• Published 26th Mar 2022
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Bakugan EQG - Banshee531

Bakugan, the most popular game in the world. But there's more to it then meets the eye. Now, a group of teens must work together to save both their world and another.

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Communication Bakugan

It was getting pretty late, the sun almost setting as we find Flash Sentry peddling through the streets of Canterlot before turning into a more residential area.

He kept going until he arrived at the place he called home, a simple three bedroom house. He got off his bike and moved over to the garage, opening it up and seeing his family's less then stellar car. He put his bike next to it before heading into the actual house. As he did, his nostrils were bombarded by an interesting smell.

"Hey sweetheart," his mother called out. Misty Vail was a silver skinned woman with purple hair, wearing the kind of clothes you would see on a librarian. That made sense considering that was her job, working for the public library. She was currently cooking something in a pot, the source of the unusual smell.

"Hey mom," Flash looked into the pot. "What are we having for dinner."

"Oh, I was doing some research and discovered an interesting recipe the ancient Aztecs used. I thought we'd give it a try, though I had to swap a few of the ingredients out." Flash wasn't surprised by this statement, his mother practically being an expert on ancient cultures. She had studied them extensively in college, though she had never been able to find a job in the field.

"Hey champ!" Flash then heard, making him turn to see an older version of himself step into the room. Trail Blazer was the spitting image of his son, though people usually said it was the other way around, though he was taller and had a blue beard. "How was your day?"

"Not bad," Flash told them. He wanted to explain about his Bakugan, but he knew they probably wouldn't understand. "How was work?"

"The same as usual," Trail Blazer was a janitor for a local company. Like his mother, Trail was almost an expert in ancient maps and cartography. You could set him down anywhere in any point in history and he could find his way home no problem. But like his mother, Trail Blazer was unable to earn a career with his passion.

The last member of their family to arrive was his thirteen year old sister, Scootaloo, who was a perfect mix of their parents. "Hey," she sniffed the air, "what smells so good?"

"Aztec stew," Misty explained. "But it won't be for a while."

"Well then I'm gonna go have a nap," Flash told them before he headed upstairs. The three watched him go, all wondering what was on his mind.

Flash arrived at his room and threw his backpack into the corner, then landed down onto his bed.

As he did, he reached into his pocket and took out his Leonidas Bakugan. He rolled it in his fingers while thinking back to what had happened in the Brawl. When all hope seemed lost. When Flash was just about ready to give up, the most amazing thing had happened.


"Don't you...dare give up," Flash looked up in shock, having heard that strange voice again. His gaze moved over to Leonidas and he saw the dragon's eyes staring down at him. "Have you no shame?"

"You can...talk?" Flash asked, unable to believe what he was hearing.

"It's one thing to lose," the dragon told him with a gruff voice. "But it's another to just give up and accept defeat. Even if it's impossible, never give up until the very end."


Even though he knew it couldn't have really happened, he could swear he had heard his Bakugan talk.

"I had to have been hearing things," Flash told himself before putting the Bakugan down on the windowsill besides his bed. "It's just a game piece. It can't talk." He moved over to his desk and switched on his laptop, the most expensive thing he owned besides his bike.

He booted up the Bakugan website and as he did, he found the message boards were filled with news pertaining to one subject. The same subject Flash was just thinking about.

My Bakugan spoke!

I swear, I heard my Bakugan talking.

It was nuts. One minute I'm Brawling and the next, my Terrorclaw's telling me which ability to activate.

There were even more of them, hundreds of them. Flash found himself standing up in shock, unable to believe this. He then turned towards Leonidas, now more sure then ever that he had actually heard the dragonoid Bakugan talk. "What is going on?"

As day turned to nighttime, we find ourselves in the offices of Dark Industries.

There, a man with grey skin and black hair was sitting behind a desk. He wore a full black business suit and was currently watching a TV on his wall, which was showing Flash's battle from earlier and mainly focused on Leonidas in battle. "Strange. Very strange."

"You're intrigued by it too?" A voice called out before the shades wearing teen stepped out of the darkness. "Leonidas. Where did it come from?"

"That's a question I've been asking myself." He pressed a button on his remote and the screen changed to show Leonidas with stats and statistics. "Until today, this Bakugan has not been in our database. But around the time you said it appeared, our systems went haywire. Once they calmed down, the database had updated with hundreds of new Bakugan included. Bakugan I've never seen before."

"What does this mean?" He asked.

"I do not know," he turned towards the teen. "Phantom, I want to you observe the boy and his Bakugan. I want to learn as much as I can about them both. They may hold the key."

"The key to what?"

