• Published 2nd Oct 2018
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Flash Sentry Chronicles: EQG - Banshee531

When Twilight's Element of Harmony is stolen, Flash must accompany her into a strange new world. A world where everything is different, yet strangely familiar.

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A Strange New World

As soon as Flash stepped into the portal, he wasn't sure what to feel. His mouth opened immediately as he felt himself be sucked into the void, a strange cry releasing itself as he felt his body begin to spin like it was going down a drain. And as he felt this unbelievable tug of force, he wanted to throw up, only to instead feel a blinding white light blast his face.

The next thing he knew, his body hit something hard, pain quickly surging everywhere. He let out a long moan after this as the sound of another groan hit his ear. It was Twilight, as she sounded just as disorientated as he was. His eyes started to blink as he kept trying to reorient himself, his voice soon asking, "Twilight? You okay?"

"I...I think so?" Twilight replied as she let out another moan. "Oh...I don't know."

Flash's head had now started to clear, allowing his eyes to finally focus. It was here that he saw his face was right over a combo of pavement and grass, causing him to look up and see a large building a little ways away from him. "What in the-"

"Uh....Twilight? Flash?" said a third voice, the duo quickly recognizing the voice.

"Huh?!" Twilight yelped as she kept blinking, "Spike! You're not supposed to–Spike? Are you a...dog?"

Flash raised an eyebrow at hearing this before turning to where Spike's voice was coming from, only to be met with the sight of a purple dog with green ears and head tuft. The dog began circling himself, checking his body as he replied, "I...think so. But I have no idea what you two are!"

"What are you..." Flash tried to say as he looked down at himself, only for his eyes to go wide as dinner plates. "What the heck?!" He yelped as he stared at what was his hooves, which were now replaced with a pair of bright orange arms and hands. "Huh?! Why does my hooves look like they have five long tiny hooves on them?" He then flexed the fingers, his head leaning back in surprise at how dexterous they were. "Whoa....its like I have my own version of Springer's paws."

It was here that he looked down at the rest of his body, surprise covering his face as he now saw he was wearing clothes. He was dressed in a blue sleeveless jacket with a hood that was atop a white short sleeved shirt that had his cutie mark on the shoulders. There was also black ripped up pants on his legs, the jeans sporting orange lines running down the seams. The ends of his back hooves were now concealed within blue trainers with a lightning bolt on the sides of them and his new 'hooves' had blue, fingerless gloves, reminding him of Springer again.

"Huh. When did I get-" He didn't get to finish his question, as in that moment, the sound of Twilight screaming filled the air. He quickly used his new hands to cover his ears, finding that they had definitely become smaller than they were as a pony. When the screaming stopped, he turned towards its source as his eyes went wide.

Much like him, Twilight's appearance had completely changed. Her form had purple skin, complete with her usual tri-purple mane, and also sporting a smaller muzzle with a tiny nose. She was also wearing clothes, which mainly consisted of a light blue blouse with a pink bow around the neck, a purple skirt with her cutie mark on it, and knee high purple boots.

Twilight started to hyper-ventilate as she kept staring at herself, her eyes twitching in a way that Flash knew was about to become one of her freak-outs. However, unlike the past, he couldn't blame her, as he really wanted to freak out as well. Instead, he took a long deep breath, his brain slowing down so he could focus on Twilight and said, "Twilight...I need you to stay calm."

This got her attention, causing her to turn and go wide-eyed at his new form. "Flash?! Is that you?!"

"Yeah." Flash replied, reflexing waving his hand at her, "It's me, though don't ask what I am. I have no idea."

"Yeah...I thought so." Twilight said with a gulp, her lips trembling as she slowly raised her hand and pointed a finger at him. "Um...Flash? Where are your wings?"

The question made him blink for a second, his head soon turning and noticing that his wings were now gone. "Shoot. That's not good. And I thought not being able to bring Lightbringer was bad." He turned back to Twilight and gulped as well, knowing what he was about to say could cause her to panic, but she needed to know. "Uh...Twilight?"


