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Viper Pit

im not the best writer but I'm proud of every story I make some more then others tho Also I would love to do crossover's they are so much fun

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"I tried... I desperately tried so many attempts to warn them or stray them away from the path.

I told them multiple times that this path was not safe but did they listen?

No, of course not or my warnings would have become common knowledge to travellers.

"If we cut through the straights by the old hippogriff kingdom, we will be back home with time to spare." The captain told me.

That's the thing with merchants. Always so greedy, impatient and impulsive when an opportunity has presented itself to them.

Every single time, I told them this path was not safe but was met with total ignorance and sometimes with verbal or even physical abuse.

As a consequence, there was not a single ship to be seen again after they took the path. The local fishermen never came this way for no living beings were swimming around the path and a few of the superstitious ones knew what horrors awaited.

I can still hear their faint horrified screams as she tears them and this ship apart, plank by plank and limb by limb. It is too late for me and this ship, but any creature reading this message heed my warning.

Turn back, turn back and DON'T even think of returning to this place again.

This path is not safe.

For those who do not believe the stories once you reach her rock, you will know True terror for you are now in Scylla's domain."

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Dally lives a simple life in the woods she sun bathes she eats sleeps and drinks like everypony else. So what happens when she finds a pony settlement and gets lost in it.

This is apart of the unpopular monster mare I hope you all enjoy

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Loreley never asked to be put in a high position of rulership as the Queen of the Dead... and yet here she is.

She never asked to possess the power to have complete control over the dead... yet here she received it.

Now over the years of quiet solitude and ruling over all the dead, she has grown distant and prideful for no friends exist for the Queen of Death and unfortunately, she hates immortals and those who fear and/or cheat death.

If things turn out differently, maybe she might feel some sort of wholeness in her empty void that she calls her heart.

Co author Lunar Flarion

Edit: Featured on September 18...... I have no words for my thanks

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A son makes a cup of coffee for his mom and their pet dog keeps trying to take it for himself. So to lighten the mood the mother tells a tale about another dog that drinks coffee.

This is based off a real conversation I had with my own mother so I thought I would share it with you

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Viper pit is a Scorpony a tiny quadruped earth pony with a scorpion tail.(drapion to be more accurately) and she has reached the age where she will leave her pack and go to make a new one. On her journey she will make friends foalnap potential mates and so much more.

Cover art by moonlightmare 10/10 would recommend

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Trixie is a centaur. Her mother is a human and her father a unicorn. She loves her mother and her father. She was inspired by her mother's tales about her own adventures to become a show pony. Let's hope her first stop in Ponyville will be a good sign. This is her story going on her way to Travel as a Showmare. Along the way, she will make friend and foe alike. Come watch as the great and powerful Trixie shows the world what she's got assuming she gets a chance to do so.

I don't own the image. it belongs to Misochikin please support them

Edit: featured on october first well it was featured before but it went away after like 5 minutes

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A little filly by the name of Sweet Treats retells the story of how she met her two new "friends" and the wonderful day they had. However, there is a catch; she's passed away and she doesn't know how to move on.

Will Diamond and Silver help their new friend with their reformed ways and the magic of friendship that a certain purple alicorn and her friends have taught them?


But Sweet Treats is going to cause some harmless and spooky mischief on her new friends first.

this was written in collaberation with NightwatchTheRouge as the co-auther

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Rumble's daughter comes home one day and asks where her mother is. So Rumble decides to cheer her up with the story of how he met her mother. Well not really he just tells her about how they got married and had her leaving out some details not suited for her young ears.

inspired by Little mare Big family

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a strange creature appears in Sweet Apple Acres one day and starts a panic after casting what appears to be a spell that cause ponies to see hear things that aren't there with more to come unless they can catch it before it causes any harm but Fluttershy seems to have doubts about this creature intent to harm anypony

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