"Unlocking the ultimate power in our world." He stood up and moved to the center of the room, the teen known as Phantom doing the same. Once they were there, the section of floor they were stood on began to descend into the building. After a minute or so, they arrived at their destination. A large underground hanger.

Inside that hanger was a strange vehicle, which looked like something out of a Sci-Fi film. It was some kind of pod-like device, the size of a space shuttle, with wires sticking out of it. People in hazmat suits were walking around it, some scanning it with strange devices while others were climbing out of a whole in the top.

Those climbing out of it were carry buckets full of Bakugan, of multiple types and attributes. They took those buckets over to an area where people were sorting them, checking to see what species of Bakugan they were and what attribute. Once that was done, they placed them on a device similar to the one used by brawlers to buy Bakugan. And once the Bakugan was in the bowl, lightning shot out of the top and hit it before it disappeared.

The man and Phantom moved over to a door and the man placed his hand on the device next to it. After a few seconds, the device beeped before the door opened and they stepped inside.

Inside this room was a table with two objects inside. One was a strange black cube with a different Attribute symbol on each side. The other, was a Bakugan.

But this Bakugan was not like the others. It was white, but not the same shade of white as a Haos Bakugan. It was a dull white, symbolising a complete lack of colour and life.

Sombra reached down and picked up the Bakugan, "the Bakugan sealed away is crying out to be released. But in order to revive it, we must obtain a vast amount of power." He put it back before picking up the cube and holding it out to Phantom, "take this. It is the key to amassing that power, but first it must be unlocked. And Leonidas may be the key to that."

"Understood," Phantom took the box. "I will not let you down, master Sombra." With that, he turned and left while the man named Sombra stared down at the Bakugan.

"Soon, my friend. Soon."

The next day.

Flash let out a yawn as he and Scootaloo arrived at school. He had been up late last night, looking over the message boards and even making one of his own. He had gotten multiple responses, some telling him to go see a doctor and other telling him he was just making it up. Only the people who heard their own Bakugan speak seemed to believe him.

He parked his bike at the bike shed while Scootaloo folded up her scooter and placed it in her backpack, both telling the other to have a good day before splitting up and heading in the opposite direction. What they didn't notice, was a bespectacled girl getting off her own bike and staring at Flash as he entered the school. A curious apparent on her face.

Flash arrived at class and within seconds, he was surrounded by his classmates. They had all learned about his one of a kind Bakugan, apparently due to someone having recorded his battle and put it out on the net. Now, they all wanted to see Leonidas.

Flash quickly found himself getting overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to see his Bakugan, unsure how to respond. He was still unsure about the Bakugan since it might get taken away from him. But before he could come up with an excuse not to show it off.

"Alright!" They heard Lyra's voice, "that's enough." They all split apart to see Lyra and Bonnie, "let the man breathe." The students seemed to either respect or be terrified of Lyra, because they did as she instructed and backed off.

Flash let out a sigh and was able to sit at his desk, the teen putting his head down on it. "Thank Ly."

"No problem," the mint skinned girl assured him.

"You've certainly become popular," Bonnie giggled as she sat down. "Though I guess it's really Leonidas that's popular. He's the star and you're the leading actor." They saw Flash let out another sigh, the two knowing they needed to change the subject.

"By the way, did you hear about those rumours flying around the net?" Flash looked up at Lyra, "the ones about Bakugan talking." This made Flash frown.

"Those guys must have been hit on the head or something," Bonnie told them. "Bakugan can't talk."

"I wouldn't be so sure," they turned to Flash. "Yesterday...I swear I heard my Bakugan talk." To say the two were surprised by this was an understatement. "It was only for a minute, but I was sure of it. My Bakugan told me not to give up and to keep fighting, even if it seemed hopeless."

"You can't be serious," Lyra told him.

Flash sighed, "I knew you wouldn't believe me." Before the two could say anything else, the teacher arrived and they had to focus on her. The rest of the day went pretty much the same as the start, with Flash constantly getting hounded whenever there was any free time.

It got so bad Flash had to retreat to the roof during lunch in order to escape the crazy students, with only Derpy knowing his location. "Who would have thought one little Bakugan would have caused such a commotion," he stated while holding the ball up.

Derpy smiled. "I guess it makes sense, given how rare, powerful and cool it is. A Bakugan like that's certainly going to leave an impression." Flash nodded in agreement as he took a bite out of his sandwich. "Is it true, what Lyra told me in math? You really think you heard your Bakugan talking to you?"

"I don't think," Flash corrected her. "I know. I'm sure of it." He looked down at the Bakugan, "maybe it's a new feature. If they can make Bakugan roar and stuff, it can't be too hard to say they can make them talk."