"Your wings are gone too. That and your horn."

"They are?!" she screeched, her hands quickly tapping her back and forehead, only to feel nothing. "They're gone! Why is this happening?!" She asked as she started hyperventilating again, causing Flash and Spike to roll their eyes.

"Twilight, you have to get it together!" Spike said as he went up and nudged her. "You already freaked out once."

"I am entitled to freak out multiple times due to this!"

"I couldn't agree more." Flash commented as he looked back at his hands, flexing them again before continuing, "I want to freak out too, but its not gonna solve anything."

"I..." Twilight wanted to reply, but she saw the calm look on Flash's face. They sight alone made her start to slow her breathing, eventually reaching a semi-calm state. She then looked back at Flash, properly observing him this time. "Do I...do I look like that?" She asked Spike as she pointed at him.

"Pretty much. There's a few differences between you two, but overall, you're the same....I think."

Twilight began comparing her body to Flash, quickly seeing what Spike meant. She reached up and touched her much flatter face, said face soon looking like it was about to panic again. Spike and Flash quickly reacted, Flash placing his hand over her mouth while Spike put his paws on Flash's hand.

"Are you gonna scream again?" Spike asked as he bit his lip.

Twilight shook her head, making Flash sigh in relief. "Good. Last thing we need is to draw attention to ourselves by having you screaming again." He pulled his hand away and looked his body over. "I honestly have no idea what this is, but it looks like this is just the way we look now. We'll just have to get used to it."

"How am I supposed to get used to this?!" Twilight yelped as she pointed to herself. "Look at me! Is this normal to you?!"

"No...no its not. But we're gonna have to just suck it up and ignore it Twi. How else are we gonna get your crown back?"

"Well...that's..." Twilight tried to say, only for her eyes to narrow as she glared at her bodyguard. "Why are you still so calm?!"

"I'm not. Its just something Grand taught me over the years." Flash remarked as he slowly picked himself up, kneeling before pushing himself onto his two feet. "Huh. So I am like Springer now...weird."

"What are you doing?!" Twilight asked as she pointed at him again. "Why are you standing like that?!"

"I don't know. I just looked this new body over and uh...I just thought I was kinda like Springer and could do this."

Twilight gave him a flat stare. "Flash. I have no idea what we are right now, but we are definitely not dogs." She then pointed at Spike, "Look at Spike and tell me we're dogs right now, because I'm sure we're not!"

"I know. I was just guessing that these bodies are like him though. You know, stand on two instead of four and stuff." He then tried to take a step forward, only for his arms to flail around as he tried to keep his balance. "Whoa!" His body almost flopped over, which was soon saved thanks to a few quick footsteps. "Oookay, this is gonna take some getting used too."

"I...guess?" Twilight replied as she tried to do the same. But as she got up, her legs quickly shook, making her fall back. As she fell, she felt herself get caught on something behind her, making her turn and see that it was a large stone square with a statue of a horse atop it. She reached out to touch it the square, only for her hand to phase right through it. "Flash, look at this!"

"Huh?" Flash responded as he stumbled over to her. "What the-how are you doing that Twilight?"

"I think...I think this statue must serve as the gateway back to Equestria. Good thing too, we know now how to get back." She pulled her hand away, her head soon turning around to seeing a large red building just a few steps away. "We need to find my crown as soon as possible and get back there. I suggest we start searching the castle first."

"I'm not even sure if that thing's a castle," Flash told her as he stared at the same building. "It sure is small compared to the other castles we've gone too." He turned back to the princess, "But you're right. We're on a time limit, so we better get searching. Just remember, try to blend in. Which means no matter how hard it is, walk on two ho-feet. Walk on two feet....at least, I think that's what Springer calls it."

Twilight moaned but nodded, pushing herself off the statue to try and get her balance. The two soon made their way towards the building, Flash managing to get the hang of walking while Twilight was obviously still having trouble. "Whooaaa...Whoa! Ooh!" She yelped as she fell forwards, her hands grabbing the railing at the last moment. She then felt Flash's hand grab her, his strength now pulling her up.

