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Viper Pit

im not the best writer but I'm proud of every story I make some more then others tho Also I would love to do crossover's they are so much fun


Dally lives a simple life in the woods she sun bathes she eats sleeps and drinks like everypony else. So what happens when she finds a pony settlement and gets lost in it.

This is apart of the unpopular monster mare I hope you all enjoy

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For a guy that is 'named' bookworm, he is an idiot

You called ?

That was sad but intriguing. Is there going to be a sequel?

Great story, keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Damn, another one of my brethren is dead.

But the young still live

I suppose, but still sucks to see one of us die, especially since we are endangered.

To be fair she was old

Yea true, *insert number of years here* years older than me. (Even though I forgot her age.)

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