield.

"Now," Garble held up his Bakugan, "prepare to get wrecked. Bakugan," the threw the ball towards the ground, "brawl!" The ball landed and bounced along the ground for several seconds before stopping and popping open, then exploded with fire that spread across the battlefield.

"Wow!" Flash cried as he raised his arms to defend against the heat. He had no idea Bakugan battles were this intense. He looked through the flames and watched as they began to extinguish, revealing a giant red and yellow snake with horns and a spiked tail.

"Well, well, well," the announcer stated as the snake hissed. "Looks like Garble's starting off with an old classic. The Pyrus Serpenoid." Flash looked down at his BakuColar and saw the beast's power level.

Serpenoid: 320Gs

"How will Flash counter this?"

Flash looked down at his only Bakugan, "not like I've got a choice of what to pick."

"Well," he turned to Garble, "what are you waiting for? Let's see this oh so special Bakugan. The sooner we do, the sooner I can win it."

Flash frowned at him before holding the ball tightly. "Not gonna happen!" He pulled the ball back. "Bakugan," the threw it, "BRAWL!" The Bakugan hit the ground and bounced along it for several seconds before finally stopping and opening, unleashing a burst of yellow light. "Bakugan, STAND!" The light filled the rocky area and almost blinded everyone, but they refused to close their eyes upon hearing a mighty roar fill the air.

From out of the light flew a giant humanoid dragon that was mostly white. The front of its neck, chest, stomach, waist and the underside of its tail was purple while its wings were yellow with a white membrane. The tips of its hand and feet claws were yellow while the tip of its tail had a yellow spike. Finally, it had three yellow horns on its head. One long one on the top of its head points forward and two shorter ones pocking out from behind its eyes. The beast spread its wings and flew around the field before stopping midair and unleashing a roar so load it caused the entire stadium to shake. "Let's do this, Haos Leonidas!"

Leonidas: 400Gs
Serpenoid: 320Gs

The entire stadium had gone quiet at the sight and sound of this new Bakugan, nobody having ever seen anything like it. Then, finally, the announcer spoke up. "Incredible! This rookie brawler's starting his career in a memorable way, busting out a never before seen Bakugan. What powers does this mysterious beast hold?"

It was at this moment that Lyra and Bonnie arrived in the stadium, both freezing upon seeing Flash's Bakugan. "Wow," was all Bonnie could say.

"Where'd he get that?" Lyra asked before noticing Derpy a ways over, "Derpy!" She turned to them as they approached. "What's going on. Since when has Flash had a Bakugan?"

"It's a long story," Derpy explained.

Up above, another girl was watching the battle intensely. She was a purple skinned girl with darker purple hair that had a pink streak running through it. She wore a blue shirt under a pink vest with a pink bow and a dark purple skirt with a star on it, along with a pair of black glasses. "Interesting," she said while staring at Leonidas, "you are not in my data."

"Alright," Garble smiled, "not half bad. Now I'm definitely gonna take it. Serpenoid!" With that, the giant snake slithered across the battlefield as Leonidas flew down and primed his claws.

He landed on the ground and swung his tail around, smashing Serpenoid in the face and making it cry out in pain before Leonidas spun back around and tried to claw at it. But Serpenoid dodged the attack and used the opening to flick its tail up and wrap it around the arm. Leonidas was surprised by this and it gave the snake the chance to fling the rest of its body around him and coil its upper body around his other arm.

Leonidas roared as the snake restricted his movement, but his greater power would soon allow it to pull the snake off. However-

"Ability, activate!" Garble cried as he held up a card that glowed red. "Blistering Heat!" Serpenoid hissed its its body began to give off an intense heat, causing Leonidas to roar as he was burnt. "Try that," Garble smirked. "My Ability Card now lowers your Bakugan's power level by a hundred points.

Leonidas: 300Gs
Serpenoid: 320Gs

Flash growled at this, watching his Bakugan struggle against the coiling snake and now unable to free himself. "If you can activate an Ability," he went into Leonidas's Ability page and picked one that looked strong. "Then so can I." The card appeared in his hand before he held it up. "Ability, activate!" The card glowed yellow. "Alpha Blaster!"

