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Ben has lost everything. Why is he in equstria. He tried to get everything back.

Rated for mentions and descriptions of suicide attempt and language

Beginning inspired by incredible Muffin's story unlimited justice

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This story looks like it's going to be good

I remember that story :pinkiegasp:
:Reads the chapter: Interesting, I will follow this a see where it goes but one question. Is Ben driving his car or Kevin's cuse that was not(to my knowledge) said clearly?

7903077 your right, I never specified that did i? Opps:twilightblush: any ways, it was supossed to be his car.

7903281 in that case, what happened to Kevin's car this time?

Comment posted by CoffeeBean deleted Jan 29th, 2017

Please upload more chapters soon as u can I'll be waiting

I like it but I hope there’s more

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