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I have been known to write smol horse words on occasion.


I don't know what I am, but I know where I am. Equestria, magical cartoon utopia. A place that's basically a dream come true.

So why is the only thing I care about finding another drink?

Art by ExoticEon

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And right then, since of course the universe wasn't done fucking with me, I heard the last noise I wanted to hear:

The very growl of a wolf behind me.

Oh shit..

That's what the cool kids call a oof moment.

Good start, keep going!

Yeah, solid start. Trope aversions. Fight the cliches and keep it interesting.

Aye ma'am!

You got it bro. That's what I'm about.

Now watch as the story status switches to conplete with that ending of the chapter xD love the start! I look forwards to seeing more

Oh no, trust me, I have way too many ideas for this story to cut it off early.

XD good to hear!
I just thought it would be funny if it just vut off here. Just leaving the readers hanging in the idea that, either they could have survived, or became wolf food

"And then I was killed. Roll credits."

mmmyyy litttttle ponyy

XDDD hahaha shortest hie ever

I'm pretty sure horses can't digest meat.

She's wrong there, but will likely only find out when the time comes. As you're avoiding cliches I imagine the "ponies can't eat meat" silliness is included.

Interesting start! Gonna follow it, see where you take the smol :twilightsmile:

I think when I looked it up, yes they can eat meat, but have enormous trouble digesting it and it leads to all sorts of distress. That was what I was going for.

Hope I deliver! :twilightsmile:


I think it depends mostly on the fat contents? They still love it though, I have a friend that had a pony that would ransack sandwiches for bacon.
Warhorses specially were known to develop taste for it, if I'm not mistaken. A horse biting your face off in battle was rather extremely effective and terrifying.

Nice to know you're avoiding said trope, since they're not human we won't have to get near the "oh my Celestia, itsy bitsy canines! It's going to eat us!!" either :rainbowlaugh:

I'm certain you will! :yay:

Huh. I actually didn't know that.

And yeah, I'd think getting my face bitten off would be a little terrifying.

Alright first off I adore your writing style. I love how the child body conflicts with the adult mind, interested to see how that will play out. Also, this is Carrot Top, but as a kirin? Cool.

Aw, thanks! :twilightsmile:

And no. This is a person as a Kirin. I had Carrot Top as a tag because she's a major player later into the story.

But I use the "Golden Harvest" name because it's way better.

Normally, with some exceptions, I am generally not really enamored by dudette HiE stories, or most TG stuff(with some exceptions) they just don't seem to grab my interests in what happen do in them or don't seem to have a lot happening in them, sorry. But this is an interesting start with being alone, wounded and in a dangerous situation, I hope to see more of her character to shin through. I hope an interesting plot will develop around this, so I could keep reading it, hopefully.

If you are ever looking to commission a cover art let me know, good luck on your story.

Interesting story so far. Gonna be keeping an eye on this one.

I'm pretty sure horses can't digest meat.

:pinkiecrazy: I'll never get tired of posting this where relevant:

Ow. Hooves are hard.

Ponies must have gotten used to head pain, then, given the number of times I've seen them facepalmhoof.

This is a great start. Haven't read Mind Over Matter (might have to do that), but yeah, Trust Once Lost is a great story, and I'm perfectly happy to read another one with a similar start. The 'HiE, but as a pony' bit is great, but adding a broken leg to the mix? That's gonna be fuuuuun.

Can't wait 'til next week! :twilightsmile:

So turning into a horse is one way to pick up chicks. Duly noted. :trollestia:

looks good so far. Doesn't seem to be OP and is not a green, black maned filly. Everything seems on the up and up

Actually thinking over the premise of the story, despite not having my usual elements of interests, this could actually have an interesting plot to this story. One of the things that disappointed me for the last seasons was that we didn't really get to learn and explore much about the Kirin's and their relations with Equestria or rather the near total absence of reference about the kirin in Equestrian history to the point that they didn't know or forgot that they and the Nirik's are one in the same, and their tribe actually live within their borders of all things. This could be a chance to explore that aspect of Equestria's massive gapping wholes in it's own geographical knowledge. I could get that in between settlement magic can run much wild outside of ponies (the main three tribes) magical control and that powerful dangerous creatures can spread a lot faster and makes the whole process of census and topology that much harder. Or it could be that the Kirin's intentional hid themselves from the rest of Equestria or that they literally disappeared by some magical quirk of their. It could also helps show what were their origins, considering they seem so much more removed in the generic from other pony tribes, sense they have scales, cloven hooves, and no cutie marks of their own. from the tags it seems that we won't see the Equestrian royalty or the Mane Six in the story so it could take place at another point in time in Equestrian history story.

