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This story is a sequel to Cinematic Adventures: Scooby Doo

The Mane Six are off on a whole new adventure this time around. This time they find themselves helping a poor little boy named Charlie Bucket realize his dream of finding a golden ticket and exploring an infamous chocolate factory. It is sure to be an adventure into a world of pure imagination full of many wonderful and sweet surprises.

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(sees the synopsis)

Well, it at least sounds better than when Tom and Jerry did it...

i'm loving the chapter so far

If there's one thing this chapter has taught us: Just because the world they are about to embark on doesn't have any problems to solve, does not mean there's not one in Equestria that needs a resolution. Now many folks would be asking, 'Why would Diamond Tiara risk putting Sugar Cube Corner, the most popular bakery in town, in severe jeopardy?' True, it seemed like she reformed after it turned out she only acts the way she does because her mom is so tough and that had forgotten what kind of pony she wants to be, thus the CMC were able to help her with her own issues (Ironically she's the reason the CMC got their marks). But if what is said is true and Diamond Tiara's unsatisfying visit could put the shop in jeopardy, considering it's the one home Pinkie has ever had and unless any of her friends would let her stay at their homes (Although she probably couldn't live in Cloudsdale), then she would have to move. Hence comes the story in which they are about to embark on a world where they hope to find a recipe that is sure to impress ponies so much, business is sure to boost.

And of course, they aren't going alone, as not only is Spike going to join the girls but also Cheese Sandwich. Now if we know anything, Cheese and Pinkie are pretty much equal when it comes to their love for parties and having fun. We've seen tons of projects where the two are often together, having done a few episodes together, and as the future shows they are destined to be married and have a son who shares their same quirky nature. But before we even get to that, seeing Pinkie in the most distress she's ever been, Cheese Sandwich is determined to help even if he doesn't know what he got himself into going through the vortex. But if there's a solution to make sure Pinkie Pie can stay in Ponyville, he's not giving up until he finds the means to do so.

I can only imagine how the rest of the story turns out from here on out and what our pony friends will encounter next.

Oh, we vow to make it a REAL improvement from the 'Tom and Jerry' movie. Granted, I heard how bad that movie was but I never actually seen it... But that's beside the point.

More like loving the 'story' so far. But this chapter is a promising start for what there is to offer for all our fans. We just need to determine where to go from here.

Oh yes, that's exactly what Pinkie Pie is going to get when she and her friends somehow gets into the factory. Hopefully she finds the recipe needed to save the Cakes' shop before she eats them all.

You know, I always wondered about her relationship with the Cakes, overall. I always imagined they might be related to the Pies and that the Cakes are the few ponies Pinkie trusts to stay in town with, hence how she makes herself at home. OR... Maybe they like the fact she likes their desserts, inviting them to stay at their house since she has no place else to go but on the condition that she helps around to pay the rent.

And so the ‘sweetest’ adventure begins! It gets out of the mold and into the stores!

I’ve seen the Tom & Jerry version. It’s not that bad, just a few new songs and remakes of known songs and some changes but I will say this. Mr. Salt grown some backbone to discipline Veruca

A backbone for Mr. Salt, huh? Hmm... Our production team shall keep that in mind.

Check out the website Kimcartoon or Kisscartoon. Those are my sources that’s free

I have no time to trifle with such things now. We're busy getting some production in order and I won't risk using a site that could otherwise clutter the system with viruses. I learned long ago never to use 'any' streaming service other than the 'legal' ones, like Netflix, Disney+ and... Such and such.

Sometimes people can be picky

Maybe so. Heck, someone's already disliked this story for seemingly no rational explanation at all. I don't know if it's because they aren't fans of this rendition, they didn't like how the opening was put together, that once again Diamond Tiara is made to serve an antagonistic role, they didn't even say if it's because we're pushing the 'Pink Cheese' ship (Whereas I've seen some fans put him & Maud Pie together, for some reason). But maybe it's as you said, either they are just being 'picky'... Or ultimately, they 'really' don't know any better.

