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Peni Parker

Konichiwa! Hajimemashite yoroshiku!


This story is a sequel to Aria Needs Sunset's Jacket

First Adagio Dazzle needed Sunset's socks, then Aria Blaze needed her jacket, now Sonata Dusk says she's in need of her panties.

Sunset's had enough of this madness.

I'm so sorry for this.

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Comments ( 16 )

Shimoneta? You went with a Shimoneta reference? That was wonderfully deranged and a perfectly Sonata thing to do.

At least it didn't involve cookies.

What's next, the Dazzlings need Sunset's body? (Nudge nudge. Wink wink.)

Next time: The Dazzlings need Sunset's LOVE.

At least Sonata didn't ask for Sunset's "love nectar".

Everyone in the last story:

“You watch Sonata’s gonna ask for Sunset’s jeans next😆”

Everyone now: 😳

Actually SciTwi would be more Hyouka Fuwa, imho.

Well that was unexpected. Thankfully the first comment had the answer to the reference else it woulda went so far over my head.

And now Sonata gets to say "to get Sunset's panties, all I had to do was ask."

I wonder if that'd make Aria jealous? If nothing else, that was one hell of a bold move on Sonata's part.

Well that was an... interesting conclusion to this little trilogy. I knew whatever Sonata was going to do with Sunset’s panties it would be crazy but I didn’t expect... that! Your lucky I got that reference because I know a lot about anime. Poor Sunset. Feel so sorry for her. She went through a truly mind breaking moment at the end there, and she was on the verge of a breakdown as it was. Now I understand the reason for your apology.

Was expecting she'd want one of her outfits but wow I wasn't expecting this


I would never taken Twilight for a comics/superhero nerd. I'm surprised she didn't cosplay as Agatha Heterodyne or Molly Millions. Or maybe Motoko Kusanagi.

As for Sunset, she absolutely HAS to do Mara Jade.

Or Lina Inverse. Or maybe a R63 Soma Yukihira.

Oh boy, I regret reading this trilogy

Peni Parker, marry me.

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