Leonidas's eyes shot open in shock as his power rose.

Leonidas: 500Gs
Serpenoid: 320Gs

The dragon then flexed its muscles and pulled the snake off it before throwing it to the ground and leaping into the air. Once high enough, it opened its mouth as blue lightning began to spark inside it.

"Ability, activate!" Garble held up another card as it glowed. "Flame Guard!" Fire exploded around Serpenoid as Leonidas fired its attack out of its mouth, forming a blue beam of energy. However, the flames wrapped around Serpenoid and formed a tornado.

Leonidas: 500Gs
Serpenoid: 400Gs

Leonidas's attack struck the tornado and passed through it, but was weakened by it so when it hit Serpenoid it barely did any damage as the attack faded.

"Now," Garble held up another card. "Ability, Activate." Serpenoid tail was thrust into the ground before it began to shake, knocking Flash off balance. "Erupting Land!" As he said this, the ground exploded as a burst of lava flew up and began to rain down on Leonidas and Serpenoid. And while Leonidas roared in pain, Serpenoid seemed to enjoy the heat it gave off.

Leonidas: 400Gs
Serpenoid: 500Gs

Flash tried to activate another ability, but the shaking made it impossible for him to access the Ability page. "What do I do? How am I suppose to fight if the ground...wait!" He looked down, "the ground! Gate Card, OPEN!" As he yelled that, the ground beneath their feet began to glow and golden light. "Haos Reactor!"

The light flew up and was absorbed by Leonidas, who roared as his power went up.

Leonidas: 600Gs
Serpenoid: 500Gs

Then, before Garble could activate another Ability, the dragon shot downwards while pulling its clawed hand back. In the blink of an eye, Leonidas was behind Serpenoid with his clawed hand held out forward. The giant snake then let out a cry of pain as it began to fall backwards, its body then glowing red before it shrank back into its ball form.

Flash gasped as Serpenoid hit the ground and rolled back to Garble's feet, the teen picking the orb up while his opponent cheered. "Yes, I did it!" As he said this, Leonidas glowed yellow and shrank back to his ball form before flying over to Flash. He grabbed the Bakugan before looking down at the BakuColar, showing their current points.

Flash: 100%
Garble: 80%

Meanwhile, the crowd was also cheering for the surprisingly skilled newcomer. "Wow," the announcer cried, "what an amazing brawl so far. But this was only the first battle. Anything can happen."

"He's right," Lyra nodded as Bonnie and Derpy cheered. "Flash shouldn't get cocky, especially since he's still at a huge disadvantage."

"Disadvantage?" Bonnie asked as the next round started.

"Gate Card, SET!" Garble tossed a card to the ground, the card exploding with red light that flew across the field as both Brawlers prepared their chosen fighters. "Bakugan," they both cried as they threw the orbs, "BRAWL!" Both Bakugan hit the ground and rolled to a stop before opening, fire and light exploding out of them. "BAKUGAN, STAND!"

"Haos Leonidas!" Flash yelled as his dragon appeared. Meanwhile, Garble's Bakugan was different.

"Rise, Pyrus Saurus!" Standing infront of Garble was an orange version of the triceratops-man wearing red armour.

Leonidas: 400Gs
Saurus: 270Gs

Flash didn't give Garble time to throw him off again, holding up the card he'd chosen. "Ability, activate!" The card glowed, "Shining Tornado!" Leonidas flew upwards before spinning around, light appearing around him as he transformed into a shining drill that curved downwards and headed towards Saurus.

Leonidas: 550Gs
Saurus: 270Gs

"Ability, activate!" Garble's card glowed as Saurus braced itself and raised its arms as a red aura appeared around him, "Stalemate!" The Shining Tornado hit Saurus and while it was pushed back several feet, Saurus didn't look at all hurt. Flash checked his BakuColar and was surprised to see the result.

Leonidas: 550Gs
Saurus: 550Gs

"How?" Flash asked as the drill disappeared and Leonidas landed infront of Saurus.

"Stalemate," Garble explained. "This card lets my Bakugan raise its power level to match yours. But the downside is that while its activated, he can't move."

Flash was seriously confused, as Leonidas started punching at Saurus's arms . "But how are you suppose to win if your Bakugan can't fight back?"

