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The Future of Jinzou · 4:14pm Oct 15th, 2023

So... yeah. I'm just gonna be straight up with y'all. I mainly started writing as a coping mechanism to keep me sane in the Marines. I started All Smoke, No Mirrors to chronical my own struggles getting over alcoholism. In fact, some of you even noted the difference between the chapters my muse drove me to write, and the ones I had to start forcing out.

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Short vs. Long · 7:58pm Jan 28th, 2023

I noticed that my recent one shot didn't get many views, and have noticed they're not the most popular stuff I make. Which makes sense. A 60k word story will generate more attention with it's depth and constant updates. I'm not here to complain.

But I want to ask you, readers. Would you prefer I stick mainly to updating my longer stories, or do you like the breif little one shot breaks?

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Come, attack the Jinzou · 10:25pm Jan 20th, 2023

I made a server if y'all want updates, have questions, or just want to shoot the shit. Also if you wanna pester me to write faster. (Please do)


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Of Smoke, Mirrors, and Motivation at the Bottom of a Bottle · 8:25pm May 26th, 2022

Hey all. So real quick, I want to apologize. If you don't care why my story hasn't updated in a while, skip to the next paragraph. But yeah. I'm sorry. I haven't forgotten about the story, I've just been far more busy and tired than usual, since I've been moving countries, dealing with the VA (ugh), leaving the military, and trying to adapt to normal life while also trying to find my own place, and job, and this and that and all this other shit you don't care about. The story will update. I am

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So, I'm a hypocrite. · 12:22pm Dec 24th, 2021

Title says it all. My scoot stories are back up, save the anthology because nobody likes that.

If y'all liked it who am I to take it down?

Maybe someday I'll remake it and like it.

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Delay, Indefinitely. · 3:13am Jul 13th, 2021

So my upload schedule is shit. Has been. I'm also currently on a month long training op and trying to deal with the loss of a loved one who I just found killed himself.

I know I would upload every week, but right now I just... can't.

I'm sorry for failing to meet my word.

The story will pick back up, but I'm not sure when. Probably within a month, but right now I just can't promise anything.

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So... I screwed up. · 12:42pm Jun 5th, 2021

So here's the issue. I try to pride myself on adding as much realism to my stories as possible, so if I write a character with a condition or disorder, I try my best to make it realisitic. That being said, the main character of All Smoke, No Mirrors has a certain condition I don't want to spoil.

I've been doing a lot of research on it, and the person who's been helping me, who knows a lot about this certain thing, has basically let me know some of the things I assumed were completely wrong.

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A Cry for Help · 9:49am Feb 10th, 2021

A buddy of mine finally gained the courage to come out to trans to her parents...

And they cut off her tuition, left her defenseless, broke, without a car or insurance or anything, denounced her as their kid, and basically left her without anything to her name.

In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, to boot.


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I'm Howling at the Moon, and Sleeping in the Middle of a Summer Afternoon. · 2:28am Nov 19th, 2020

I made a Discord! If you want updates on upcoming/ongoing stories, a bunch of badly made Scootaloo emotes, or just to watch me make a fool of myself every time I talk, come on in!


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Applebloom or Apple Bloom? · 9:06am Aug 23rd, 2020

I want to know what you guys think in regards to Applebloom vs. Apple Bloom. I know technically it's the latter, but I've always spelled it Applebloom since day 1, and want to know if I created a long as story where I only spelled it "Applebloom" if anybody would care?

It honestly just looks better that way.

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