"Its a good thing I'm here," Flash said as he helped her up the stairs. "Sunset'll be used to moving in this form, so she'll be tricky for you to fight on your own."

Twilight nodded as she reached the top. "You'll have to do the forefront of the fighting, while I hang back and support you with some spells."

Flash raised an eyebrow as he watched her walk up to the door, "Um...Twilight? You don't have a-" before he could say anything else, she swung her head like if she was using her magic before stepping forwards, only to slam right into the door.

"Augh!" she screamed as she felt pain slap her face.

"Horn...yeah. That looked like it hurt."

"No horn, no magic, I guess." Spike added as he saw Twilight pull away from the door.

"I don't like this place." Twilight said as she rubbed her head as the pain faded. "I really don't like it."

"Again I say," Flash opened the door with his hands. "Suck...it...up." With that, the two of them crept inside. They began looking around, Flash rubbing his head as he saw the simple designed building inside. There were just basic hallways with rows of lockers, all sights he wasn't used too. "Not what I was expecting. What is this place?"

As he stared at the sight, Twilight noticed a strange case nearby and saw the objects inside. "What do you think?" She asked as she pointed at the glass, "Other artifacts she's stolen from Equestria?" It was then that she saw herself in the glass's reflection, causing her to gasp. "Wh...what am I? What is this?!"

Flash also checked his reflection, soon touching his face as he continued to stare. "Weird...this is definitely a different look for me." He then turned to Twilight, "Hey, think we actually look good in this...weird form?"

"I have no idea." Twilight replied before blinking at the defender, "And since when are you so vain?"

Flash just shrugged, "I was just asking."

Before he could say anything else, a sound caused him to kick into a battle ready stance. A bell. Barely a second later, all the doors in the building opened and more...whatever Flash and Twilight were now, stepped out and filled the hallways. Flash quickly grabbed Twilight's hand and picked Spike up, not daring to lose the pair in the crowd.

"Stay against the wall," he tried to tell her. But no sooner had he said it, somebody pushed into Twilight and caused them both to trip. By this point, it was too late. Flash and Twilight found themselves now on the floor, splitting them up as more people knocked them away.

It was here that Flash with Spike in his grip got up and tried to stagger through the crowd, only to find themselves getting pushed down to the floor, "Twi-" Spike tried to say, only for Flash to cover his mouth.

Flash shook his head, not wanting to risk if dogs can talk here or not. Instead, he crawled back over to the crowd, spotting Twilight and pulling her hand. As soon as she was free, the three of them all felt themselves falling backwards, only for Flash's back to hit something.

"What the-" said a strangely familiar voice. Flash then looked up, only to see himself staring up at a bulky boy with gunmetal skin and black hair. He was wearing a black sleeveless shirt and baggy white pants, which had a familiar shield and spear emblem on their pockets. The teen looked down at him and scowled. "Watch it twerp."

Flash just stared at him strangely, a sense of familiarity filling him. Twilight and Spike were also looking up at him, that same feeling coursing through them as well.

"Be nice Iron," another familiar voice replied to him. This one came from a girl with green skin as well as blue and pink hair, who was wearing a yellow blouse with a pink flower printed skirt. She also wore a broach that had a rose with a chain wrapped around it. She stood next to a tall lanky teen with light gray skin and black hair, wearing a pair of half moon spectacles. He also wore a white button up shirt with a red tie and cream vest, along with a pair of black pants. There was also a badge on his chest, which showed the shape of a red cross with an arrow sticking through it.

The tallest of the group re-positioned his glasses before looking them over. "You two are obviously new here. Did you transfer from another school?"

"School?" Flash repeated dumbfoundly.

"That's what he said," the bulky teen hissed. "What, you clumsy and dumb?"

"Iron..." the girl growled as she glared at him before before smiling down at the duo. "Sorry about him. He's a lot nicer once you get to know him."

"Whatever." He replied before shutting a locker and walking off, the other two following after.

