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I write inventive fanfiction that takes place across numinous universes


"To a new world of Gods and Monsters." - Dr. Pretorious

"I shall awaken memories of terror and triumph, of love and crime and death. Their spirits that have wandered through so many forms and so many ages. They shall rise again."-Unknown

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Thanks for sharing this series of your spins on the classic Universal Studios Monster Movies. Very little I can say beyond I will definitely be looking forward to seeing the differences will come out.

REALLY good job on the casting. As well as going into a bit more detail of the differences to the original movie. And, of course, the thought of Starlight as the Wolf Mare IS appropriately scary in itself. She is ALREADY one of the most powerful unicorns in Equestria, so that magical ability amped up by the super-equine strength, speed and senses of a werewolf as well as invulnerability to pretty much anything except silver is a notion that is truly terrifying.

I won't make any guesses on the casting for the other movie spins (save that Nightmare Moon, Discord, Tempest and Sunset will each be the main villain in one of them), but I WILL be looking forward to more of this.

Well, great job on the start of your first story/movie. Not much I can say beyond very good job combining general movie faithfulness with modernized touches. And, the exchanges, references to in-universe werewolf lore (especially the Red Riding Hood deal) while explaining the origins of the pentagram and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

And, I hope you and your family and friends have a happy Easter.

Thank You
Your support have been very kind to me and have been motivate me to work hard on both the story and it's characters

Yeah. I can completely understand that. Real world concerns PLUS quality over speed.

So I take it this is based off of Universal Studios Dark Universe?

Kinda of, it's mostly based off of the original classic movies, but I'm adding more character development to them.

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