"He can't fight," Garble held up another Bakugan. "But his friend can. "Bakugan, brawl!" He threw the ball and it exploded into flames, a familiar Bakugan appearing from them. "Bakugan, stand! Pyrus Serpenoid!" The snake hissed before slithering along the ground, Leonidas turning to it and trying to stamp it but the snake was to fast. And with a whip of its tail, struck Leonidas and forced him to stagger backwards.

"NO!" Flash yelled, looking down at his BakuColar.

Leonidas: 550Gs
Saurus+Serpenoid: 870Gs

"I was afraid of this," Lyra gulped as Leonidas started fighting against Serpenoid but the snake was just to fast and dodged every attack.

"There's no rule against Brawlers using more then one Bakugan at a time," Derpy explained. "And with their power levels combined, Flash's in trouble."

"He needs to even the odds," Bonnie told them before calling out to Flash. "Throw another Bakugan in! It's your only hope!"

"Flash didn't even have one Bakugan yesterday," Lyra told her. "You really think he has another?"

"She's right," Derpy nodded. "Leonidas is all Flash has. And it might not be enough."

It was at this moment that the effect of Stalemate wore off, allowing Saurus to move and the humanoid dinosaur charged forward and slammed its shoulder into Leonidas's stomach. The beast roared as it staggered back, Flash having enough of him getting pounded.

"Ability, activate!" He held up a card as it glowed. "Dragon Flash!" In that moment, Leonidas glowed a yellow light. And as Saurus tried to punch him, he suddenly morphed into a golden light that flew around the dinosaur at an intense speed.

Leonidas: 650Gs
Saurus+Serpenoid: 870Gs

"Ahh," Flash growled, "that's still not enough. I need another Ability."

"I don't think so," Garble told him. "Gate Card, open!" The ground exploded with white light, filling the area. "Power Lock!"

"Power Lock?" Flash asked going to try and activate his ability.

"Don't bother," Garble told him. "As long as Power Lock's in play, neither of us will be able to change the power level of any Bakugan on the field.

"No way," Flash realised what that meant. Meanwhile, Leonidas tried to punch Saurus from behind. But before the attack could land, Saurus spun around and caught its first. Leonidas tried to punch with the other fist, but the same thing happened.

The dragon was stuck as Serpenoid took the chance to slither up his body and lock itself around Leonidas the same way as before. Only this time, Leonidas wasn't getting out of it. "Finish him!" Garble cried as Saurus let Leonidas go before jumping back, then charged forward and slammed the dragon right in the gut.

Leonidas screamed in pain as he was knocked into a large rock, crashing through it and falling to the ground. His body then glowed yellow and shrank down into his ball form, which rolled along the ground until it reached Flash's feet. The teen sighed as he picked his Bakugan up, then looked down at his Life Gauge.

Flash: 56%
Garble: 80%

Garble laughed as his Bakugan returned to him. "I told you kid, you don't stand a chance. Why not just give up now and hand your Bakugan over. It'll be easier that way. Less humiliating at least."

Flash almost felt like agreeing. If Garble ganged up again, what hope did he have to beat him. Maybe it would be-

"Don't." Flash looked up then glanced around, swearing he'd just heard a voice. But there was nobody around him. "Don't...quit." Despite the voice being so weak, Flash could tell it was close.

Then, his attention was drawn down the the ball in his hand. "Did you-"

"HEY!" He looked back at Garble, "you quitting or what?"

Flash frowned at this, looking back down at Leonidas. At that moment, the Bakugan seemed to give of a slight twinge of light. Seeing that made up Flash's mind. "No way," he told Garble. "I'm in this to win it." He took out a card. "Gate Card, SET!" He tossed the card without really knowing which one he'd picked. Once it was set he pulled back his arm. "Bakugan," he threw the ball, "BRAWL!" The Bakugan bounced along the ground before opening. "Bakugan, STAND!" The light exploded out before the dragon flew into the air. "Rise, Haos Leonidas!" The beast roared.