"See you around!" the girl said with a wave back to them.

"Welcome to CHS," the last finished before the three of them stepped into the crowd.

Flash, Twilight and Spike all continued to stare at where the three had been, still very much confused. Spike broke the silence. "That...was weird."

"Tell me about it," Flash added as he blinked at the sight. "Those three looked, sounded and acted just like Iron, Heather and First....but that's impossible, right?"

"Maybe not," Twilight replied as she finally picked herself up. "But one thing's for sure, this isn't a castle. Its a school."

"Great....just what I don't need." Flash grumbled as he stood up, picking up Spike and placing him inside Twilight's backpack.

As he did this, Twilight blinked at his comment before asking, "What do you mean?"

"I didn't go to school Twilight, remember?"

Twilight gave him a flat stare, "Surely I told you enough about what school is like back when we were just foals."

"Probably..." Flash replied, a sigh following, "But I also probably didn't pay attention. At all. That and I didn't have any interest in going."

"Of course." Twilight grumbled as she reflexively tapped her foot. "I should expect no less from a meathead."

"Stop fighting please." Spike interjected, causing the two to frown before he asked, "Also, why would Sunset Shimmer bring your crown to a school?"

"I don't know, but we probably need to find out." Twilight replied as she stared at their surroundings. "And I get the feeling that we'll need to learn as much about this place as we can."

"And yet another thing I don't like. Learning." Flash groaned as he looked away from Twilight, "Ugh...why did it have to be a-ow!"

"Oh, suck it up!" Twilight hissed as she pulled his ear, "That's what you told me, right meathead?"

"Yeah yeah...I know." Flash growled as he rubbed his ear, "Of course the bookworm would use my words against me."

"Oh shut up and let's start investigating already."

And so, they began their investigation. The first thing they realized was that this world seemed completely magic-less. Instead, they appeared to have improved their technology to a level that magic was not needed, though the heroes didn't understand a spit of it. Also, everywhere Flash went, he spotted several people, a term they had heard someone say, carrying strange square boxes that they talked into that then talked back. At the same time, they noticed how the people move, which Flash watched and copied to help his movement in this new body.

It was here that when they moved through the hallways of the school, they spotted a trio of familiar young humans. "Scoots?" Flash asked almost aloud as he watched a girl that had his sister's coat and hair color, racing down the hall on a scooter. This was followed by two others, who Flash was sure were Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. Or their doppelgangers that is. Luckily, the Scootaloo look alike didn't hear him and kept racing off.

Twilight then embarrassed herself by heading into a bathroom that they later discovered had a symbol that meant it was for boys only. Once she escaped, she was bright red and leaned again the lockers. "That was humiliating."

"Wasn't exactly your fault," Flash said as he leaned up next to her and crossed his arms. "And at least we know what to look out for. I hate to say this, but I'm not sure how to make us less....obvious here."

"Same here." Twilight replied as she let out a long sigh. "Guess we should just keep trying to find the crown and get out of here as fast as possible."


The duo began another walk through the school, only to pass by a couple that looked kinda familiar to the two. Then the familiarity increased as one of them spoke out, "Oh, I'm really sorry. I-I just found it, and-and I thought I should give it to her."

"Does that voice sound familiar to you?" Flash asked while putting his pinkie finger in his ear, trying to make sure he wasn't hearing anything.

"It does," Twilight replied before following the voice and looking around the corner.

"I didn't know you had dropped it," the shy, trembling voice continued as the duo glanced at the hallway. They then saw that the hall had four people in it, two of them minding their own business while looking like they might actually be afraid to speak while the other two were talking. One had their back to them, while the other seemed to be trying to curl in on herself in fear.

"Well, I did!" The one who was not looking at them yelled, "And I was about to get it before you swooped in and ruined everything! You shouldn't pick up things that don't belong to you!"

The girl looked down at her feet, her whole head shivering, "It...doesn't really belong to you either..." The next thing they knew, the girl with her back to them slammed her fist into the locker.