"Maybe," Derpy nodded before gulping down the last of her soda and getting up. "I'm gonna get another drink. You want anything?" Flash shook his head and Derpy soon left, leaving Flash alone on the roof with his Bakugan.

"Maybe everyone's right," he said to himself. "Maybe I am just crazy. I mean...if you could talk, you'd be doing it right now."

"There's one way you could find out." Flash was so surprised by the sudden voice, he accidently threw Leonidas into the air and it bounced on the ground before rolling to a stop as it hit a girl's shoe. This girl was the bespectacled girl from before, who wore her head in a ponytail and had a pink vest over a blue shirt and pink bowtie with a purple skirt that had a star shape on it. She also had a purple BakuColar on her wrist.

Flash watched her reach down and pick up his Bakugan, "so this is the famous Leonidas?"

"Err...yeah," Flash wasn't sure what she was gonna do next. Thankfully, she moved over and sat next to him before handing the ball over to him. "Thanks."

"No problem," Twilight smiled. "It's a very interesting creature you have there."

"Thanks," he repeated. "I guess you want to get a better look at it too."

"Of course." She reached into her backpack and took out a small computer, which she opened up to show a list of Bakugan. "I've been collecting data on Bakugan for a while. I thought I had all the Bakugan on here, but yours is something I've never seen before. Where did you get it?"

"It's...a long story."

"I like long stories. I'm Twilight, by the way."

"Flash." The teen then went on to explain how he found Leonidas, the girl listening with great interest.

"Amazing. And you have no idea what caused this flash of light?"

"None," Flash shook his head. "And I haven't really thought about it. Been too preoccupied with something else."

"Your Bakugan talking?" Flash nodded at this. "Well there is a way to find out if you really are crazy or not." He gave her a raised eyebrow. "Try and get it to talk again. And I know the perfect way. Recreating the scenario that got it to talk in the first place. A brawl."

"A brawl?" Flash watched Twilight pick herself up, then turn towards him.

Flash Sentry, I challenge you to a Bakugan Brawl. For the chance to hear your Bakugan talk and learn more about it, I challenge you. Do you accept?"

Flash was bewildered by this for a moment, looking down at his Bakugan. Then, he looked up at her and smiled. "Alright," he stood back up, "let's do this. After school, let's brawl." The two shook hands, both excited for this.

Meanwhile, hidden in the stairwell leading from the roof to the school, Phantom lent against the wall with a smile on his face. "So he can talk. How interesting."

As soon as school was out, Flash, Twilight, Lyra, Bonnie and Derpy headed over to the Bakugan Battle Arena.

As soon as they arrived, Derpy headed for the front desk and sat down behind it. She typed into the system, but then frowned. "Sorry. Looks like all the areas are full." The others groaned at this.

"Now what do we do?" Flash asked, turning to Twilight. "Are you okay waiting until an area opens up?"

"I don't have any problem waiting," Twilight nodding. "It'll give me time to properly come up with a strategy." She reached into her pocket and took out a Bakugan, which was purple with green highlights. "This is the Bakugan I'll be using Darkus Spikenoid."

"Just that Bakugan?" Flash asked, a little concerned after what happened with Garble.

Twilight nodded, "if you only use Leonidas, than I'll only be using Spikenoid. Or Spike, as I like to call him."

"Cool," Flash smiled in interest. He had never seen this Bakugan, so was eager to find out what it could do. And as he did, Derpy suddenly spoke up.

"Guys!" They turned to her, "I just got a cancellation. If you want, you can battle one another in...an hour." The smiled and agreed to it, Derpy booking them in. Over the next hour, Flash and Twilight sat at different tables. Flash was finally able to see what Ability Cards he had and since he was up against a Darkus type, he tried to adjust his plans accordingly. But even so, he knew nothing about this Bakugan or its Brawler. This might be difficult.

An hour later, the time for their battle finally arrived. Unfortunately, Derpy couldn't watch since she had to stay at the counter. But she wished them both luck as they headed for the stadium, Lyra and Bonnie heading up to the viewing platform. The two headed towards the different entrances, whilst the announcer called out to the audience.

"Welcome Baku-fans, to yet another battle hear at the Dark Industries Baku-Dome." The crowd cheered as the doors opened and the two of them stepped into the stadium, both staring up and seeing many people looking down at them while applauding. "In one corner, we have a girl with brains almost as big as her Bakugan. Twilight Sparkle." She waved at them while adjusting her glasses. "And in the other corner, a newcomer who's quickly taken the Bakugan World by storm thanks to his one of a kind Bakugan. Flash...SENTRY!"

