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Gone For Good



An alicorn who wishes to repair a friendship in any way possible finds herself aboard Equestria's largest space station. Her goal is to keep things friendly with her old friend, to avoid relapsing into the past and ending up alone. As Twilight attempts to fix the fence, the station becomes contaminated.

There is an Organism...big, relentless, aggressive, and extremely deadly that arrives on the once friendly station, causing chaos and turning the friendly atmosphere into a war zone. Twilight, who has no experience in mechanics or maintenance, has to fix the station.

Watch Twilight as the hunt begins, as ponies turn on one another, and as a friendship slowly begins to crumble. Could you tell me how long it would take you to...sign out?

( Photo created by Pork984)

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Hmm this story sparked my interest. Keep going the story's idea has promise.

Comment posted by TwiRaptor deleted Jan 6th, 2016

6806672 I will keep working hard on this

"500,000,000" Dang how big is that place?

6806829 Biggest of all the stations, its really big. I know it's a large amount but there won't be that many soon

My my, what a nice start to an interesting story. I do hope you keep going, my friend.

6807365 I plan too, unlike my previous attempts at a story, I am sticking with this one.

I am getting excited, please continue with your story.

innnnteresting...very interesting :D

6807415 Thank you so much ^.^

Ah, it seems my pet has made an appearance. How wonderful~!

6807777 The xeno has arrive but will officially make an appearance in the next chapter at some point, you'll see.

6811144 I take it you were waiting for the Alien? Or something good happened. XD

I quite enjoyed this chapter, knowing me as well as you do you know why~


Oooo, you're good at keeping me on the edge of my seat~! Keep it up!

great story so far I hope to see more soon

6816366 I'm really glad your enjoying this so far ^-^

Yea, I just adore Aliens and Alien isolation is one of my favorite horror games of all time

6816757 Xenomorphs are my favorite alien, nothing else stacks up too them in my opinion ^-^

That is something we can both most certainly agree on my friend! I like you already

Oh fuck yes, Oh Yes, OH YEs, OH YES!!!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Wow I feel l Ike I need to get back to finishing up alien isolation now

6826890 Alien Isolation was the game that inspired this Fic

I just transferred to Xbox one and I have to do it all over XD, sad part is I was literally about to finish the game lol

Working joe "You're becoming hysterical"

I hate the working joes. Im still playing isolation. Too afraid to move forward with those joes

6834628 Oh them androids (Joes) Never fails. They always turn evil.

6845030 Thanks, I enjoyed writing it ^.^

*whistles in anticipation*

6855423 Well i just pushed out two new chapters really fast, your anticipation will hopefully be met

well twilight it just one thing weyland forgot to add when working with them, Leave no WITNESSES!

6863114 No Witnesses is correct, did you expect it to be Sunset however?

6863157 to be honest no, she played the others well, I thought iron will was the mole

Well weyland sure has the worst security ever lol

And facehuggers aghhhhh not those things. They are number 1 scifi fiction creature that i fear the most.

6875498 They be jumping in the air and wiggling their creepy tongues around XD in your mouth

It was a good day to die.

6878170 It's a sad day, at least she didn't go out without fighting for her life. It was really hard to write, death scenes are hard to plot and can make you sad after growing attached to all the characters.

6875502 exacatly. that why i hate them and i couldn't complete AVP 2010 on pc cause i'm in the hive, full of them along with the queen

A tragedy for sweetie belle, only she is a carrier and heading back to equestria where the terror continues

What I hear that alien 3 funeral speech on this situation though. but that's me. Great story though

6879450 Really glad to hear that, comments help push me for the next story

6879696 RIP those who had fallen to Gash, speaking of Gash, what did you think of the Xenomorph and the name it was given?

I liked it, it gave the Xenomorph slight depth, and that made me more intrigued

6879722 Great! My goal was reached there

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