"Excuse me?! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" She screeched, everyone in the hallway hopping at her roar.

The other girl looked like she was about to faint as she slowly slid down the locker. "N-n-nothing."

Flash had seen enough. A vicious glare on his face, he stepped out and yelled, "LEAVE HER ALONE!"

The bully girl heard this and turned around, anger and fury on her face as she stared at Flash. The girl had gold colored skin, hair that was a combination of red and yellow, and was wearing a leather jacket over a pink and orange skirt. "What...did you just say?!"

"He said, leave her alone," Twilight repeated as she stood next to Flash, putting her bag on the ground so Spike didn't get hurt if things turned ugly. "How dare you speak to her that way!"

The girl scowled at the two of them, walking up to the pair, only to see that they had no fear at her presence. This made her smirk before flicking Twilight on the chin. "You two must be new here," she said as she walked past them.

"And what if we are?" Flash barked back.

The girl laughed as she walked down the corridor, the two others in the hall looking at her with the fear she expected. "I can speak to anyone, anyway I want." She then shot a glance at the male student, causing him to yelp before jumping into a nearby open locker. "Like that. Later new losers."

Flash frowned as he saw her disappear down the hallway. "I wanna call her a name, but I'm scared we'll lose our everyone rating."

"Use a rhyme," Twilight told him.

"THAT HITCH!" He yelled, panting after he did so.


"A little."

"I can't believe you did that!" They turned to the girl they had just defended, who looked like she had just seen a pig with wings.

"Well, we couldn't just stand there and let her bully you like that!" Twilight told her.

Flash nodded in agreement. "Yeah! Its called being a decent...um....you get the idea."

The girl gulped at this, now twiddling her fingers as she continued, "Well, I was just s-s-surprised cuz...you know."

"Know what?"

"Well...nobody ever stands up to Sunset Shimmer."

"Sunset Shimmer?!" The two of them gasped before turning back to the hallway Sunset had disappeared into.

"You've heard of her?" The girl asked, getting them to turn back to her.

"Um...sort of," Twilight replied as she slightly looked away. "Let's just say uh...."

"We've had a run in with her before." Flash finished. "We just uh....didn't recognize her."

"Oh. I guess that makes sense." the girl replied before she blinked at the duo, "Um...I don't think I've seen you around before. Did you just transfer to Canterlot High from another school?"

"Uhh..." the two of them shared a glance before looking back and nodding, "Yes! Another...heh, school!"

"It's way up north," Flash added. "You've probably never heard of it, so I won't bother with the name."

Twilight nodded again. "Anyways, my name's Twilight."

"I'm Flash," the pegasus turned human replied with his signature smile. "You got a name?"

The girl once again curled into herself, her hair hiding her face as she whispered. "I'm Fluttershy..."

Flash heard it and suddenly felt himself flashing back to when he first arrived in Ponyville. "Did you say...Fluttershy?"

This got Twilight's eyes to go wide as she asked, "You're Fluttershy? But how can that-"

"OH MY GOODNESS!" The girl now named Fluttershy screamed, having spotted Spike pull himself out of the backpack. She rushed past Twilight, Flash managing to pull her out of the way, and knelt down in front of drake turned mutt. "Who's this sweet little guy?"

"I'm getting a serious sense of déjà vu here," Flash said as he helped Twilight balance herself.

Twilight gave him a slight nod before turning back to Fluttershy, "That's Spike. My, uh...dog!"

Fluttershy only heard the name as she scratched Spike behind the ear. "Oh, he's so cute!" She reached into her bag and pulled out a dog treat, "Go on! Eat up little pup!"

Spike looked at the treat with confusion before sniffing it, his face turning to one of curiosity as he took a bite. As soon as he did, his eyes lit up and he quickly grabbed the treat from her, soon chowing down. Seeing this made Fluttershy let out a happy sigh, "Oh, how wonderful! Wouldn't you just give anything to know what they're really thinking?"

Twilight shrugged at this. "Actually, he usually just-OW!" She turned to glare at Flash, who had elbowed her side, only to see him shake his head.

