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This story is a sequel to Cinematic Adventures: Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Cinematic Adventures: Season Two Premiere.

It has been a full year since the events of the last adventure and so far, all has been quiet in the land of Equestria. Life has pretty much returned to normal for the Mane Six and Spike, or at least as normal as it could possibly be. When the group receives an invitation from Mystery Inc to attend the grand opening of the brand new Coolsonium Criminology Museum, they along with Shining Armor, Cadance, and Flurry Heart are all too happy to attend. However, things take a rather spooky turn when all of the costumes of the monsters they've unmasked in the past become all too real.

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For those who were utterly concerned that everyone was going to wait for months before Season 2 can commence, we can assure to all the C.A. fans who've been with us that this would not be the case. With a whole line-up we've got planned for months to come, and after a rather exciting trilogy we've put you through, it seemed only fair that we ease everyone into the new season as we proceed with a sequel to one of the funniest crossovers we ever put together.

Just as Twilight and her friends try to return to a sense of normalcy, despite not 'every' pony being around to enjoy it, fate puts them on an unexpected roller-coaster ride. From the appearance of a mysterious creature completely new to Equestria and an invitation from old friends beckoning them to return, our heroes don't need to wait long for a new adventure to take place. That's right C.A. fans, the Equestrian Heroes (And guests) will soon reunite with Mystery Inc. for the grand opening of a museum dedicated in their honor.

But little do they know... the fun's only just begun.

man flurry is definitely excited to see scooby again ^^

Mirando hacia el poderoso Everfree, los ojos de Fluttershy se abrieron en pánico cuando notó una figura oscura agachada sobre una de las ramas de los árboles oscuros. La criatura parecía ser negra como la noche y medía al menos dos metros de altura cuando estaba de pie. Tenía brazos largos, piernas largas y dos alas enormes que se doblaban alrededor de su forma mientras la miraba. Y lo que 'realmente' la cautivó más fueron los brillantes ojos rojos que la miraban directamente.


Estaban tan rojos que ni siquiera parecía posible. Cuando sus ojos se encontraron, se pensó que esta criatura tenía agarrado al tímido Pegaso. No importa cuánto quisiera, simplemente no podía apartar los ojos de lo que fuera. Quería entender lo que estaba mirando, quería que tuviera sentido. ¿Qué podría tener los ojos rojos de esa manera, especialmente durante el día?

Luego, la criatura se puso de pie en toda su altura sobre la rama, extendiendo sus alas en toda su longitud. Tenía que tener fácilmente una envergadura de diez pies, dado lo grandes que eran las alas y la criatura en sí. La criatura emitió una última pantalla ensordecedora antes de volar hacia la oscuridad del bosque tan rápido que si ella parpadeara, se la habría perdido.

Cuando la criatura finalmente se fue, Fluttershy finalmente soltó un suspiro que ni siquiera se dio cuenta de que había estado aguantando por mucho tiempo. Incapaz de hablar, incapaz de gritar, simplemente salió disparada en dirección al castillo de la amistad para ver al único pony que posiblemente podría saber qué hacer en un momento como este.

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!!!????:twilightoops:

Before I read: ITS HERE! :pinkiehappy:

Standing before her was her brother Shining Armor, her sister-in-law Cadence, and of course, her little niece Flurry Heart. Although Flurry wasn’t quite so little anymore, seeing she was now grown up. Albeit just a little younger than the Cutie Mark Crusaders used to be.


She’s still so adorable!

“How about you two?” She asked. “Any progress on making me another little niece or nephew to love?”

Shining actually spat out the drink he’d been sipping on when he heard that, while Cadence blushed an even deeper shade of pink than she already was. This caused both Twilight and Flurry to chortle so hard.

“Just kidding you guys!” Twilight laughed. “Oh man! That spit-take was priceless, Shiny!”

:rainbowlaugh: classic spit take

The Moth Man… that’s never a good sign…

“Yeah, it was pretty epic, wasn’t it?” Shining laughed. “Though nothing as epic as what you and your friends go through lately, that says a lot coming from your big brother. Especially with that rather ‘handsome’ stud, Storm Shield…”

:heart:😏 my my the tables turn to you now Twi

Shining sent a playful glare her way, as the cyan Pegasus chuckled silently to herself. Twilight flipped the switch on the machine and the giant crystal portal opened up. Everyone stood side-by-side, as they slowly entered through the portal and back across the dimensions. If only they had taken notice, however, of a pair of red glowing eyes watching from the shadows.

Oh no

Wow you guys work fast. But all and all, AWESOME POSSUM!!! I can't wait to see how their adventures turn out this season.

That’s the creature Fluttershy saw, it’s a famous cryptid. It’s appearance often preludes a great disaster.

I mean who he really is in the world of cinema.

I just told you, it’s not really a cinema thing. Though a movie was made regarding it’s most famous sighting.