Flash waved as well, hearing people cheering while others asked if he was using Leonidas again. He spotted Lyra and Bonnie in the stands and smiled as he and Twilight reached the center of the stadium.

It was at that moment that a glass dome closed around the battlefield. And once it was completely covering the field, a flash of light filled the room. When the light faded, Flash opened his eyes and found he was in a city-scape. He and Twilight were standing in a large street with no cars or other people there.

"Looks like they'll be brawling in the city zone. Wonder how much property damage will be done by the end of it."

"Alright Flash," Twilight held up a Darkus Bakugan. "I hope you're ready. Time to find out if you're crazy or not."

Flash stared at his Bakugan for a moment before closing his fist around it and looking up, "I'm ready. Let's do this thing."

"Are both Brawlers ready?" They nodded, "then without further ado. Bakugan...BRAWL!" With that, Flash and Twilight's BakuColars beeped to signal the battle's start with both showing their current life gauges.

Flash: 100%
Twilight: 100%

Twilight smiled as she took out a Gate Card. "Based on what I saw in your last brawl, this card should do quite nicely." She threw the card. "Gate Card, SET!" The card hit the ground and exploded into light, which spread across the field before vanishing. Twilight then held up the Bakugan. "Now, prepare to face the power of my favourite partner. Bakugan," she threw the orb, "BRAWL!" The Bakugan hit the ground and bounced along it for several seconds before finally stopping and opening, unleashing a burst of purple light. "Bakugan, STAND!"

The light filled the the city and slowly took shape, then faded to reveal a large purple and green dragon-like creature with no wings. It, instead, had a series of dark green spikes running from the top of its head all the way down to its tail. It also had several spikes running along its arms, with larger ones on its elbows, knees and the tips of its fingers. "Darkus Spikenoid!"

Spikenoid: 450Gs

"Four hundred and fifty?" Flash asked, amazed. He looked down at his Bakugan. "Alright. Time to find out if you really can talk." He pulled the orb back. "Bakugan," he then threw the ball, "BRAWL!" The ball hit the ground and rolled until it stopped and opened, "Bakugan...STAND!" In a burst of yellow light, the white, yellow and purple dragon appeared appeared. "Haos Leonidas, rise!"

Leonidas: 400Gs
Spikenoid: 450Gs

"There it is!" The announcer yelled, "Flash's Leonidas. And against Twilight's Spikenoid, this is sure to be an amazing brawl."

"Go Flash!" Bonnie cried while Lyra watched intensely.

"Flash is good but Twilight's got both experience and way more knowledge. This isn't gonna be easy." It was at that moment that Leonidas charged at Spikenoid, while Flash took out an ability card.

"Ability, activate!" The card glowed yellow, "Brawling Dragon!" Leonidas roared as he began to throw wild attacks at Spikenoid, punching, kicking and striking it with his tail

Leonidas: 500Gs
Spikenoid: 450Gs

"My turn," Twilight told him as she took out her own card. "Ability, activate!" The card glowed purple, "Scale-Mail!" It was then that Spikenoid's purple scales began to gain a brilliant sheen. This didn't just make the Bakugan look good, but also seemed to make Leonidas' attacks less effective. "This ability negates yours and ups Spike's G power by one hundred points"

Leonidas: 400Gs
Spikenoid: 550Gs

"Not good," Flash realised while pulling out to cards. "Alright. Then Double Ability, activate!" The cards glowed as Leonidas leapt back. "Dragon Flash, plus Alpha Blaster." Leonidas began to glow as Spikenoid went on the attack, but the winged dragon disappeared in a blur.

The beast growled in confusion until he heard Twilight. "Above you!" He looked up, just in time to see Leonidas flying in the air. The creature took a deep breath as blue lightning sparked within its mouth.

Leonidas: 700Gs
Spikenoid: 550Gs

Twilight pulled out a card as Leonidas fired the blue beam, hitting Spikenoid and pushing it sliding backwards. It roared at Twilight was forced to leap to the side in order to avoid getting hit, rolling to the side and making Flash gasp. But she quickly jumped back up and pushed her glassed up while pointing to the ground.

"Gate card, OPEN!" The floor glowed purple as Leonidas landed, "Doppel-Gang-Up!" Flash wondered what this card did, but then he saw something appearing behind his Bakugan.

"Leonidas!" The dragon glanced back and in doing so, saw something behind him. It was another version of Leonidas, only this one was made of some kind of black mist. And upon closer inspection, Flash saw the fake was coming out of Leonidas' shadow. "What is that thing?"