"What was that?" Fluttershy asked as she turned back to the duo.

"Nothing," Flash told her as Spike barked, "nothing at all."

Seeing this, Twilight knew she needed to change the topic now. "Um....Sunset Shimmer said you picked something up. Something that belonged to her. It wasn't a crown, was it?

Fluttershy gave her an odd look as she stood up. "How did you know?"

"Lucky guess," Flash answered. "You don't by any chance still have it...do you?

Fluttershy shook her head, "Mm-mm."

"But you know what happened to it."

"Mm-mm," Fluttershy nodded this time before explaining. Apparently, she had been handing out flyers for the local animal shelter when the crown suddenly smacked her right in the head. "I have no idea how it got there, but I didn't want anything to happen to it. So, I decided to give it to Principal Celestia."

"Principal Celestia?" Twilight yelped, her eyes going wide at the mention of the name.

Flash just blinked at the statement before asking, "Uh...I'm guessing she's the one in charge here?"

Fluttershy nodded at this. "She and Vice-Principal Luna, yes."

"Where is she now?" Twilight asked as she leaned slightly towards Fluttershy.

"Probably in her office," Fluttershy replied, only for her and Flash to see the sight of Twilight and Spike running off in two different directions. A second later, they returned to them and Fluttershy giggled. "Third door on your left."

"Thank you!" Twilight said before the three of them rushed off.

"Oh, wait!" They heard Fluttershy call out, making them stop and see her point at Spike. "You're not really supposed to have pets on school grounds. Might wanna tuck him into your backpack." She turned to show her bag, as it opened to reveal several furry critters leap out. "That's what I do." She kneeled down and hugged them all. "They just get so lonely when I'm in school all day."

"Oh...okay. Thank you!" Twilight replied as Flash grabbed Spike and shoved him into her bag.

In that moment, the bell rang and Fluttershy gasped. "Oh, no! I'm late for class!" With that, she tucked her animals into her bag before racing off.

"She really is our Fluttershy," Flash commented as he watched her leave. "Well...the Fluttershy that we first met in Ponyville. I get the feeling ours is a little bolder compared to her. Though not much."

"Eh, it doesn't matter Flash. Let's just find this principal and see about getting my crown back," Twilight remarked as she started to make her way to the office.

"It's kinda weird," Spike added as he popped his head out of the bag. "Iron, Heather, First, and now Fluttershy."

"You don't think this world has a copy of everypony we know, do you?" Flash asked as he blinked at the two.

"I'm beginning to think so, though I'm not sure if that's going to be a problem or not." Twilight continued as she rubbed her chin in thought. "You don't think it will, do you Flash?"

"I don't think so. I mean, at least we don't have to worry about bumping into ourselves here," Flash replied as he looked back at where Fluttershy had been. "Since this version of Fluttershy didn't recognize us, we must not have duplicates here."

"Thank Celestia," Twilight finished as they reached the door they wanted. "Oh, speaking of which."

She then knocked the door, soon getting a reply from the other side of the door, "Come in," Twilight opened the door as she bowed her head, only for Flash to straighten her up. She frowned as he pushed her inside, where a woman had her face hidden behind a folder. "How may I help you?" She asked without looking at them.

The three shared a look as Twilight placed her bag on the floor in front of the desk. "Um...uh," the pony turned human gave Flash a slight glance, not sure what to say. Unfortunately, he didn't know either and just took a deep breath, something she also copied. As they did this, the woman lowered her folder, revealing her face. It was just as they expected, she looked like Princess Celestia. Her skin appeared to be more pink than white, but her hair was a dead giveaway, as it looked like a human version of the rainbow-colored mane they knew so well. However, the look on her face showed she was getting impatient.

Flash then decided to break the ice, "Hi. I'm uh...Flash Sentry."

"And my name's Twilight Sparkle. W-we're new here, and...well, I understand that Fluttershy found a crown this morning and gave it to you."