I understand... But that means...


Season Two is BEGIN!!!!!

This has taken me by surprise. I thought you might want to have some time off to yourself after finishing the first season. But as they say in my land, "the good that comes soon, comes twice as good."

What seems to be a quiet morning for our shy pegasus turns into a terrifying situation when she receives an unexpected visit from a creepy creature that gives off an evil and demonic aura. Very good monster, it reminds me a bit of Kuro from the video game "Ori and The Blind Forest", although much more sinister. Is it the same one that appeared at the end of Star Wars: Episode VI?

Moving on to Twilight, it seems she's still a bit sad (and hurt?) that Sunset chose to stay in the Star Wars' world. Luckily, her family comes to spend time with her to cheer her up (Flurry Heart design is so adorable :heart:), which is interrupted by Fluttershy, who tries to tell them what she has seen. But she doesn't have time to talk either, as they get a message from an old group of friends: The Mystery Inc. gang! The detectives and their talking dog invite the ponies who helped them in the case in which the group members restored their old dissolved friendship to the opening of a museum of criminology (perhaps to show them other cases solved during the time when ponies were on other worlds). And this time, not only Spike will be present, but also Shinning Armor and Cadence.

But it seems that there is someone else who wants to go to this world... and not with good intentions.

I think that the creature that Fluttershy saw and that we saw not only in the finale of the first season of Cinematic Adventures, but also after defeating Jabba and flying off Tatooine in Return of the Jedi is a Son from Star Wars. Just logically speaking, he appeared during the adventures in Star Wars. So my theory is that this creature is a Son, the embodiment of the Dark Side of the Force, who was able to survive unlike his Father. And if this is true, then our heroines have problems and a new enemy.

Yes yes yes, so excited, we’re in for one wild ride😆

A year after the events of their last adventure through the multiverse, the Mane Six and Spike are back again for another adventure.

Yes. And a year since I was kidnapped by the Riddler and recovered by the trauma...and I've married to Rain Shine, and retired from the Cinematic Adventure commentary business...Just kidding!

Meanwhile, over in the EqG-verse...the Rainbooms and friends had gotten over Sunset Shimmer leaving town (after she came back to say good-bye to them, personally, taking some of her old stuff, and her beloved pet gecko, Ray, along for the trip). In the meantime, they've made some new friends of their own! See the Equestria Girls: It's Showtime.

Well you may not be finished with the commentaries but seriously when are you going to marry Rain Shine. I mean we can all see the way you two are together

Need any Wedding Singers for the event? I do a 'mean' Journey rendition.

Okay… maybe she can be a bit nitpicky at times.

Nothing wrong with wanting your yard looking good. I for one take great pride in that.

Yeah right. I’ve been to your house; all I see is crab grass and weeds everywhere.

Discord: "Yo, narrators! Knock it off! You're making the intro too long!"

Moving on!



Carefully putting it aside, Spike kept digging until… he uncovered an open music box with a portrait of Twilight & Sunset, playing that same song they sung in their last adventure. The group turned toward Twilight with an incredulous stare.

Ok that funny.... And sad at the same time

“Oh yeah… well, today he decided to spend a little time with his mom, Celestia. They’ve been meaning to have some mother-son bonding time and it’s been a little tough to manage. We all could pretty much use a day to just spend time together and relax…”

Speaking of whom...

Princess Luna and Anakin Skywalker (his ghost to say the least) are on a camping trip...with Rarity. Both catching up on old times, roasting corns, and making delicious s'mores with gelatin free marshmallows. Oh! And hayburgers...

Princess Luna: "Mmmm-mmm! Smells ready. Want some?" (Anakin just gave her a deadpan expression, to which Luna realized her mistake) "Oh. Right. Sorry."

Rarity: "Bleck! I'm never going to get used to all this...nature..."

Nevertheless, the trio carried on with their camping trip.

Luna should have known that he was a ghost now.

It's off to a good start, and glad Twilight has a way to keep in contact with Mystery Inc

Turning toward Twilight’s saddlebag, which was right beside the alicorn princess herself. Spike leaned his head against the saddlebag, hearing for the source. Before any pony can reply, Spike clicked open the bag and proceeded to dig through Twilight’s bag. The first things he removed were a bunch of random parchments and quills… like Twilight can’t carry enough.

And you guys say Big Mac overpacks? Or Applejack hoards a lot of rubbish? That's right....I've seen Pony Life.

Carefully putting it aside, Spike kept digging until… he uncovered an open music box with a portrait of Twilight & Sunset, playing that same song they sung in their last adventure. The group turned toward Twilight with an incredulous stare.

“What? It’s a catchy song!” Twilight defended, sheepishly.

That's okay, Twilight. I know a security guard who's a closet fan of Spider–Man.

Security Guard: "Hey. He's got a nice voice."

