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Just a guy who found out that a show about talking ponies is a lot better than I expected.


This story is a sequel to Over There

Swift Wing has moved on from Ponyville, leaving in an attempt to find a reason to exist. He has settled down in the city of Cloudsdale, and now searches for a Cutie Mark, friends, and a place in Equestria.

Cover Art once again created by Nixworld.

First featured 01/25/21

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Ayyy there it is!

Quick question, whats up with the wings in the cover arts?

The ones with the first one liiked kinda like sticks with feathers drawn on, kinda like they were an afterthought, this one kinda looked off to me as well until I took a closer look and realized that I was basing my views of it off of the art from the previous one. Sorry for judging, this one looks fine.

Nice to see there will be more of this. Looking forward for the next chapter.

I'll be frank: I felt pretty let down by the last one's ending. It could just be a matter of taste, but it just didn't sit well with me.

But I liked how it was written up until the ending, so I'll keep an eye on this one and see if maybe the overall arc goes uphill from here.

a grate first chapter to what i am sure is going to be a amazing sequel.

Interesting! I'm looking forward to where this goes.

I hope these sessions work out. Don't wanna see such a good pony wasted.

this is vary interesting how this story is planing out.

I was happy to see this and if I were swift I would say no. He making progress dealing with the main six would be a bit much for him right now their intense.

Swift covered his mouth with one hoof to hide his chuckle. After all, it wouldn't do for Gentle to find out he came from a world where the weather wasn't manufactured.

That laughter is progression for it happened at the end of the chapter!

what is this do i see a friendship starting?

I see the seeds of friendship!

I had a similar experience in school, and sometimes we don't have to make an effort to be friends with a particular person, we just get friendships like this.

This was nice.

That was an exciting chapter. I always like seeing episodes from random character's point of view instead of the mane 6. I do hope that he starts to get along with them though. It'd certainly make for a happy ending.

Very good! I enjoyed this chapter very much!

a amazing chapter this is writing perfectly.


This is good. Also, I like he is actually seeking professional help for his issues, makes sense and it is always nice when the main character does logical actions instead of handling the idiot ball.

I'm very happy to see that this sequel is chugging along. Felt very unsatisfied after the original story and it's very nice to see that being rectified. I very much look forward to the next chapter :)

This is supported by research uncovered by Princess Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer, in which a spell which removed the Cutie Mark removed the ability to perform the talent."

This book is really up to date :moustache:

(Okay so, fair warning, the rest of my comment will involve Starlight and her actions it might sound a little ranty, so feel free to ignore the rest of it) :twilightblush:

Starlight’s spell also removed any and all skill a pony had gain over the course of their life, since I'd imagine that someone like Sugar Bell had done a lot of baking over the years and would have accumulated a pretty decent amount of experience and should therefore have been able to do make some pretty decent muffins even without the magical assistance of a Cutie Mark. :trixieshiftleft:

Swift flinched at the thought. Starlight suddenly seemed a lot creepier in light of the knowledge that she was essentially ripping part of a pony's soul away before. Shrugging it off, he continued reading.

It's very creepy and it really should be treated more seriously by the Equestrian government.
And given what Starlight does later, you know with the time-traveling to change history so that she can keep ripping apart souls.
Brainwashing five ponies that are national heroes and close personal friends to one the nations rulers, which she did after she supposed learned that what she did was wrong (like it isn't obvious that messing with someone's soul and mind is a bad thing to do).

It really makes you wonder how Starlight has managed to not end up in a jail/dungeon yet :trixieshiftleft:

Well, yeah, but that's just my personal headcanon. Maybe in actual Equestria, Cutie Marks aren't connected to souls.

loved it!
Sunset was the right choice to have in!

Keep up the chapters!

im liking this story sunset was a nice ideal to add to the mix

Don't tell her about the other half of the fandom

This meta aspect is the really interesting part to me. I rarely encounter works where the offworlder discusses their knowledge of the show, and this is the first I've seen to cross that with Sunset's experience. The nonchalance is believable both for her character and his from their similar experiences. This could go anywhere. It's a rare feeling, since so many plotlines seem hamfisted in comparison, but these characters are mature about his meta knowledge. I love the idea here, I wish there were more fics of it.

Woo! I finally found the sequel. Good job so far. I've been enjoying it.

Maybe if you had some friends it would be easier for you. Plus,

I get what they're trying to say, but would a tried team coordinator really put it like that? :rainbowderp:

Seems loners stick out that much more in a naturally herd seeking specie.. :twilightoops:

Which half? The half that thinks Sunset is their waifu?

It would certainly be ironic if Dr. Feather was actually Chrysalis (or at some point gets replaced by her) as part of her plot to get back at Mark. :rainbowwild:

Why? What did Mark do to Chrysalis?

It is unfortunate he wasn't able to break free of sombra's hold when he went from being a slave to the nightmares to a voice in his own head. I figured him defeating his sister in the nightmare would have snapped him out of the spell entirely.

Sunset giggled. "That's nice. I'm assuming that came post-rainbow laser to the face?"


I'm sure he disrupted something she plotted in the past. She may have forgotten the details, but not her anger against him. You know, like any good villain always does. :trollestia:

Really? I mean, he arrived between seasons 8 and 9, and Chrysalis apparently spent that time talking to herself.

oof, that last one is a shocker!

keep up the great story!

Excellent story keep up the good work.
And I score this story 10 out of 200 wich is a good score

Well huh. This'll throw a wrench in things if they learn Swift has no Cutie Mark. I'm just glad you aren't one of those silly people who think ponies don't know what pants are. Hopefully Swift manages to keep his on at the hospital.

Finally an update to this story! And what an unexpected turn of events it was. I gotta say, I'm not quite too fond of the super generic "bullies picking on Swift for literally no reason other than he's smaller than them" but it was fun to see them get their asses kicked for it. I'm glad you had Swift lose. If he had beat them there it would have just been plain bad writing tbh. Also, Bow's threat about getting them fired seems to pail in comparison to the aggravated assault charges those three should definitely be brought up on. But I'm super glad to see this story continuing. I do hope you'll release another update soon. I always really loved the premise of this story and the original.

To be fair, in the show, those idiots had no reason for picking on Rainbow Dash. And yeah, I was never gonna have Swift win that fight. He's not a fighter character.

Bow Hothoof gets to pus a smack down on 3 plot holes.

This episode reminds me of being bullied by class bullies in elementary school.
No, I know I can't beat them, but I have to fight back instead of making them think I'm a wimp, or they will always come and bully me.

Great chapter, I love it, keep it up.

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