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Just a guy who found out that a show about talking ponies is a lot better than I expected.


This story is a sequel to From the Ashes

Twilight Sparkle and the others are friends with Earth's Mightiest Heroes! How cool is that?! Following their victory, the heroes of two worlds keep in touch, visiting each other, working on projects together, and doing all the things that friends do. These are their stories.

(Have an idea for a chapter? Submit it in the comments, and it will be considered)

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Who did the cover art? Christian Chandler?

and we be-gene a new adventure and it is looking really good.

I have 2 ideas for this story. Bucky talking more with Luna and the other one Spike in Wakanda with the Black Panther.

This meets with approval.

I approve of your profile picture.

It's just such a random reference.

a awesome chapter this feels to be vary real.
the way you are playing this just works so good.

And ponies are still better than humans at relationships. In other news, the sun rose this morning.

This story is really great! I do have one small nitpick, though:

hooves-er, hands-caused

I notice you do this a lot in your writing. The thing is, hyphens should never be used to split a sentence that way. Hyphens are only for two-or-more-word combinations (like that one). If you want to split up your sentence, what you want is an en dash or em dash--which are much longer than just a hyphen--but I think it's easier to just use two hyphens together. Every time I see you use only one, it confuses me for a split second, because it feels like you're combining the words it's between into one word, when what you actually want to do is space them out.

Like I said, though, that's just a minor formatting nitpick. Your stories are awesome!

Good to know. I was gonna go back and try to fix the grammatical errors in both stories.

I saw a few others, and if you'd like I can go back through and point them all out, but that one was the only one that really detracted from the story for me.

What would it be like, suddenly walking with all four limbs, and growing a new one (or more, depending on the type of pony)?

Are we counting the tail as a limb?

I mean, it does sometimes seem prehensile in the show, but it's made out of hair, so...

a totally amassing chapter.

some how i can see Tony as a young Pegasus kind of like Rumble or Featherweight.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to sleep again!

You don't need to sleep anyway, Discord.

This was fun.


This is just like how I imaged this conversation between Peter, Tony and Aunt May going after Spiderman: Homecoming(minus Pinkie popping out of Tony's briefcase of course:pinkiehappy: ).

"What do you think, Sherlock Holmes?"


This was a cute chapter! It's nice to see the aftermath of Aunt May learning about Peter being Spiderman.

just go with it Tony it's Pinkie.
a grate chapter and some how i see May getting drug to Equestria before to long.

I think something like this will happend in the sequel. Yeah I want to see aunt May in equestria.

Hopefully they get to reunite with Loki again.

grate chapter i wonderful look back at how everyone / pone met.

Nice characterization for the royal family before the events of the first Thor!

If the events of Black Panther have not happen yet, could it be possible to have Killmonger recruited by Ross as part of a counter team to the reunited Avengers. I just can not stop thinking about Ross building his own team of enhanced soldiers to fight the Avengers when the news of the team getting back together again.

sweet chapter i totally love it.

Should of listened to Pinkie Twi.

hum kind of sounds like madam web.

I see Celestia and Fury becoming vary close friends.
i can even see Fury retiring to Equestria some day.

Can you make a chapter of Bruce Banner pleases

I really loved the interaction with Spike and T'Challa in the last story, I'd love to see more

Awesome!! Can you make the next chapter about Bruce Banner and Fluttershy

This is a very good one-shot. I loved it very much.

aww whats wrong Agent Ross? mentle over load?

>Scarlet Witch sympathizing about alternate timeline causing

Huh. I never even thought of that.

Was that from my little pony the movie

I wonder if it some point if Sunset Shimmer will meet the Avengers?

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