"Yes," Celestia replied as she stood up, "I've had Vice Principal Luna put it somewhere for safekeeping. No idea how it ended up in the front lawn."

"Maybe somebody stole it," Flash immediately suggested. "You know of any students who might do something like that. Maybe one with red and yellow hair." This time, it was Twilight who elbowed him in the side, the look she gave telling him to shut it.

Celestia raised an eyebrow at Flash's accusation, only to shrug it off as she placed the folder into a filling cabinet and turned to Twilight. "Were you interested in running for Princess of the Fall Formal this year?"

"Uh...no." Twilight replied as she rubbed her arm, her form now shivering in pure nervousness. "The truth is...well, the truth is I...you see, the crown is actually." Twilight's jagged speaking came to a stop when she realized what she had just heard, "princess of the Fall Formal?"

Celestia stepped over to a calendar. "Its Canterlot High's big Fall dance."

"Like the Grand Galloping Gala?" Twilight asked, causing Flash to stare at her in shock.

"Ex-nay on the Gala aye," he whisped to her.

Principal Celestia turned to them with a look of pure confusion. "Uh, Grand Galloping Gala?"

"Oi vay," Flash replied as he facepalmed.

Twilight twiddled her fingers at her blunder. "Oh uh...it was a-a-a big deal at my old school! Yeah, that's it..."

"And was there a princess?" Celestia asked as she turned back to the calendar and began marking it.

"Yes, but she wasn't exactly a student."

Celestia pointed at a nearby wall, showing pictures of a girl Flash and Twilight recognized. It was Sunset Shimmer, as she was in multiple dresses with a different crown in each one. The first one showed her as surprised but happy, the second showed her with a lot more confidence on her face while the last picture showed her laughing maniacally. "Here at Canterlot High, the students select one of their peers to represent them. She receives her crown at the Fall Formal."

"Sounds like something that could go to someone's head," Flash deadpanned, only to get another elbow from Twilight.

Twilight hummed as she picked up her bag and walked towards the door. "You asked me if I was interested in running for Princess. Can anyone run?"

"Yes," Celestia replied as she began marking on the calendar, "you just need to let the head of the Fall Formal planning committee know you'd like to be on the ballot. Was there anything else?"

Flash saw Twilight start to walk out and got up himself, "When is this dance?"

"Day after tomorrow," Celestia replied as she finally turned back to them before showing them out.

"Thank you. That's all we needed to know."

Celestia nodded at this. "Well, if you do need anything else, my door is always open." With that, she slammed the door shut, a little too forcefully in their opinion.

Flash saw this and commented, "Wow. She's not exactly like our Celestia, is she? Guess living in this world changed her personality a bit."

"Looks like it. Come on, let's go find a better place to talk." Twilight said as she began walking down the hall, Flash soon following.

As they did this, Spike pulled his head out of the bag. "Twilight, why didn't ya just tell her the crown was yours and ask for it back?"

"Oh, I was going to..." she let out a long moan, "But imagine if one of them showed up in Equestria saying they came from a place filled with tall, fleshy, two-legged creatures with these?" She held up her hands, proclaiming loudly. "We'd think they were crazy!"

Flash noticed a human that reminded him of a unicorn who lived in Canterlot staring at Twilight like she was the crazy one. He laughed nervously at him as Flash gave him a glare, making him quickly walk away. At the same time, Spike rubbed his new chin as he replied, "Hmm...you make a good point."

"Looks like if I want my crown back, I'll have to become the Princess of the Canterlot High Fall Formal." With that, she threw her arms into the air. "So that's what I'm gonna do!"

Both Flash and Spike raised an eyebrow at this, "and how exactly do you plan on doing that?"

"I have no idea!" Twilight replied happily, a look of horror hidden behind her smile.

Flash let out a long sigh at this. "This is either gonna lead to something very good...or apocalyptically bad."

Author's Note:

And so Flash and Twilight have arrived in the human world. Hope you like Flash's look, sorry I didn't use any entries. I just could not find one I could envision Flash in, though I did like the ripped jeans idea.