And so it begins. I can't wait to see how the group handles this world and learn about the greatest Candy Maker there is.

That is sure to be quite an adventure indeed. Hopefully the people in this realm don't mind so much of the fact that they'll be in the presence of talking ponies and a Dragon. It's going to have to depend how that goes. And meeting Willy Wonka during this story, that is sure to be a pleasant greeting even if he is a little eccentric.

The shop has had no costumers for days! Yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Hey, that's a Laurel and Hardy joke. :pinkiehappy:

I was hoping somebody would catch that. That line was partly inspired for when the two tagged along with their master, who was thought to be too sick to join the military. Turns out he was actually fit and healthy to join, but they still chose to tag along not to train to serve the country but just to make sure he comes home in one piece. Back to this line, it came from the breakfast scene when Stan went through all the trouble setting up a big breakfast for himself and Oliver, they were in the midst of trying to convince their master to have some pill with 'spirits of spinach' or something, only to realize two blokes stole their breakfast.

Maybe not one of the most well known 'Laurel and Hardy' projects of all time, but it's one of the few movies I actually own.

I hope Dianond Tiara, if she is the culprit, receives some karma.

Something is bound to end with this story, this we know for sure. Who knows why Diamond Tiara would suddenly be stirring trouble? But if anything, imagine if she was still an antagonist had it not been decided to have 'Cozy Glow' take her place, if that were to be the case at least she'd make more appearances on the show. But I have a gut feeling going in that perhaps there's more to what's going on than merely just complaints about the lack of variety in the Cakes' bakery.

Still, nothing is set in stone until we dive through the rest of this tale.

That would be 'Great Guns' from the time they worked for 20th Century Fox. But the gag was also used in 'One Good Turn' where they were homeless and jobless. They later asked an old woman if they could have some food while they worked for her in return. Then, of course, the boys tried to raise money for the woman to keep her from being thrown into the streets, but that turned out to be a mishap. For the woman was rehearsing a small play with a fellow actor. Nonetheless, Stan beated his pal very hard for being falsely accused from stealing the woman's money.

Ah, great and hilarious short.

Can I be honest? I like the Tom and Jerry version in light of its flaws. But the original version is still the classic.

And here we go! The Mane Six and Spike (Thank Celestia!) are off to the world of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! This time, with Cheese Sandwich at their side!

Continue on! Too bad the Cutie Mark Crusaders aren't in this.

Crusaders: Awwww...

Apple Bloom: Oh, well. Let's watch them!

Sweetie: Yeah, it'll be fun!

Scootaloo: Let's get snacks for watching the film!

(The Cutie Mark Crusaders then zipped off.)

That's okay. As long as you're not one of those types who argue that it's some 'Picasso' or anything, but rather addressing the opinion that to you it holds a place in your heart. In which case, I'm okay with your words.

Maybe next time we'll find a special story for the CMC. But for now, this project was planned from Day One when concept work went into production.

I'm just glad you did the Gene Wilder version and not the Johnny Depp version.

Cheese going in this adventure!?

Hey! I love the Johnny Depp version as much as the classic!

Well they both have their differences and ways to get an audience. But I grew up loving the Wilder version more than the Depp version. For me, it's just another dark Tim Burton movie.

That's right. Wait till you see all the wacky shenanigans he has to offer in this story.

you got to feel bad for charlie

Seems first impressions have definitely gone smoothly for our pony troupe and a particularly special guest. This way they get an idea as to what kind of boy Charlie Bucket is and even though it would've been easy for him to simply take the money and buy some treats, I respect a person who doesn't just take a handout (Especially out of pity). That he believes in the value of hard work, to do what he feels to not only set a good example for his family but for himself. To think, this one fateful meeting is bound to lead to great things to come during their time in this country (Which I'm not sure where they are, but it could be somewhere in England despite being filmed in Munich among other European locales).

