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I have been known to write smol horse words on occasion.


Fluttershy is a flat-earther. Twilight doesn't like that.

Featured on the top slot on June 14, 2020. Thanks a ton everybody!

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Short, fluffy and amusing. But I am very confused on the Romance tag.

Romance? :rainbowhuh:

Must have messed up the tags. I'll fix that now.

Thanks though!

I enjoyed that a lot! It makes me think that since Equestrian is a fictional place, there’s a chance it actually could be flat.

Glad you enjoyed it! And I mean, I guess there's a chance. All the counter evidence Twilight gave we haven't technically had proved in the show.

Do you actually believe that flat earthers exist irl, or that they are all just a bunch of internet trolls?

Honestly I have no doubt some people are serious about that.

That was amazing.



This meme is overused, but the flat earth society has members all over the globe. Also, there is a high chance that (scientists do not read) it was set up as a prank to annoy scientists, just like in this story.

The meme may be overused, but it helped me kill enough time to keep my productive writing until FimFic came back up, so screw it.

Yeah, there's a chance it was a prank. There's also a chance it wasn't.


If it was set up as a prank, the people who set it up don't take it seriously but some other members probably do.

"Quite." Twilight quipped. "And I'm sure you'll remember that the shadow of the Earth that was cast on the moon was not flat, but spherical?"

Maybe my brain's not firing on all cylinders at the moment, but how do you get a spherical shadow?

The edge of the shadow as you passed by the moon was shaped like a ")"

Shadows are two-dimensional projections. They can't come in three dimensions. The shadow they're referring to would have either been a line, if the Earth was flat, or a circle if the Earth was a sphere.

Once you see Pinkie Pie’s shadow your whole world view will change.

...flat world view.

Honestly I was just looking on a site of "Arguments for and against flat earthers" and that was one of the against arguments. I didn't really get it so I'm basically with Rainbow on that matter.

It's a trick question. They don't live on Earth, they live in Equestria-planet, whatever it's called.

We could also assume Equestria is an alternative Earth, and something changed long ago to make ponies the lead species that can harness magic.

Besides, the portal for EGQ could support this claim since they have all the same characters. A portal to an alternate Earth.

I just downloaded the txt file, Fluttershy being a flat earther sounds fun to read :D

Hope you enjoy!


I saw that ending coming from a mile away. Still, not bad, not bad at all :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I figured it wasn't that big of a plot twist.

So happy you enjoyed it though! :twilightsmile:

Okay, this got me at the end. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Now the only thing missing would be the subterranean squirrels that live at the center of the hollow Earth and their plans for conquering the surface world and enslave all overworlders to work in their nut mines.:trollestia:

I wonder how many here will know about the source of that joke? For those interested, it was from Dilbert's early years. ;)

In a purely 2D scenario, yes, but the flat Earth claimers still know the Earth/Moon/Sun is a 3D system. I can't visualise how the flat Earth model is alleged to work, probably because it doesn't work, but I know they claim the Earth is a disc covered by a dome, and the sun and moon are high up in that dome. A 3D system, producing a circular shadow.

For the ponies of Equestria, assuming their flat Earth is like our flat Earth, gravity is probably the best proof of a globe Earth.
I've seen two claims from flat Earthers as to what causes gravity. Either magnetism, or buoyancy/density. The buoyancy approach completely fails when you point out that it would make things fall in random directions, not just down. The magnetism approach fails when demonstrating that a magnet doesn't fall any faster or slower than a piece of wood. (Another claim that I haven't seen recently is that the Earth, dome and all, is constantly accelerating upwards at 9.8m/s². This fails for other reasons, some of which are excused away quickly, and others that take a bit more work.)


Some are serious enough to try to spend hard money to scientifically prove that it's flat. And then scientifically prove that it's round.


Oh Celestia... you dumb horse. Twilight will destroy the earth in her panic to prove facts before you can get back to her.

You’ve doomed us all.

Celestia's smile got smaller. "Yes, she will. I will go apologize to her later." Celestia let out a hearty chuckle. "But until then let us savor the sweet taste of victory."

Later will be too late, Celestia. There is a good chance that right this moment, Twilight is practicing dangerous experimental divination magic that could summon a world-eating god of knowledge to Equestria. Or perhaps she is gearing up a time travel spell to witness the creation of the planet first-hand, and her presence will rewrite all of history and remove everypony from existence.

Oh jeez, I haven't seen Dilbert in ages. Talk about a blast from the past.

I mean as that is kind of a shoddy explanation, I can replace it with something else. Yeah. I should do that.

That is absolutely awesome.

Quick, to the bunkers! We don't have much time! :twilightangry2:

Well the show never said Celestia was that bright... :trollestia:

But yeah, let's prepare for an apocalypse.

More than a few of my neurons misfired while reading this.

Oh, this is glorious! When even f*cking horseword lovers are laughing at you, you know did something really-really wrong.