Twilight laughed as the fake suddenly grabbed Leonidas as held him tight, while Spikenoid picked itself up. "Doppel-Gang-Up. It creates a Doppelganger of your Bakugan, with half his base power for its strength."

Leonidas: 700Gs
Spikenoid+Doppelganger: 750Gs

"Do it Spike!" Twilight yelled as her Bakugan ran forward while Leonidas was still trapped.

"Not good," Flash was about to activate another ability but Spike was got there first. It let out a mighty roar and spun around, slamming Leonidas with its tail. The dragon roared in pain before he glowed and transformed back to his ball form.

Flash: 90%
Twilight: 100%

"Ouch," the announcer yelled, "Looks like the first round goes to Twilight!"

Lyra sighed, "I knew it. Flash fell right into Twilight's hands."

"It's not over yet," Bonnie told her. "Flash knows what he's up against now. I'm sure he'll figure out a way to turn this around."

Back at the front desk, Derpy had just helped someone with something and bowed as they walked away. "Thank you, come again." She then looked over at a nearby screen, which showed Flash picking up his Bakugan. "Come on Flash."

She then spotted another worker moving up to the desk. "It's your break time now Derpy. I'll handle the desk."

"Thank you," Derpy nodded before running out from behind the desk and heading for the battlefield.

"Gate card, SET!" Flash threw his card and it hit the floor before exploding into light, which spread across he battlefield. "I'm not holding back this time."

"Neither am I," Twilight replied as they both pulled their balls back.

"Bakugan," they threw them together, "BRAWL!" Both Bakugan hit the ground and rolled for several seconds before stopping and popping open, unleashing the light. "Bakugan...STAND!" The two creatures took shape, Spikenoid slashing the air while Leonidas took the the sky. "Haos Leonidas/Darkus Spikenoid!"

"Gate card, open!" Flash yelled as the field suddenly glowed yellow, Leonidas glowing the same colour. "Haos Reactor!"

Leonidas: 600Gs
Spikenoid: 450Gs

"Yes!" Bonnie cheered, "now Leonidas isn't fighting at a disadvantage."

"That's the way Flash!" Lyra yelled, "keep the pressure up."

"Ability, activate!" Twilight held up a card as it glowed, "Fire Burst!" Spike unleashed a volley of green fire that shot in Leonidas' direction, while the Darkus Bakugan powered up.

Leonidas: 600Gs
Spikenoid: 650Gs

"Ability activate!" Flash held up his card, "Hyper Shield!" Light exploded off of Leonidas and formed an orb around him, protecting him from Spikenoid's attack.

Leonidas: 600Gs
Spikenoid: 450Gs

"Now," Flash held up a card, "Ability Activate!" The card glowed, "Shining Tornado!" Leonidas began to spin as light formed around him, transforming him into a shining energy drill that headed straight for Spikenoid.

Leonidas: 750Gs
Spikenoid: 450Gs

"Ability Activate!" Twilight yelled as Spike cross his arms, seconds before the drill struck him. "Scale-Mail!" His scales glowed again and doing so caused the tornado to slow, negating its effects and powering the wingless reptile up.

Leonidas: 600Gs
Spikenoid: 550Gs

"We're still stronger," Flash stated as Leonidas stopped spinning but he and Spikenoid were both locked with their hands holding one another in place. "Come on."

"Let's end this," Twilight stated as she activated another card. "Ability, Activate." Both the card and Spike's back spikes began to glow. "Spiking Strike!" Suddenly, the light from the spikes exploded off of them and shot into the air before curving around. They then shot straight down and one struck Leonidas in the back.

The dragon roared in pain while Flash looked down at his BakuColar, seeing his score drop.

Leonidas: 550Gs
Spikenoid: 550Gs

It was then that another spike struck, lowering the score again.

Leonidas: 500Gs
Spikenoid: 550Gs

A third spike struck him in the wing even though Leonidas released Spikenoid and flew away, the damage was done.

Leonidas: 450Gs
Spikenoid: 550Gs

"GO!" Twilight yelled, Spikenoid running forward and once again slamming its tail Into Flash's Bakugan. The dragon roared in pain before falling to the ground, glowing yellow and returning to his ball form.

"Ahh," Flash groaned as he reached down to pick him the Bakugan before looking at the score.

Flash: 70%
Twilight: 100%

'Dang it. I've almost lost half my points and I haven't even scratched Twilight yet.' He turned to see her recalling Spikenoid. "She's really good."


"Huh?" Flash looked around before staring down at the Bakugan, "did you just talk again?"

