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Elara was a normal girl, had a normal life with a normal dead-end job. After coming home from being fired from her dead-end job, a sudden tear in her reality pulls her into the world that she only saw on a computer screen... Equestria, but not normal Equestria, all the characters are gender-swapped. The colts have no idea how she got there and no idea on how to send her home. So it looks like her life may not be so normal for a while, but will she be in Equestria forever and if so will she be able to find her place among the ponies or be shunned and be an outcast for the rest of her life?

This idea had been brewing for awhile and I don't usually do this kind of thing either, but seems I'm breaking a lot of barriers here, so here it is!

TEEN for language, light sex, and light violence.

Also some categories that the thing won't show: Slice of Life, your basic MLP episodes pretty much, except continuity. :P

Entire piece edited by mattstheman, who is a wonderful person and editor, but don't overwork him too much... he's mine!

(Fully edited!)

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ooo now this is new and more ORIGINAL!!!!! Finally I found a story like this!!!!!! I mean I would have done it but my story writing is crap!!! Now I wish best of luck to thou mortal and wish this story gets popular if thou wish it to be!!!

if you look at the main page of R63 you you'd see that iv'e already proposed this idea

4951142 Forgive me, I didn't actually see it before. But now that I have, I apologize for the supposed plagiarism. I do believe that my idea is a little different from yours however, since my character's world is like our world where MLP is still meant for little girls and the ponies aren't anthro, neither is there more than one human girl in Equestria. Again I apologize for the misunderstanding between us and please believe me when I say that I haven't seen your comment until you told me about it now. But again I am sorry.

4951253 don't worry about it i'm just glad that someone finally did something like this for so long so keep it up.

P.S. i'm suing

4953225 Lol. Is that even possible with fanfiction?:rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

Comment posted by Lord Solaris deleted Sep 4th, 2014

You have peaked my interest, I"m favoriting this story. Hope to see more good work from you in the future.

4954593 Why thank you good... erm, sir?

4955298 Yes, we have a Y chromosome up in here.

oh boy..... this type of celestia/Solaris..... great....

Love IT!!!!!!!
Artemis needs to get that stick out of his ass though.

Needs more..........Chaos!!!
bring in Eris!!!!!!

5206931 Don't worry she'll come up soon enough.:raritywink::twilightsmile:

just wondering on which type of celestia/Solaris your gonna use.
I already see the bitchy/controlling one.

5207053 I'm going to try and balance it out. In the face of a stranger, a different species no less it would stand to reason that Solaris would be very no nonsense, but I'm planning on having him get softer after getting to know Elara.:twilightsmile:

Well, who gets the human first?

If I wasn't mature, I would comment on that...

R63 HiEs are rare so I'm interested.

5206935 YAY!!!!

I'll be waiting with my Chocolate milk of glass!!!

you got the names right:heart:
Artemis x Human interesting
I also better see Butterscotch x Eris or I will find you:pinkiecrazy:

5210254 Oh don't worry I ship DiscordxFluttershy/ErisxButterscotch so hard I own all the ports on this side of Lake Superior!

5210270 wait superior Minnesota right or are you on the other sides

5212838 At first I was gonna say great chapter, but then I saw your avatar and I was like...

5216108 Gotta problem with Fluttercord?:trixieshiftright:

5216169 No. Hnnng is a medical condition that occurs when your brain cannot comprehend the amount of cuteness it is taking in at one point. Because I both like Fluttercord and because your icon is adorable I contracted hnnng. Does that explain it?

5216295 Lol. Yes. Sorry, I couldn't tell if that was a sound of disgust or approval. Lol.:twilightblush: But yes... 'tis adorbable!:twilightsmile:

Still a boutique. Just because things are gender swapped doesn't mean things are too different. Elusive and Butterscotch still go to the spa and such. Liking the story a lot and am liking the development of the stallions. Just please remember, they are stallions, not colts. Just as the girls are not fillies anymore but mares.

6591928 Yes it is. I'm sorry that this chapter took so long, life and all.:fluttershyouch:

Cool story can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

I'm hesitant about reading this.
Given that it's been half a year since last update :S
I so want to read it though!!!

Please tell me you're still gonna update?

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