Finally, after a moment or two of digging, Spike finally found what he was looking for. An old walkie-talkie that had been sitting at the bottom of Twilight’s bag. And by the sound of it, someone was trying to patch through.

“Hey look Twi!” Spike pointed out. “Isn’t this that same walkie-talkie thing that those mystery sleuths gave you a while ago?”

“Omigosh!” Twilight gasped. “The Mystery Inc. gang!”

“You mean like Scooby’s friends?!” Flurry’s eyes widened.

“They must be trying to call us!” Twilight observed. “Lemme just see if I can adjust the setting a bit…”

Though a slight unfamiliar with this form of technically, Twilight worked her magic trying to figure this device out. Until eventually she was able to channel a frequency and a voice was partly able to get through.

Not too far away, a certain mischievous draconequus was poking his head, over the newspaper. Sitting next to him is Starlight Glimmer, who just wants to enjoy a meal.

Comment posted by Phantom-Dragon deleted Nov 2nd, 2021


seriously when are you going to marry Rain Shine. I mean we can all see the way you two are together

Marry her?! You can’t just walk up to a lady, hand her a bouquet and just say, “Hey remember me! I’m the crazy commentator guy everyone kept mistaking for a doctor. Will you marry me?”

It just isn’t done that way.

Well not when you put it 'that' way it won't happen. It's got to be natural. It must come from your very heart.

You make a good point. But I’ll need a perfect setting, and a ring to propose her with.

“Who should I send the word out to first?” Spike smiled.


  1. Rarity

    Rarity was recovering from the INTENSIVE OVERDRAMATIC experience she, Princess Luna, and by extent, Anakin, has had in their latest camping trip.

    Anakin Skywalker: (Skeptic) "All that for a cake?"

    Princess Luna: (Rolls her eyes) "Oh-ho-ho. Like you were any better?"

    Storm Shield: (Shrugs) "I tried to talk mom out of it..."

    Princess Celestia: (Whining and weeping) "I was hungry~"

    Rarity: "Ugh! I feel like I'm surrounded by children." (The campfire turns green and a letter came out)

    Sweetie Belle: "Ooh! Look Rarity! You've got mail!"

    Rarity: "A letter? From Spikey-Wikey?!" (Eagerly opens up the letter) "It's been over a year!"

    Erik: "What does it say, dearest?"

  2. Rainbow Dash and Applejack

    Rainbow Dash was putting on a private dance show, for her girlfriend, Applejack, in the private storage for Sweet Apple Acre's Zap Apple Jams...all the while dressed in a saucy, revealing, familiar dancing attire from the previous adventure. Not exactly saucy, nor revealing, by human standards, but saucy and familiar, by pony standards nonetheless.

    All was going well, when suddenly, a burst of green fire interrupted the show and startled Rainbow Dash to fall onto the floor. Thankfully, Applejack caught her, bridal style.

  3. Pinkie Pie

    Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich were trying to feed Lil'Cheese porridge, but the baby boy wouldn't have any of it.

    Pinkie Pie: "Here comes the choo-choo–OOOH!!!" (Her pinkie senses went haywire, as well as Cheese and Lil'Cheese)

    Cheese Sandwich: "H-H-H-H-H-Hey, w-w-wh-wh-wh-wh-what's g-g-g-g-going o-o-o-o-o-o-on?!!"

    Lil'Cheese: "WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

    Pinkie Pie: "Oh! Spike's mail is here!"

    And so, Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich got together and danced for Lil'Cheese's excitement.

    Here's the mail that never fails
    It makes us wanna wag our tails
    When it comes, we want to wail, MAIL!!!!!

Twilight flipped the switch on the machine and the giant crystal portal opened up. Everyone stood side-by-side, as they slowly entered through the portal and back across the dimensions. If only they had taken notice, however, of a pair of red glowing eyes watching from the shadows.

Discord: "That's my cue to re-open my movie theater again! Hit it boys."

Equestria Girls/Present G4/Future G5

Looney Tunes – This is It

Oh yeah, I'm going to enjoy this.

I wonder how the ponies would react to Jonathan Jacobo's, AKA the Pterodactyl Ghost movie version, decision to dressed up as a girl.

Oh boy already I have an idea for older Flurry Heart I was thinking her voice actor should be the one who voiced Mabel Pines and as for Storm Shield throughout the adventures he's been in I always thought his voice actor could be the same one who voiced Stanford Pines

Season two begins with a frightful opening!!!
who knows what will happen next….

We'd prefer a much 'younger' actor to be Storm Shield. Just because he's a thousand years old does not mean we want him acting like an old man. Or in his case... an old horse.

Comment posted by Fiction97 deleted Nov 2nd, 2021

Amazing!! Can't wait to see what will happen next!

Then how about Dipper Pines voice actor I like him

Oh, man. Here we go. SCOOBY-DOOBY-DOO!!

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