"Keep...fighting." The voice sounded like it was straining to speak, but it was clear what it was trying to say. This Bakugan could talk and it wanted to keep brawling. If he stopped now, it might never talk again.

"Alright," Flash turned to Twilight as she took out a Gate Card, "this Brawl's just getting started."

She smiled back and took out a card, "Gate Card...SET!" She threw it and it hit the ground, exploding in a burst of light that flew across the field as she pulled back her Bakugan. "Bakugan...BRAWL!" The ball went flying and hit the ground, "Bakugan...STAND!"

"Bakugan," Flash threw his as Spikenoid appeared, "Brawl!" It hit the ground rolling for several seconds and then popped open, "Bakugan...STAND!" Leonidas appeared as Twilight prepared her card.

Leonidas: 400Gs
Spikenoid: 450Gs

"Ability, activate!" The card glowed, "Dark Spikes!" The spikes on Spikenoid's arms glowed purple and before Leonidas could react, his opponent charged forward and slammed them into his stomach. He roared as his power was drained by the attack. "Now steal away half Leonidas's G power.

Leonidas: 200Gs
Spikenoid: 650Gs

"Dang it," Flash groaned before taking out two cards. "Double Ability, activate!" They glowed as Leonidas leapt back and flew into the air. "Dragon Flash, plus Alpha Blaster!" Once again, Leonidas glowed before he started zipping around the place. After a few seconds, he flew down behind Spikenoid and unleashed the laser from his mouth.

Leonidas: 500Gs
Spikenoid: 650Gs

"Flash is certainly fighting back," the announcer cried out. "But will it be enough to stop Spikenoid?" They watched as Spikenoid was struck by the laser, but his higher power level meant the Darkus Bakugan could withstand the attack.

"It's not enough," Flash took out another card. "Ability, activate!" The card glowed, "Brawling Dragon!" Leonidas, still sped up from his Dragon Flash ability, shot towards Spikenoid and started unleashing a barrage of attacks on him. Spikenoid simply crossed his arms and allowed the attacks to collide.

Leonidas: 600Gs
Spikenoid: 650Gs

"Still not enough!" Flash cried while Twilight took out her own card.

"Ability, activate!" The card glowed along with Spike, "Scale-Mail!" Leonidas suddenly felt like he was hitting a steel wall, his power level going down.

Leonidas: 500Gs
Spikenoid: 750Gs

The next thing they knew, Spikenoid reached out and grabbed Leonidas' arm as he threw another punch. He then spun around and threw Leonidas, making the dragon cry out as he was slammed into the building and caused it to collapse. "WOW!" Flash yelled as the ground began to shook. He and Twilight worked to keep their balance, many in the stadium believing this was it.

"Too bad," Twilight said. "I was hoping for something...more." Flash frowned at this. "Your Bakugan is strong, but it's attacks highly unrefined. It's almost...beastly."

Flash was about to say something, but then...

"I'll show you unrefined." Everyone suddenly turned to the source of that voice, many gasping when they saw the rubble from the destroyed building move to reveal Leonidas. The Bakugan growled as he pushed himself up. "You think you're so great, but you're nothing compared to me. You will lose."

"It can talk," Twilight realised before smiling. "Amazing." The people in the audience were just as amazed, wondering what was going on. Even the announcer looked shocked and started looking through the rule book for anything relating to it.

Meanwhile, Leonidas spread his wings. "HUMAN!" Flash quickly realised he was talking to him, "Do something useful!" With that, he leapt into the air and let out a roar before charging at Spike.

Flash, the first to recover from the shock, pulled out two cards. "Double Ability...ACTIVATE!" Both cards glowed as Leonidas began to spin. "Shining Tornado, plus Fusion Ability, Alpha Hurricane!" Leonidas opened his mouth as it filled with blue lightning, which then flew out and spiralled around him as light did the same. He soon morphed into a golden light drill surrounded by blue lightning.

Leonidas: 1000Gs
Spikenoid: 750Gs

Twilight gasped, finally recovering, but wasn't fast enough to activate her ability. "YOU'RE GOING DOWN!" Leonidas roared through the tornado as it smashed into Spikenoid and caused an explosion, Spike roaring as he was thrown back before reverting to ball form.

Flash: 70%
Twilight: 50%

"Wow!" The announcer cried, "what a turnaround. With a single move, Flash has taken the lead. And is anyone else still a little blown away by his Bakugan talking?"

"A little is an understatement," Bonnie stated while Leonidas returned to ball form and flew over to Flash. "What is going on?"

"I don't know," Lyra told her. "Flash said he found the Bakugan and it's never been seen before, so maybe it's a new model that has speech capability?"

