• Published 26th Jan 2018
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Beware My Power - Prince Lightning Charge

I should have listened to those rumors. But hey at least I have super powers now. So thats a plus......right?

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In Brightest Day

The closer I flew to the tower I could hear maniacal laughing. I flew in one of the back windows and tried to hide myself behind one of the pillars. I could't see them very well but it looked like they were all standing on two legs, which was weird but I assumed that it was just because of the angle I as at.. Luckily I could still hear them due to the high ceiling making an echo. Twilight was finishing up her speech so I knew that the rainbow lasers were coming soon.

"Yes I made it in time to see Nightmare Moon's defeat. Well more like hear her defeat." Never the less, I was excited as I saw the six lights flash as the elements reformed in to the necklaces and crown respectively. Though my excitement soon left me.

"NO, I REFUSE TO BE DEFEATED LIKE THIS!" There was no question who that booming voice belonged to. A pure white magic blast hit Twilight, the only reason I knew it was twilight was because a lavender blur flew past me and landed in-front of the door leading to the staircase.

"TWILIGHT!!!" The other five girls yelled in unison.

"Without the spark the other elements are useless, if I can not destroy the element itself, I will kill the one who wields it." As the other girls ran to protect their friend I hid behind the pillar a bit further, as to prevent changing anything. "Good you're all gathering in one place. I'll kill all of you at once." I could feel the malicious intent behind those words.

Every thing seemed to slow for a moment, I could see flashes of all the times I could have helped someone or at least tried to. Every time I ignored it, all because of one time I made it worse.

'How could I make this any worse' that was the sentence that ran though my head. I felt a incredible rush of adrenaline and let my instinct take over. I ran from my hiding spot and faced Nightmare Moon. But she didn't look like I expected, instead of pitch black horse with wings and a horn, she was a human with pale skin wearing black and dark blue armor with her cutie mark on the center of the breastplate, and a roman gladiator like helmet ...... who had black wings on her back and a unicorn horn protruding from her forehead.

"Who are you? And what is that power I feel?"

Unfortunately my adrenaline high disappeared as soon as it had appeared. "Um.. my name is ... Is .... Leonardo, a-a-and that power is the power of ..... of..... GOD." 'Smooth, Leo, smooth.' "I could s-s-snap my fingers and half the life in the..... universe would disappear." 'Great now I'm stealing things from movies!'

"Then do it." she said with stoic expression.

"W-what?" There was a audible gulp.

"Do it, make half of all life disappear."

I swallowed again. "A-a-are you sure you want me to do it? You could be in the half that disappears.

"Well, we won't know until you try, right? Her stoic expression turned into a confident smile."That is unless, you're bluffing." My face went pale, I was hoping that she would buy it for a little bit at least. "Now then, get out of my sight!" Her horn started to glow a dark blue and white energy gathered in her hand. She fired it like a laser and I threw up my hand with the ring on it and a glowing green translucent dome encased me. As the blast hit the dome it bounced off and hit the wall, creating a large hole.

The adrenaline high returned after that, and it brought a bit of arrogant confidence with it. "Ha, you can't touch me." All that did was enrage her. She poured more power into her next attack and instead of bouncing off it created a small crack in the dome. My face paled again. She then fired a continuous beam aiming for the crack. It soon started to spiderweb across the dome, with small holes forming letting in small amounts of the blast, they didn't hit me, but they were close, what did hurt though was the mental strain of trying to hold the dome together, and it hurt even more when it eventually shattered. I slid back a few feet, probably wearing down my sneakers a little. She fired again and the only thing i thought of doing was firing a beam back. We were locked in a beam struggle for a few seconds. i would have thought it was really cool, if the intersection point wasn't heading straight towards me.

"Dammit I need more power."

Say the oath

"Who said that? What oath? I never took a oath." Right now my mind was more focused on trying to keep her beam from blowing me to smithereens, so my mind was almost blank. "Wait, I remember now." I closed my eyes and focused on my will power.

"In brightest day," My ring started to glow more intensely. "In blackest night," I could feel my beam get larger and push hers back a little. "No evil shall escape my sight, Let those who worship evils might, beware my power, GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT." I felt and over whelming surge of power rush through my arm to where my ring was, I opened my eyes and there was a green tint to my vision. I saw that my beam was pushing hers back with almost no resistance, eventually launching her in to the wall. After that the beam made a u-turn and came for me.

"Shit." The green light hit me before I could say anything else.

Author's Note:

Here is a short little chapter, for you guys. I swear that the next one will be longer, I'll have a lot of free time for a while so it wont take another year to come out.

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Sooooo... Next super awesome chapter in 11 months?

oh no... the snap
(Avengers: Endgame time)

*insert doctor Frankenstein yelling out his famous line*

In brightest day,
In blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight,
For those who worships evils might,
Beware my power green lanterns light!

So... two years has gone by. Any update?

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