Well when she woke up, she believed she heard a train. So she might simply be beyond Equestria's borders, or those tags will be added in time with those character's appearances.

This does not prove I'm racist merely that the Anon-pone is hurt and needs a nurse.

Oh and the interest shall build. I have plans for this character.

And I'll keep that in mind, thanks!

Thank you.

Also a great scoring system.

RIP tiny birb.

I know horses can eat meat but I thought they had some crazy trouble digesting meat.

Hey, glad you like it!

No anons here, my guy.

Yeah I really wish the Kirin were showed a lot more. I do have some of my own headcanons, some which will show as soon as the next chapter, but I'm adding on some detail too spice some things up.

And this does take place during the show, but our MC is not going to meet any of the main characters from the show. This will be all about the background characters.

she gonna discover her flames pretty fast cause ill be pretty mad in my situation after child brain has it freak out hope she doesn't hurt her leg more seems to be the risk but that wolf is ashes.

think Kirin race can do cool things with there flames or biology then just "flame on" due to anger I could see are gal wanting to do cool stuff like see if she could pull a human torch type flight impression or a comet impact landing or her just pushing to discover other cool things to test like seeing if she can call those fangs from that angry form to use in normal form? fanged Kirin her age would be adorable might even let her eat gems if she really has dragon in her! be cool to see how fire resistant she really be like bathing with dragons or just dancing in fire maybe even test if she can control flames or try doing dragon magic or other fire and light stuff there so much to play with this unknown race for all we know Kirin have some earth mythos abilities the show didn't show!

Oh I start exploring Kirin magic in the next chapter. It's gonna get interesting.

That's good reading. Come on

FemAnon, huh?

You. I like you. I like this too. Moar please.

More to follow!

It's not Anon. The name just hasn't been said yet.

Your wish is my command.

Stopped in just to say that the cover art fantasticly portrays a moment of sheer 'Oh what the GOD--' and I look forward to devouring this fic once it's built up a nice little buffer.


Even ponies know the godly power of bacon!

Just don't stand downwind of them for the next day or two. Whew, talk about chemical weapon of nasal destruction. And you thought cattle were destroying the ozone layer...

It was about then that I realized a broken bone was not my only worry, because staring back at me was an off-white cloven hoof.

Alondro's first thought if this happened to him, "Crap, I shifted back into my true Jersey Devil form by accident again. Whelp, time to kill any eyewitnesses AND EAT THEIR SKIN!!!!" :pinkiecrazy:

Is the flame going to be like the "Venture Brothers" version of the Human Torch?

Because that would be hilariously evil to Anon. DOOOO EEEEEEEET. :trixieshiftright:

Wow. She botched a wisdom check hard-core didn't she?

Yes. Lets walk through a death forest while wounded, with no supplies or idea of which way to go.

Depending on how things go I may push up the release schedule. I mainly pushed this out before the story was done because I was in a major slump and have only written a coupld thousand words since my last story ended.

But I'm getting the writing tinglies with all these comments.

Hey, if starving in a forest, skin will make proper sustenance.

Well I mean this isn't an anon, and I haven't actually seen Venture Bros so I have no idea what you're insinuating.

The thing with the MC is she has a lot of book smarts, but isn't too good at using them in a lot of situations.

But yeah, it was maybe not her finest moment.

Temporarily distracted by the pain and the crying inside my head, I stumbled to my three good legs and limped into the forest.

Now why would you do that? You had a perfectly lovely railroad track to follow.

Ah well, it wouldn't be HIE without a wee jaunt through the Everfree.

Our main character has smarts, is just not maybe good at applying them.



Our main character has smarts, is just not maybe good at applying them

As every D&D fan will tell you: the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom.

Intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad.
Charisma is doing it anyway, and then selling it to people.

So according to Ferment Unrest Kirins get drunk on acid. Their alcohol of choice is 1 point peach juice and 9 points kerosene

Well, it's definitely better than 90% of the HiE on the site. At minimum. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Full disclosure, I adapted that concept from Estee's The Bridge Over The River WHY?

I skipped over that, the messages were getting whiny.

Well, I've never played DnD, but there you go.

That is perhaps one of the best headcanons I've ever heard.

Well that's... really high praise for jut a couple thousand words. Thanks! I'll do my best to keep it interesting!


for all we know Kirin have some earth mythos abilities the show didn't show!

"Sounds of Silence" had a brief shot of a Kirin using growth magic, as well as multiple scenes of them using their horns for unicorn-style telekinesis. So we could be looking at a mix of earth magic and some others.

They also were shown (and mythologically able to) run on water.

and if you go with the world of monster hunter (idk why you would but you could) control lighting and move faster then the eye can see

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