Back on th field Flash was staring at his Bakugan. "So I wasn't crazy. You really can talk." Suddenly, Leonidas popped open without Flash doing anything.

"Of course I can talk," the toy said while moving. "And I can finally speak in this form. Damn, that was infuriating. To have to listen to you pester me and not being able to tell you to shut up." Flash wasn't expecting that.

"No way," he whispered. "The way you're talking. It's almost...sentient." He slowly came to a single conclusion, "you're...alive."

"Of course I'm alive!" Leonidas cried, "now stop stating the obvious and brawl already! We've got a battle to win!" Flash was still unnerved by this, but did as he was told and threw a Gate Card.

"Bakugan!" Leonidas folded himself up and Flash threw him, "BRAWL!" The plastic creature bounced along the ground, "Bakugan...STAND!" He opened up and once again transformed with a flash of yellow light.

"RAAAAAAAAAAH!" He roared before staring down at Twilight, "come on! Let's finish this!"

Twilight smiled before holding up Spikenoid. "Bakugan...BRAWL!" Leonidas watched Spikenoid rolling along the ground before opening, "Bakugan...STAND! Darkus Spikenoid!" The wingless dragon appeared with a roar.

Leonidas: 400Gs
Spikenoid: 450Gs

"Ability, Activate!" Twilight held up a card that quickly glowed, "Dark Spikes!" Once again, Spikenoid's arm blades glowed purple as he charged forward and tried to slam them into Leonidas.

"Not this time," Leonidas yelled as he began avoiding the blades but knew Spikenoid would eventually get him. "HUMAN!"

"I have a name you know," Flash told him before holding up a card. "Ability, activate!" The card glowed, "Hyper Shield!" The orb of light appeared around Leonidas as he stopped moving, Spikenoid's attack slamming into it but doing nothing.

"Smart," Twilight smiled. "But you've still got a lot to learn about this game." She held up another card, "Ability, activate!" The card glowed along with Spike and Leonidas, the yellow light from Leonidas flying off of him, through the shield and into Spikenoid. "Co-Side!"

"Co-Side?" Flash looked down at his BakuColar and saw the scores.

Leonidas: 400Gs
Spikenoid: 550Gs

"Co-Side, an ability that changes based on the Bakugan. My Darkus Bakugan, gains a hundred Gs if he's fighting any Bakugan beside him on the hexagonal magic circle."

"Like Haos and Subterra," Flash realised. He was really wishing he had that card.

"Who cares," Leonidas told him. "Just use the abilities we have."

"Got it," Flash nodded. "But first, let's amp things up. Gate Card...OPEN!" The field suddenly began to glow a golden light. "Lumino Gate!"

"Wow!" The announcer yelled, "this Gate Card doubles the increase of any Ability used to power up a Haos Bakugan. But it doesn't last forever."

"Ability card...ACTIVATE!" Flash yelled as he held up a card that glowed, "Alpha Blaster!" The Hyper Shield vanished as Leonidas leapt into the air, then started charging up his attack.

Leonidas: 800Gs
Spikenoid: 550Gs

Twilight smiled as she held up a card. "Ability, activate!" Once again, Spikenoid crossed his arms as his scales began to glow. "Scale-Mail!" The laser fired from Leonidas and struck Spikenoid, but his ability allowed him to endure it.

Leonidas: 400Gs
Spikenoid: 550Gs

"Ahh," Flash groaned and held up a card. "Ability, activate!" Leonidas charged forward, "Brawling Dragon!"

Leonidas: 600Gs
Spikenoid: 550Gs

"Ability, activate! Tearing Claw!" Spikenoid's claws glowed purple and as Leonidas began to unleash a barrage of attacks, he countered with multiple powerful slashes.

Leonidas: 600Gs
Spikenoid: 650Gs

"Ability, activate!" Flash held up a card, "Dragon Flash!" Leonidas glowed and his strikes became more rapid.

"Take this!" He yelled, "you overgrown sand gecko!"

Leonidas: 800Gs
Spikenoid: 650Gs

Spikenoid roared in pain as the barrages kept up, only for the Lumino Gate to suddenly disappear. "Looks like the Gate Card's effects are over," the announcer yelled. "Was it enough, or can Twilight still pull off a victory?"

"Let's find out!" Twilight took out a card. "Ability, activate!" It glowed as Spike leapt back, then unleashed a burst of green fire. "Fire Burst!" The flames struck Leonidas and stopped his attacks cold.

"AHHHHH!" He cried, trying to cover himself with his arms.

