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We all know how the end of the story went. Starlight was shown the disastrous consequences of her time travel spell, she revealed her past, Twilight took her under her wing as her own student and she mends her ways.

But what if that wasn't the case?

Even when the results of Starlight's meddling of the past is shown to her, she rejects the offer of friendship and still vows to never stop her attempts to exact revenge on the Mane Six and ruin their connection. Thus Twilight is faced with only one final option...

Starlight Glimmer vector by Godoffury

FEATURED: 28th October 2016! Thanks a bunch, y'all!

Now with a TVTropes page!

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Comment posted by VampDash deleted Jan 13th, 2018

Very well told, though a tad short, story. It's an interesting take to see Starlight keep to her old ways, and it's even more interesting to see Twilight experience and face the reality that she can't save everyone. I would love to see how this could play out it if it were longer, though I don't think you'd wish to do so.

Still, very good story. :twilightsmile:


… what? :rainbowhuh:

Hun, I think it's more like another reformed Starlight Glimmer lover has come across a story about her rather selfish darker self. And it's also pretty clear you haven't really read the full story like the author wanted you to.

I'm not trying to be rude, of course. Yet it really does sound like you're only reading this story halfway, or skimmed through it and that was it.

Comment posted by VampDash deleted Jan 13th, 2018


idioticly oblivious to the consequences of what her plan would do to Equestria.

What you actually have to realize is that, unfortunately, Starlight was originally doing that in the episode without any care whatsoever. You're forgetting that Starlight had already done a portion of this in the episode, mostly found in the beginning of the story.

Ponies, people, et cetera, make mistakes. And while most of us are fortunate to have someone to point them out, or even ourselves, others may just continue those mistakes without a care in the world. This, my friend, is definetly what Starlight would've ended up as, if nopony, not even Twilight, had taken the time to show to her she was wrong about her current plan. If nobody had really taken the time to connect with her.

If nobody had taken the time to become her friend.

Comment posted by VampDash deleted Jan 13th, 2018

Well, sometimes you can't save everyone even if you try. I guess even stripped of her magic Starlight just can't see her actions for what they really are. :ajsleepy:


Or just like those thousand of HiE stories? Or those millions of orphan Scootaloo?

Sure, concepts can be used a lot of times, but it's really how an author uses same concept. After all, we wouldn't have marvelous HiE stories like Anthropology, or amazing Scootaloo orphan stories like I'll Always Be There For You, if the authors hadn't decided to repeat an already used idea.

And even besides that, this is the first story with this idea I've ever seen that actually makes Twi take away Starlight's magic. Which proves the author really wanted to add their own special touch.

Comment posted by VampDash deleted Jan 13th, 2018


Which is totally why they have hundreds of likes, appear in Featured multiple times, and are usually at the top of the Most Viewed page?

Comment posted by VampDash deleted Jan 13th, 2018


That's quite a leap in logic if you think "SUNSET ISN'T CANON!" Is the reason these anti reformed Starlight fics exist.

Comment posted by VampDash deleted Jan 13th, 2018


Are you telling me one can create something similar to a three–years old child’s first attempt at holding a pencil, and gain positive attention from about 50,000 viewers, or even more? Because that sounds highly unlikely.

Comment posted by VampDash deleted Jan 13th, 2018


Show me, then. One example.

I have come across many stories about Starlight that give her just what she deserved, and I loved each and every one of them.

This is one of them.

I should probably write my own at some point.

7675882 or maybe just maybe they don't like starlight glimmer

This story is brilliant! Great work!:scootangel:

Yeah this story sounds about right. I like how it showed that even with her seeing how she fucked up she would still want it to be like that all because she hates those that are different, and in this case, better than her. Keep up the good work my friend:twilightsmile:

Is it bad that I wanted starlight to win?

The funny thing is, I can easily imagine Starlight telling Twilight just how royally tempted she was to act just like that.

7675732 Funny thing, too: this is pretty much how Chrysalis acted when Starlight made her offer.


Ponies, people, et cetera, make mistakes. And while most of us are fortunate to have someone to point them out, or even themselves, others may just continue those mistakes without a care in the world. This, my friend, is definetly what Starlight would've ended up as, if nopony, not even Twilight, had taken the time to show to her she was wrong about her current plan. If nobody had really taken the time to connect with her.

If nobody had taken the time to become her friend.

That was one of my key issues with the season six finale. Weren't there any pony in her life to console her for losing her best (and possibly only) friend? No parents? No guardians? No teachers? No one?