"Suit yourself," Garble held up another Bakugan before throwing it. "Bakugan, BRAWL!" Like before, it bounced along the ground before opening. "Bakugan, STAND!" The flames exploded out of it and took shape before fading to reveal the beast he's chosen. "Let's roast him, Pyrus Warius!" This Bakugan was an orange ogre like creature wearing red spiked armour and carrying a double ended spike club.

Leonidas: 400Gs
Warius: 350Gs

"Ability, Activate!" Flash held up his card, "Brawling Dragon!" Leonidas roared as he charged forward, beginning to unleash a rapid barrage of punches, kicks and tail swipes while Warius tried to use its club to block.

Leonidas: 500Gs
Warius: 350Gs

"My turn," Garble smirked as he held up two cards. "But instead of just one card, I think I'll double things up. Double Ability, activate!" The cards glowed as the spikes on Warius's club extended and his body glowed red. "Power Spike plus Raging Spirit!"

Leonidas: 500Gs
Warius: 550Gs

Warius began to swing its club around, Leonidas barely managing to avoid them as Flash held up a card. "Ability, activate!" The card glowed, "Hyper Shield!" Light exploded off the dragon's body and formed an orb of light around him, the club bouncing off it and doing nothing. "Hyper Shield nullifies the effect of the last ability card you used, so your Raging Spirit card's no more." The red glow around Warius vanished.

Leonidas: 500Gs
Warius: 450Gs

"Fine then!" Garble held up his other two Bakugan before throwing them. "Bakugan, BRAWL!" The balls him the ground and rolled before opening. "Bakugan, STAND!" In a burst of fire, both Saurus and Serpenoid appeared behind Warius and charged forward.

"Oh no," Flash looked down at his BakuColar.

Leonidas: 500Gs
Warius+Saurus+Serpenoid: 1040Gs

"Over one thousand!" Flash cried as Leonidas was surrounded on all sides, trying his best to keep from being over run. "Ability, activate!" He cried as his card glowed, "Dragon Flash!" Leonidas glowed and began dodging the attacks with incredible speed before jumping up into the air, using its flight ability to keep away from the others.

Leonidas: 600Gs
Warius+Saurus+Serpenoid: 1040Gs

"That won't save you," Garble told him as he held up another two cards. "Double Ability, activate!" They both glowed. "Flaming Venom plus Saurus Charge!" Serpenoid opening its mouth and unleashed a fireball that flew up and struck Leonidas's wing, causing it to roar in pain and fall to the ground. As it did, Saurus glowed and began to charge forward.

Leonidas: 550Gs
Warius+Saurus+Serpenoid: 1140Gs

"No," Flash cried as he saw the difference. "I'm gonna lose Leonidas." He looked up and watched as Saurus tackled the dragon as he tried to pick himself up, pushing him backwards through another rock. He tried to think of his options but even if he used his remaining three ability cards, the power level would only be a hundred more then Garble's. The arrogant teen would probably then use another ability to put himself on top. There was no way to win against this kind of power.

Garble laughed seeing the hopelessness in Flash's eyes, "I told you a dweep like you couldn't be a Brawler. Hope you said your goodbyes!"

The entire crowd could only watch as the newbie got ganged up on, Flash's friends all wishing they could help. "This isn't right," Bonnie cried. "He shouldn't be allowed to use more then one Bakugan if his opponent only has one."

"Flash," Lyra wanted to look away but couldn't. However, Derpy didn't have that issue.

"I can't watch this," Derpy told them. She looked away and then ran out the stadium, Lyra and Bonnie calling out to her but it was useless. The two then looked back at the battle, waiting for the inevitable.

Flash just stood there and watched as Serpenoid wrapped itself around Leonidas's waist, Saurus had him in a full nelson and Warius began slamming the butt of his club into his chest. "I'm sorry Leonidas," he looked down in shame. "I guess I wasn't meant to be a Brawler after all." All he could do was wait for Leonidas to fall and be taken, leaving him once again Bakugan-less. But then.

"Don't you...dare give up," Flash looked up in shock, having heard that strange voice again. His gaze moved over to Leonidas and he saw the dragon's eyes staring down at him. "Have you no shame?"

"You can...talk?" Flash asked, unable to believe what he was hearing.

