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Scootaloo was born with a rare pegasus developmental disorder that left her wings small and weak. She's been working to get over it with the love and support of her friends and family.

Tempest Shadow lost half of her horn when trying to face down an Ursa Minor. She was ostracized and eventually ran from home.

Can these two find some common ground to bond over?

Cover art drawn by Ch0c0butt

Featured on the top slot on June 15, 2020! Thanks everyone!

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Damn... that was GOOD

Deep, impactful, and really eye-opening to a possible angle from the movie I wish I could see more of.

You're a good man, Charlie Brown Jinzou.

Good grief! Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I do wish this was more of a thing though. Scootaloo's emotional moments always hit me so much harder than any other character's and given the fact that she seemed to be coming to terms with her condition around the time this movie would be, I really wish she got to talk to Tempest. Like, at least in the background.


You’re welcome

I liked your headcanon about pegasus magic.

Thanks! I think it makes an awful amount of sense considering pegasus body shape and wing size.

"I don't think he's in any state to invade again. His whole plan kind of fell... to pieces." Tempest shot a sideways glance at Scootaloo.

Oof. Looks like the Storm King just got roasted by his ex-Second-in-Command.

Loved this piece. Excellently showed how Tempest was perceived by other ponies after the events of the Movie, but also perfectly captured the dynamics between Tempest and Scootaloo had it happened. 10/10

This is one amazing story. Words cannot describe how beautiful it is. Have an upvote and a recommendation to ʼSeattleʼs Angels.ʼ The story was featured.

Very nice

OhmyLuna that was so beautiful :fluttercry: I love it!

This was a nice, sweet little read. It introduces an interesting dynamic with their disabilities and how they are effected by them. On one hoof, Scootaloo suffers from a physical/magical deformity but since she was born with it she doesn't let it define her even though it absolutely effects her. On the other, Tempest was physically fine until she lost the horn, but having that ripped away just as she was becoming of age to utilize it filled her with such bitterness and anger that she let the loss define her wholeheartedly while stuffing the effects it has on her down and away to be dealt with at a later date. I honestly hope to see more of it in the future, not because I secretly want a sequel (which I absolutely do) but because there is such an interesting dichotomy between the two to play off of here that I at least believe deserves further investigation.

That was really good. A nice conversation for the two 'limited' ponies. Adults can always learn something from kids, too, not only the other way around. :twilightsmile:
I like your headcanon about the lack of pegasus magic being Scootaloo's reason for not flying also.

But I have to say— you really need to look through this again. There were missing words all over the place. :twilightoops:

During the reading of the story, something so warm appeared inside me. Thanks, author, for this.

a awesome short story i love it.

Honestly that was the first actual part of this story I wrote. It had to be done. Glad you enjoyed it though!






I'm glad you all liked them!

Wait featured? What the heck? I made both top slots? :rainbowkiss: Thank you so much everyone!

Now if only I was good at naming ponies...

Yes, and I'm actually a less disappointing it took Ch0c0butt's art to make me realize what a great relationship these two have. I'm not sure if there will be a sequel, since I don't really have any ideas on one, but I'd love to write one!

Thanks! I think Tempest is the perfect one to show that too. And that reason Scoots can't fly will always be my headcanon because Bulk Biceps.

I'll take another look over this story and edit it. I submitted it when I really should have been asleep. :twilightsheepish: (And then proceeded to screw up my sleep schedule more.)

I re-edited it and really only noticed one place I was missing a word. I would be eternally grateful if you could point out the other areas! :twilightsmile:

#1 and # 2 that is impressive.

I'm very proud and even more confused on how that actually happened.


Tempest instantly felt a twinge of sadness as she noticed the dejected expression on the filly’s face.

If Rainbow Dash refuses to give up on me, I don’t doubt Twilight would be the same for you!”

And this one is personal preference, but works just fine if it was intentional:

On Oone condition.”

There were quite a few other errors, too. I apologize if it sounds like I'm berating you— I'm an editor by trade, so my eye is just trained to naturally look at things more closely (it's why I can't speed read for the life of me).

Nah, you're good. I have the same brain when I'm reading somebody else's story, but never my own, and it drives me crazy. Thanks for the help!

Sure thing. And congrats on the feature. :twilightsmile:

Cute story! I love the idea of a scootaloo tempest friendship.

Thanks! So do I. Shame there was none of it.

That was quite adorable!:twilightsmile:

Eh, nothing concrete.

Well tempest could return to ponyvlle to check in on Scoots and say hi to Twilight, or you could even write about Tempest's travels :twilightsmile:

Never knew that I needed this story so much. Very emotional and heartwarming, we need more of this side of Temptest. Outstanding job author!

Thank you so much!

Wow that's actually really nice story

Not a pair I would have thought to put in a scene together, but the concept turned out well. Nicely done.

:scootangel: Fizzle Pop
:moustache::raritywink: Now where were we?
:facehoof: A sequel?
:flutterrage: You can't top this!
:scootangel: I'm good

I only have scraps of ideas for a sequel to be honest. But maybe.

I'm always a sucker for uncommon character interactions. Lovely hope spot for the both of them. Thank you for it.

Welcome. Glad you enjoyed it!

:facehoof: Inside voice please

Liked it, as the phrase say... "That could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship"

I LOVE THIS, i love stories that talk abut scoots disorder as something that doesnt make her lesser, as someone with autism these kinds of stories really help so thank you :heart:

Very nicely done


I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it!

This was simple, adorable, and I loved it. You absolutely deserved being featured. :twilightsmile:

Heartwarming. Though I admit I’m not sure if Twilight wasn’t a little insensitive in setting this up.

Maybe a little bit, but it was an effective way to break Tempest open and made Scoots even happier in the long run! :scootangel:

One word can sum up this whole story. D'awww!

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