That was mean. Funny, but mean.

Funny thing is the world of Equestria most likely IS flat.

Season 4 episode 1-2, for examble, clearly shows that night is it's own thing and not just the absence of the Sun.

Yeah I have that book. The squirrels secretly conquered the Earth in 1997, replacing all world leaders, but no one has noticed yet.

I knew something was wrong
Fluttershy was being far to reasonable in the face of questioning to be a true flat earther

The acceleration model fails because of the 'droplet deformation test', mentioned by Einstein in his lay-person's book "Relativity, the special and general theories" as a reason while acceleration and gravity are only locally, and not globally, equivalent.
Take a uniform elevator and suspend droplets of water in the 'upper' corners. Allow them to fall. If the elevator is uniformly accelerating, they will remain the same distance apart. However, if the elevator is suspended in a gravitational field about a large spherical object, their distance from one another will change slightly.

Of course that assumes the object is a sphere, but if it is not, it would have to be infinite for the distance to not change at least a little, though it may be too small to measure (as with the global curvature of the universe).

As to the shadow projection, I guess you've edited it now? The projection of a disc onto a disc is still a disc... but only to first order. While light diffusion makes it hard to tell for a Lunar Eclipse (you'd need either computers or a LOT of hand calculation), it could be determined for a solar eclipse by measuring multiple solar eclipses at different times and places. As the moon is in ever-so-slightly a different position then, the shadow it casts will vary a bit in shape. These shape variations will differ between a finite-thickness disc and a sphere... if I'm getting my geometry right. Any projection from the sphere will be a uniformly-curved ellipse, but certain projections from a disc will have 'kinks'.

Alternately one can just note that the moon's 'wobble' means that different parts are visible through a telescope at different times. You can see a tiny bit of the 'dark side' of the mon via careful observation. Ergo the moon is at least to first order a sphere. This makes it far more reasonable to suppose the Earth is.

...Or you could just you know, observe the dropping of the skyline over a horizon. It's much easier to prove the Earth is a sphere than to prove the moon is.

Or maybe ponies came into existence because Twilight messed with time! It would explain the very improbable evolution of species in Equestria!

You'd think it'd be an easy enough thing to solve. Just circumnavigate the globe, or hit a dead end at the edge of the planet. Cost money, but hey you'd know the truth for absolute, beyond any shadow of a doubt, certain. And shut up all the round earthers/flat earthers you disagree with. Especially with video proof if you can manage it.

Merula #37 · Jun 14th, 2020 · · 1 ·

Trying to debate a flat earther is like trying to beat a pigeon at chess: You can be a grandmaster at it, but no matter how good you are, the pigeon will just knock all the pieces off the board, shit on it and declare a victory.

Just something that came to mind while I was reading this :P

I can never enjoy these sorts of stories. For one, arguing in poor faith always puts me off. For another, do not taunt your successor, Celestia. Twilight will remember this and she will get her payback.

The horizon test is limited in this circumstance because we don't know how big Equestria's planet is. If it is significantly larger than Earth, then it would be difficult to spot the drop behind the horizon except in the case of especially large objects. I don't recall seeing Canterlot's mountain being partly obscured by the horizon at any point from Ponyville, which either says Ponyville is extremely close to Canterlot, or the planet is extremely big. Or a mix of both.

Ah, valid point. I was thinking on Earth. Equestria does consistently depict their world as round but it is unclear how they arrived at that conclusion.

Edit: Something tickled my memory about this and I went back and checked. In the movie, the veeeery bottom of Mt Aeyrie is, in fact, behind the horizon when looking out Capper's window, compared to the shot when they fall out of the airship. Now someone just needs to estimate the height of Capper's window , the distance travelled in the airship, and the size of the bottom rocks that are concealed to estimate the curvature. Quick, what is the average laden speed of a Pirate Bird airship?

When the whole of Equestria is actively on fire because of whatever spell Twi tries to juryrig I assume they will mourn the mistake they have made.

african or european?

now im curious. is the planet equestria is on flat?

A good observation! My canon is now that Equestria is officially round.

Earth airships are somewhere around 70~130 km/h, but I don't know how that would translate to Pirate Bird airship speeds.

Ordinarily I'd have a guy who is better than me at the sort of frame-analysis that requires do it, but he's in medical and is thus rather busy atm. I may just have to do those calculations myself... Depends on how long this COVID thing shuts down my industry.

100 km/hr is a 'good enough' airspeed estimate, and an easy number to work with. The rest will require (and read this in Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures' voice) Reseaaarch!

Well I don't know that. Auuuuuugh!

I just read the story, and I have to say, I absolutely did not expect this plot twist. Congratulations. :rainbowhuh:

Like FanOfMostEverything said, though, be prepared for vengeance with a vengeance, Celestia. You'll regret this once Twilight enters Lesson Zero mode. :pinkiecrazy:

And on that day Twilight became a villain.

Neutron or neuron?:facehoof:

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