Comment posted by GunsRGreat deleted Sep 5th, 2017

Congrats, this story made my favorites. I usually put stories down in different sections, it takes a lot to make me Rarity(:raritystarry:) LOVE it!

7675965 Oh come on! Why on Earth do I have more downvotes than upvotes? I know that those really don't mean anything on a fundamental level, and I know that they only exist to make people feel good by saying "I agree with this" or "I disagree with this", but it's not like I said anything harmful or wrong.


So it's normal to just upvote stories that bash Starlight Glimmer?

Shit, why haven't I used this formula?

Honestly, that has to be the worst way of thinking I have seen in terms of thinking "what FimFiction thinks". You do not represent the entirety of Fimfiction. How naive of you.

gauthh #31 · Oct 28th, 2016 · · 3 ·

i have always thought that starlight had not been punished like she should for her crimes that are: mind manipulation , crimes against harmony and nearlly destroying Equestria by abusing a time spell.

Starlight no has the smarts. Unlike I!!!!

7675732 the fact that sunset is canon or not has nothing to do with me hating starlight, I hate her cause her back story sucks, she causes her own misery, and she acted like a spoiled child during the hole finally. kinda hard to feel sorry for a character when AppleBloom went threw the same thing and turned out just fine. it also doesn't help the fact that we've seen villains get punished for doing far less then what she did. I can go on but odds are your just going to come back at me with some abstract reason why starlight is the grates thing since sliced bread

Raichu #34 · Oct 28th, 2016 · · 4 ·

This was pretty good. I really liked the idea and I'm sure no one has done anything like this yet.

7676577 Things Twilight has done, with exception of the Time Spell. :twilightsmile: Though one could say her changing history with the Starswirl spell might count.


So edgy! :rainbowdetermined2:

This story grows increasingly awkward since Starlight is now why Equestria didn't get screwed over by Chrysalis.

7676136 Totally agree!

7676577 Agreed.

And let's not forget about assault on royalty, which I'm pretty sure would be considered treason against the crown, as well.

7676593 This. Right here.

This sums up my OWN feelings about the bitch perfectly.

7676593 7675781

I stumbled upon this story and found it rather interesting. Really it truly is a work of art and I do not bestow that compliment lightly, no sir I do not. I can see you two chaps are having a little quibble as it were as to the nature of the horned equine involved and I feel I may be of assistance.

You see it is very much a case of nature as opposed to nurture as it were. And the fact of the matter is. Madame Glimmer is in the same proverbial boat as Trixie, Discord, Gilda, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and of course Spike the Dragon. For you see they were all at one point antagonistic towards their fellows, for however briefly. That simply cannot do for they knew full well what they were doing when they were being so antagonistic and surely would have to suffer severe consequences. None of that "I did not mean to I'm sorry" nonsense, no sir!

A good swift and direct punishment is what's needed I assure you! I commend this fine author taking the first strike against such baseless and immoral vermin! I expect many more detailing the punishments of those I listed! Many more!

And with that my good fellows I bid you farewell.

I would actually rather this happen to Glimmer. Also, great writing.

7676614 Nah. Without Starlight, Twi would probably have gotten another student, who could then have gone to speechify and save the day.

7676394 And for that matter, if she's so good at general magic, why wasn't she shipped off to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns? Boom, she's back with her friend, and future problem avoided.

The final clash is a bit confusing.Twilight and Starlight battle it out much more brutally than before but it somehow doesn't distract Rainbow Dash like it did before?

Maybe Sunburst should have paid her a visit at the end...

7676876 "Whipping his head to the left, squinting to get a clearer view, the little dragon could just about see filly Rainbow Dash and the two bullies begin their race all over again while Fluttershy plummeted from her cloud once more."

If Spike can only just see the race from where he is, Rainbow and co. should only just see the magic duel. Presumably they're quite far away this time, or behind a wispy cloud.

7676876 Yeah, S'up with that? :rainbowhuh:

7676688 Or maybe she'd have been allowed to do it herself, instead of being lumped in with the Princesses in Refrigerators.

This really reminds of what happened to both Azula and Ozai in Avatar the Last Airbender

I love this one. Even though I've read a few of these, I still enjoy each one and think that they're Pretty Good at least and Awesome at best like this one. :rainbowkiss:

Plus the spell that Twilight found and used on Starlight Glimmer was something I haven't seen before.

7675882 I've written stories like that before. I didn't keep them, but yeah, I started out as a bad author. Pretty sure most authors start out with at least a couple of bad stories.

Great HiSHE story. Added to my favorites list and upvoted.

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