Still and all, a fine start to what is sure to be a promising venture in this movie and despite the criticism of incorporating musical numbers in this feature there's a reason why 'The Candy Man' has grown to be one of the most popular tunes in music. One that was featured predominantly in 'Kidsongs' as well as used as the basis for an 'M&M's commercial.

Oh sure, who wouldn't feel bad for the wee tike? A poor lad who's pretty much the very definition of 'ordinary'. He's not the fastest thing alive, he doesn't have the strength of ten regular men, and he's not some child prodigy who's smart enough to skip grade school. Nope, this boy is merely the son of a family who are neither very wealthy, powerful, or even well-connected with high associates. So dirt poor, this family barely has enough to eat aside from 'Cabbage Water'. Heck, in this version, the father had passed away whereas in the remake he was once the worker of a 'toothpaste' factory but was laid off for modern conveniences.

Still, as both films implied, Charlie Bucket is destined to be the 'luckiest boy in the world'... Even if he doesn't know it or doesn't believe himself to be anyone special.

I know a pure hearted boy like that who works hard everyday, imagines even harder and puts others before himself who's down on his luck that's a person we all wish we could be

Yet we forget, even for the wealthiest of kids, we forget that's how we all start out. Poor children, perhaps not in the 'literal' term, who are unsure about what they want in life and want to feel we can make a difference in our own right. But as we see in comparison to four other children, who appear to have it better than Charlie Bucket, it's easy to see the kind of children we truly ought to be versus how the world transformed our own children, making them out to be horrid as they could be when they get older (Especially if left unchecked).

Beautiful friendship is born!
Those classic songs are always the best.

Awww, how nice. Let's see the Wonka gate part and see the girls get creeped out. Oooooh!

Wow I haven't thought of it like that

Oh yes. We certainly don't get a ton of songs like this nowadays.

If we're talking about the part where they first see the factory and that random tinker guy, don't worry I'm sure we didn't forget. We're probably just saving it up for the next chapter. After all, I'm sure they still have a long ways to go before getting to Charlie's house.

Frankly, nobody ever has. We try so hard to try to not be like our parents at times, but a part of them thrives deep within us especially during one's upbringing.

I wish Pinkie Pie were real: she could give hope to all the Charlie Bucket's out there.

A kid who works himself to exhaustion, but never forgets to put his family first, is worthy of an Element.

If not the literal character itself, any person can learn from Pinkie Pie (At least aside from doing all the randomness she does). For when we look at Pinkie Pie as a character and exclude the cartoon shenanigans, she's the kind of pony who offers a warm welcome greeting even if she's never met you. Always going above and beyond to make someone feel included, that person who tries to make a sad person's life better even when it seems they'd rather be alone. There's much we can learn from Pinkie Pie, not that anyone 'can' be this character but there's always that moment when we make the effort to try.


She's definitely someone who Charlie needs: a big sister type who can look out for him.

As it seems, she appears to be the pony who 'can' help Charlie out of this little pickle he's in. And perhaps Charlie might be responsible for how he can help 'her' out. After all, the major reason they came to this world in the first place is to find a means of saving Sugar Cube Corner from going out of business. And considering this town is famous for Wonka's famous Chocolate Factory, that could be the key to solving both their problems.


Charlie will most likely use his golden ticket to get Pinkie Pie into the chocolate factory.

Too bad the ticket specifies Charlie can only bring a member of his 'biological' family and no one else. We're still trying to figure out how the ponies and Spike will get into the factory. But I'm sure there's a loophole... Just haven't figured it out yet.

A awesome first encounter, and I can't wait for them to meet the grandparents and Mrs. Bucket. Plus imagine how they'll feel when they hear about the legendary candy man himself

I like this, but now I have ‘The Candy Man’ song stuck in my head for a while.

I do believe it would make for a rather pleasant greeting to meet Charlie's family, considering that they are rather friendly. And given at this point they've been hearing about Wonka from listening to Mr. Bill talking to the children, the candies sold in that shop, and even seeing the factory as well as why no one 'goes in or out', surely they'd want to know about this Mr. Wonka and why he's so mysterious.

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