Leonidas: 800Gs
Spikenoid: 850Gs

"No," Flash cried while Twilight took out her own card.

"Now it's time to end this. And my Fusion Ability will do just that. Fusion Ability, activate!" Spikenoid ceased his flamethrower before the spikes on his back and arms suddenly burst into green fire. "BLAZING SPIKES!" Spikenoid suddenly slammed the ground, causing it to shake as a trail of giant green spikes shot out of the ground towards Leonidas.

Before the dragon could react, several shot out around him and trapped him in a cage before they burst into flames and fried him. "RAAAAAAAAAAH!" He roared in pain as the power level changed.

Leonidas: 800Gs
Spikenoid: 1150Gs

Flash tried to activate his own ability, but it was too late. Leonidas was consumed by yellow light and morphed back to his ball form, which popped out of the flaming cage and bounced over to Flash.

Flash: 0%
Twilight: 50% (Winner)

The teen couldn't believe it. He had lost.

"We have a winner," he heard the announcer call out. "Twilight Sparkle has defeated Flash Sentry. What a battle. What a sceptical. What an exciting roller-coaster of a brawl." Spikenoid returned to normal and flew over to Twilight as the field returned to normal, Twilight moving over to him while Lyra and Bonnie rushed over to the entrance in order to get down there.

But despite losing, Flash was still the focus of everyone's attention. His talking Bakugan was something truly extraordinary.

"Looks like you weren't crazy," Twilight smiled. "That is an impressive piece of technology you have there."

"Yeah," Flash nodded, "But I don't think it was technology that made him talk." Twilight looked confused as Lyra and Bonnie entered the field, just in time to hear it.

"You're darn right it wasn't technology!" They all looked down at Leonidas as the ball suddenly leapt out of his hand and landed on the floor, then popped over and started moving on its own. "You humans better get this through your skulls. I'm not just some toy that you can play around with. I am the mighty Leonidas."

The humans were all stunned by this, Twilight looking like Christmas had come early. "Amazing. It's so advanced it actually thinks it's alive."

"I am alive!" Leonidas rolled back into a ball and shot into the air, trying to slam into Twilight's head but Flash managed to catch him. "Hey!" He yelled within Flash's fist, "let me out! How dare she think I'm not alive."

"I think he's telling the truth," Flash told Twilight before opening his hand. "I think he really is a living thing."

"That's impossible," Twilight told him. "How could something made out of plastic be alive."

"I'm not supposed to be made of plastic," Leonidas told them. "What you saw in the battle was my true form. But for whatever reason, I look like this when I'm not in a battle."

"Wait," Bonnie pulled out her own Bakugan, "does that mean the other Bakugan are alive too."

"Yes," Leonidas replied. "But like me before, they appear to be in some kind of mental stasis that's preventing them from waking up an communicating. What you see battle is just what their instincts are telling them to do without a mind to give proper commands."

"But why?" Lyra asked. "If you Bakugan are alive, then where did you come from."

"We came from Vestroia," Leonidas replied. "But don't ask me why the Bakugan are suddenly here, because I don't care. All I care about is battling." He turned towards Twilight, "girl! We're battling again. I refuse to let myself be defeated by such a weakling." He then turned to Flash, "and you'd better do better this time. I would have won that match if you had activated my abilities faster." He continued to berate Flash, making the teen wish Leonidas had remained silent.

Meanwhile, on the roof, Phantom stared down into the battlefield once again. And once again, his focus was on Flash and Leonidas. "I don't know where this Bakugan came from, but he's growing more and more interesting by the minute.

As he said that, a Darkus Bakugan leapt up onto his shoulder and opened up to reveal an almost humanoid appearance. "Ha," it laughed, "he is nothing. Send me in against him and I'll prove whose more powerful."

"Patience, Fury. His power is not to be underestimated." The teen turned to walk away, "master Sombra wants us to wait and see how much stronger this one and the partner becomes. If he's strong enough, we'll take him for ourselves. And if he isn't..." He pulled the cube out from nowhere, "he'll simply be used as fuel to awaken a Bakugan like no other." A dark smile crept onto his face, Flash and Leonidas having no idea the kind of danger they were in.

Author's Note:

Whelp, that's the second chapter. Hope you enjoyed it. Now I know a lot of you are upset Spike's only getting represented as a Bakugan, but I'm afraid this is the way things have to be. The story I'm planning out doesn't have room for Spike as a human character. If I added him in, I would either make him a pointless character or needlessly take time away from the story to give him a compelling story arch. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't do that. Spike is a Bakugan, so get used to it.

As for Spike's ball form, I like to think he's similar to the Original Hydranoid ball form.

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