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Starlight and Trixie enjoy spending time with one another, and often they will just spend entire afternoons having pleasant conversations together. One such afternoon brings just such a talk, as the two mares decide to finally settle, once and for all, the ultimate question. Who was really Twilight's arch-enemy?

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In all seriousness though, Starlight wins this by a LARGE margain. Yes, Trixie was a pain. But that first time? Twilight probably wasn't even mad at her. Maybe annoyed a little, but that's it.

Heck, she saved Trixie's life if you pay attention.

And as anyone with a brain knows, all Trixie ever had going for her Round Two was the Alicorn Amulet, and that was all. Twilight even forgave her for it.

Starlight went genocidal maniac, all because she was butthurt. And dueled Twilight to a stand still. On her own, and with no power ups.

So, yes. Glim Glam wins this easily.

Pish tosh. A nemesis brings one low, and Trixie can bust Twilight's chops with a venom Starlight simply doesn't have. That said, neither has anything on Discord, who has utterly destroyed Twilight emotionally acting both in opposition to and in support of her.

Oooh! Seconding this! Can we get a sequel with Discord claiming the Nemesis crown?

I can’t say that with the description I didn’t think it was quesadillas but moments of forgetfulness? Didn’t see that one coming.

Weren't ladybugs Twilight's greatest nemesis?:rainbowhuh:

Trixie shrugged. "Hey, when has 'making sense' ever stopped anypony from doing anything in this place?"

Ponyville (heck, all of Equestria) in a nutshell.

made me wanted to watch this again

notme #7 · June 24th · · ·

Discord is more a force of nature, being angry at him is like being angry at an earthquake.

Trixie IMO work better as a nemesis because is a better foil, not just for twilight but for all the mane 6.

If I had to make a comparison.

Trixie= Joker

i half expected Sunset Shimmer to walk in at the end and say Hello girls with a huge smirk on her face

I guess it comes down to how you define a nemesis. One that can go hoof-to-hoof with you in battle? One that opposes you philosophically?

Or one that just gets under your skin like a splinter you just can't pull out?

This was humorous and a good way to start the day. Nice!

Trixie is Best Nemesis Pony.

Very fun little slice of life. It's funny how Twilight collects enough frenemies that they can actually compare notes.

Going to add my support Discord. All the power of Starlight and all the irritation of Trixie wrapped up in one noodly package. Plus there's the ideological opposition of order vs. chaos.

An evil horn measuring contest? Creative. I swear you were gonna go with quesadillas, but you totally one upped it.

Congrats on being featured:heart:

Weirdly enough, I thought Trixie takes this one, by virtue of striking earlier and actually getting one over on twilight for a short spell (lol) in Magic Duel Twilight was just beginning in this part of the storyline, and in both instances, it's her own issues that cause her downfall in an otherwise positive tide in her campaign against Twilight. Starlight, however, was lacking in any sort of a direct victory against Twilight.

Again, I know its weird.

Also this ficlet is delightfully weird.

You know...what were we expecting?"

honestly, I was expecting quesadillas.
Also, on a completely unrelated note.

My brain as soon as I read the title.

This was fun reading. Especially for the way it all wrapped up. XD

That is not hard. The quesadilla gag was low-effort, Johnny Test-tier trash from the moment He Who Shall Not Be Named came up with it.

Oh, agreed. Sunset pulled out all the stops against Twilight. Deeply personal taunting. Theft of her crown, the very symbol of her achievements. Framing her. Threatening to permanently exile her from Equestria. Straight up attempted murder. And she was the first and far better dark reflection than Starlight anyway. With a more interesting reformation arc as well, because her actions have consequences for her. Starlight basically got off with a stern finger wag for all the psychological torture and time warping, whereas Sunset has to actually face her past catching up with her.

Of course, none of the three of them were really a persistent enough problem to rise to the level of nemesis, in my opinion, so I think the author's resolution probably wins anyway.

Starlight looked aghast at such a declaration. I...but...how...how could you possibly think that taking over one single village can compare to nearly ending all life in the world?!"

Missing quote marks.

Brushing aside a stray strand of mane that had fallen in front of her face, Starlight remained unconvinced. "Well I had her feeling helpless when her friends were in a bad way too! Every timeline I sent her to had her friends in more and more peril!"

I was expecting, perhaps around here, Trixie to say something like "Yes but that wasn't what you were TRYING to do, whereas I fully intended to humiliate Twilight and ruin her life!"

"That's what I was trying to do! And it worked better than intended!"

That's also my response to those that call Starlight genocidal. She wasn't trying to end life, just to humiliate Twilight and make her sad. The rest was an unfortunate and, at first, unrealized side effect.

Regardless I do like this. Trixie has a point about AJ. There any other examples of recurring nemeses being the petty ones?

Lightning Dust with RD?
Suri with Rarity, if she ever counted as a nemesis?
Fluttershy with Demon Bunny, Angel's mirror world clone who always acts sweet but has the worst of intentions and a bad goatee?

Man, you made this a masterpiece in and of itself! Tis not every day that you hear about a story telling tales of who the best villian is! Or at least, I don't hear them commonly enough! Gosh, this whole fic is such an enjoyable treat to read and enjoy! Hope you don't mind, but I made a lil' reading on this greatness of yours!

Audio Linkoo!: https://youtu.be/-BJvv438iYg

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Lightning Dust is a good one.
I guess Suri counts, though I'm not sure she ever showed up again?

...Is this last one purely a joke or did that happen at some point? :P

The last one was a joke. Though it could have been glorious if it had actually happened. :-P

To fight boredom, and as practice in scriptwriting, I adapted this short story into a screenplay. Based on the pages, it would be about 11 or 12 minutes long if performed, just the right length for a half-episode on television. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qNksmM18c43gx70YibMumDBlgX8uFJpe/view?usp=sharing

There were a few spelling or grammar/punctuation mistakes I corrected, if you can find them. Thanks for the great slice of life!

Much appreciated.

This is Sunset Shimmer erasure and I won't stand for it.

Sunset got against her just the once. If there had been a second battle, she would have been the nemesis hands down.

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