"It's one thing to lose," the dragon told him with a gruff voice. "But it's another to just give up and accept defeat. Even if it's impossible, never give up until the very end." With that, Leonidas roared as he tried to free himself from Saurus's hold.

As he did, Flash let what he'd said sink in. "Why am I giving up?" He asked himself. "I wanted to be a Brawler. So I shouldn't be wanting to throw in the towel when things get tough." He looked over at Garble and glared at him. "There's no way I'm letting that guy beat me!" He looked down at his BakuColar, "there has to be someway out of this." It was then he remembered he had a Gate Card down, one he hadn't actually checked before throwing. And when he did, he gasped seeing what it was.

"Finish this!" Garble yelled as Warius prepared to slam the spiked part of its club into Leonidas.

"I don't think so," Flash told him. "Gate Card, OPEN!" The ground beneath their feet began to glow. "Heavy Element. PYRUS!" With that, the three Pyrus Bakugan suddenly felt themselves growing much weaker. Leonidas smirked at this and managed to flip Saurus forward over his head so he came crashing down atop Warius, then pulled Serpenoid off of him.

"What's happening?" Garble asked before looking down at his BakuColar.

Leonidas: 550Gs
Warius+Saurus+Serpenoid: 240Gs


"Heavy Element!" Flash told him. "This Gate Card lets me pick an Attribute and every Bakugan of that Attribute loses a hundred Gs for every Bakugan of that Attribute on the field." Flash smirked. "I picked Pyrus and with three Pyrus Bakugan on the field, that's three hundred points lost."

"No way," Garble said as the crowd cheered.

"That's the way," Lyra told Flash.

"Finish him off!" Bonnie cried out.

"Now," Flash held up three cards. "Since you liked using Double Abilities so much, I think I'll kick it up a notch with a Triple Ability!"

"You can't!" Garble cried in horror.

"But I can," Flash held the cards up. "Triple Ability, ACTIVATE!" All three cards glowed. "Alpha Blaster, plus Shining Tornado, plus Fusion Ability, Alpha Hurricane!" Leonidas roared as his mouth opened and filled with blue lightning while he began to spin around, causing the lightning to fly out of his mouth and spiral around him as the light did the same. He soon morphed into a golden light drill surrounded by blue lightning. "DO IT!" He screamed as the drill flew through the air before pointing down towards Garble's Bakugan, who were just picking themselves up when Leonidas flew down.

Leonidas: 1250Gs
Warius+Saurus+Serpenoid: 240Gs

The three saw it coming but couldn't escape in time before the electrified light drill slammed into all three of them and sent them flying backwards, crashing through several rocks. When they smashed through the fifth and final rock, Leonidas exploded out of the drill while the Pyrus Bakugan roared in pain.

The three then glowed red before shrinking back into ball form. But instead of falling to the earth, they shot over to Flash and the kid caught them as the life gauges changed.

Flash: 56% (Winner)
Garble: 0

The crowd exploded into applause as Leonidas shrank back to ball form and flew back to Flash, the announcer beginning to call out. "INCREDIBLE! Not only did this new comer claim victory, but he also did it while making a great come back and won himself three new Bakugan.

Flash could only stare at the three Pyrus Bakugan he'd won in disbelieve, Garble's outcry then catching his attention. "I'll get you back for this!" With that, Garble rushed out the stadium and left Flash to revel in his victory.

"I can't believe he did it!" Bonnie cried as she and Lyra hugged while jumping up and down.

"I know. It's unbelievable!"

Meanwhile, the glasses wearing girl smirked down at him before walking off. "I'm gonna have to get an up close and personal look at this new Bakugan." She then took out a Darkus Bakugan that was mainly purple with bits of green. "Hope you're ready, Spikenoid."

Back down below, Flash continued to stand there. Now, instead of looking at his newest Bakugan, his attention was on the one who'd helped him win. Leonidas sat in his palm, locked up in ball form as Flash thought back to what'd happened. "Did you really talk?" He'd never heard of a talking Bakugan before. Was that real, or just a dream?

Up on the roof of the building, the shades wearing teen stood on the edge of the glass roof.

The teen simply stared into the window, looking down at Flash as he continued to soak up the praise. But his real focus was on the ball he was holding. Something of great interest to him. "This Bakugan...I must have it."