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I write inventive fanfiction that takes place across numinous universes


Beware of Infinity War Spoliers:

When he snaps his fingers half of all life in the universe was wiped out. What happens when Equestria is the next planet effected by this

Note: This will be very emotional and won't have a happy ending (But if this story does really well, I may do a sequel.)

Warning: Some bad grammar

Chapters (2)
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Dang. That was sad. I'm going to follow this and see who else will be affected by the snap.

THE END!:trollestia:

ROLL CREDITS!!!!:flutterrage:

Oh man... This is good. Sad, but good.

This is sad, but interesting so far. I actually saw another story similar to this not too long ago called The Snap, except it showed what happened to the Equestria Girls world.

Ever since I saw I saw Infinity War I have wondered what if Thanos affected not just the universe, but multiverse with his snap. Every fictional franchise that exist suddenly being reduced by half, it is a scary thought. This story is the very thing I imagine happening, and it is scary. Despite that, I look forward to seeing more of this. Who will survive and who will be turned to ash next?

So, which place is next?

More, please.
and maybe write a bit longer?

This is really depressing. So many lives gone, including fan favorites like Derpy, the Doctor, Bon Bon, and Octavia. Not even babies are safe from the snap. I can only imagine how the rest of the world is dealing with this.

"I don't want to go."

Then the last of the Time Lords was no more

That was probably the saddest part.

Sad and depressing indeed

Once there was an ugly Titan.

He was SO ugly that everypony died. The End! :pinkiehappy:

Sorry, that is literally what Infinity War reminds me of. (Haven't seen it yet but the memes are everywhere.)

Don't worry the rough draft for the next chapter is about 2,000 words long and I'm still not half way done with it yet.

To my readers who will read this, my third year of college started for me, so I may be a little busy with that to update, but I promise with any free time that I have I will be dedicated to this story, my goal is to get the next chapter out by the end of September, if it comes out later than I apologies

I hope to see more!


Nitpick, if the Infinity Gauntlet is anything like its comics counterpart (nerfing aside), the effects would only be confined to the MCU. In other comics, the Infinity Gauntlet/Stones are explicitly stated to be powerless outside its native universe, which was a plot point in JLA/Avengers when Darkseid tried to use it and nothing happened.

Oh yeah I remember that. Still it is a fun what-if idea that I've thought about ever since seeing the movie.

But with an infinite universe, all possible universes that operate under the same laws of physics can and must exist simultaneously somewhere in the universe. Equestria could just be in a more magic rich sector of the universe and draw on a different dimention - which according to the MCU canon would still have it take place in their universe. Obviously this raises the question as to why all 6 infinity stones happened to make it to our galaxy, but I'll chalk it up to random luck and the films focusing on that universe. Perhaps (as implied in Endgame) someone or something already used the stones to destroy the universe and made a new one and placed them there by design.

Or perhaps someone just used the reality stone to make it real that all 6 stones were in the Milky Way.

I finally rest and watch the sun rise on a greatful universe

Kind of wonder what happens to the Royal Sisters in this?
Would Celestia be turned to ash and Luna now much mourn for her lost sister? That would be tragic for sure.
Her now having to carry the mantle of leading Equestria in the name of her older sister.

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