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Alien: Twilight Signing Out - TwiRaptor

"Space travel is all we know. Some of us are engineers or pilots. Except for me. All I am is a common civilian along fro the ride......... Now there is some organism its aggressive...mean and its killing ponies." -Twilight Sparkle

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Twilight Signing Out

The eight legs of the facehugger wiggled as Twilight was trying to keep it from her face. Her hooves pushing against it as the tail wrapped around her neck making the face crazed facehugger's body move closer to the Alicorn's face. Pushing against it hard with her face a tube wiggles out of the creature and begins to touch her nose and lips. Its tight getting stronger Twilight began to scream and grunt from getting tired of fighting the thing, it was winning. The tube was attempting to push into her mouth as the facehugger was now winning the fight. Twilight suddenly started to feel very sleepy from the tube being in her mouth as the facehugger was about to push up onto her face a large blue hand grabs its back and another its tail.

"Oh no you don't you creepy little face humping bastard" Iron will manages to pull it off due to all the strength he has. Twilight's eyes shoot open as she no longer felt tired as the facehugger was ripped away before it claimed her. Iron Will quickly grabs her hoof and pulls her up onto her hooves. "Good to see you Twilight! You almost joined the other side" Twilight smiled and so did he. They both were interrupted and quickly took off running from the area as Sunset Shimmer shot at them from the other side of the hallway. The captain was now holding his arm, Sunset had managed to shoot him there. Twilight followed close to him as the both entered a room not far away to take the time to hide, Sunset wiped the front of her muzzle and saw the facehugger that was once attacking Twilight wiggling on the floor having been hit by a bullet from her shots. Placing the barrel of her pistol over it she shoots twice splitting it in half, it started to ooze down into the floor as its blood began to leak onto the floor.

"Come on Twilight, this is silly, wasn't this the point? To spend more time together, why are you avoiding this precious time right now" she moved the cylinder out of the gun and loaded the weapon. "Its so unlike you Twilight, to avoid a friend. Especially unlike you to avoid me now that i know the truth. Your love for me, if only I had known before the Xenomorph" the unicorn smiles and taps the window of the room Iron Will and Twilight were hiding in. "I mean, wouldn't it be something" she pressed her back on the wall and rubbed up against it looking back into the window, "If we did become something, why not come out and I will spare you?" Twilight slowly moved so that Sunset wouldn't hear her moving around. The Unicorn was growing impatient and quickly walked into the room. "I know your in here!" pulling the hammer back she looks around. Twilight stood up and Sunset quickly pointed the gun at the alicorn, Twilight stopped and quickly began to plead to her friend.

"Sunset wait, please, don't do this to me" Twilight shook in fear seeing the barrel pointing at her, she was scared her own friend was going to take her life. "I love you still, please, we can stop this and we can all leave together" a random pony stood up, he was hiding in the room at the same moment Twilight was.

"I just work here, I don't know anybody here" the pony said with a smile now raising his hooves to surrender. Sunset rolled her eyes and then returned her attention to the lavender mare, her friend.

"I work for Weyland , there can be no witnesses to what has happened. Even if you completely screwed the operation and released everything we had worked so hard to capture, we have to kill everypony here" She then pointed the gun at the random pony, "That goes for you too so don't go anywhere" Iron will then stood up surrendering, Sunset gave a pleased smile and lowered her gun. "Good, now how about you two come with me peacefully. Nopony will live long now, those facehuggers you released are how Xenomorphs are created. Once they get on your face the plant one in your chest. You later die from the birth as the creature rips from your chest. You just made allot of Xenomorphs today" Iron Will nods and slowly decides to go peacefully, Twilight does the same.


Running fast with the fillies White Lightning carried his flame thrower once again. they were sprinting through what remained of the crew on the west sector of the station. Everypony screaming as Two dome headed beasts came from the ventilation, fast the creatures began to take down ponies. White was terrified, more Xenomorphs, to him one of those things was a nightmare. Now this ship was a feeding ground for an army. As he kept running he heard Sweetie Belle scream from behind him but by the time he looked back a facehugger was laying on the little fillies face, she was motionless on the floor. White quickly ran over to the child and picked her up with his magic. He shook his head frantically as screams echoed around him. Placing the filly on his back he continued to try and get out. He had no idea how long the filly had, Scootaloo was running fast next to him. He opened a nearby door and pushed Scootaloo inside. He didn't want to be out there anymore now.

"FUCK!! How fast do these things grow up!" he slammed his head back and slowly slide down to the floor against a wall, "Oh why did it have to end this way!? Why Sunset!! WHY DID YOU DO THIS" he slams his head back again remembering the last face he saw on his marefriend face. She was so clueless and in love with him and now she is dead. Scootaloo looked around and ran around the room, she wanted Twilight and a way out. "Scootaloo, stop there is no point in trying. We are dead now, we all are" he lets go of the flame thrower and lets it slide away from him. "I am ready to die now..."

"No, Twilight said we are going to be fine. She is going to get me out of here!" she said looking to the depressed and now lonely stallion.

"Twilight is dead too, nopony will live from this!"

Iron Will was walking with Twilight and Sunset with his head down, he was a horrible captain. Always thinking about himself and not others. He wouldn't even go down with this station when this all began. Everything was crumbling and he had done nothing but let it happen. Sunset was now carrying a shotgun that she had taken from a fallen Weyland soldier. Twilight had no gun anymore, Sunset took that away after they surrendered to her. As they walked the were all cautious as the screams of dieing ponies all around them, they arrived at the control station entering it slowly. Sunset turned around to look at her three captives. The safe moment soon passed when a loud crunch was made , the captive stallion was now being raised into the air by a long tail. Sunset backs up and from up in the rafters above the door a shiny dome comes from the darkness, it was gash. The Xenomorph shoved its dagger tongue into the head of the stallion and tossed him aside. The body slammed against the floor. Hoping down from the rafters Gash quickly jumped over Sunsets head and landed behind her. Twilight busted into a sprint to go to her friend, even if she was just trying to kill them. Twilight could not let anypony die from this beast. Gash placed its hand onto the mouth of the mare letting out a loud hiss. Twilight was just about to make it to Sunset when she was knocked out of the way. Slamming against the desk she looked up. Iron Will tackled Gash with a loud scream, they both tumbled to the floor and Sunset was out cold, she passed out from pure fear.

"Iron Will, what are you doing!!!??" Twilight screamed getting up and heading over to Sunset. Him and the alien were now on the floor, rolling around Gash got on top of Iron Will just to be pushed off sent flying into a desk.

"Go!! Get out of here! Take Sunset with you" Iron Will looked to his desk and grabbed a spare maintenance jack. He held it in one hand and garbed two other items from the desk. He stared at the other items as he smiled at them. It was a picture of the headmare and himself next to each other. The mare had a red blush and Iron Will had the biggest smile, as he held the picture he smiled more as he looked at the other item. It was a wedding ring. "I have a station to sink with..." He looked to Twilight and screamed at her. "GO!!" Iron Will looked in front of him to see Gash was now standing up. Iron Will sprinted at the alien and the Xenomorph screamed and rushed at the Captain. They both met and their hand locked as they came to a stand still. Iron Will grunted and pushed as sweat began to run down his face. The alien growled as they both fought to gain control of the battle. Pushing the Xenomorph back the captain swings the jack up into the chin and sent the alien back landing on its back. Raising the jack he swings down at Gash , the Xenomorph raises its hand and grabs the incoming jack. With a hiss it uses the lever to send Iron flying into the air and landing on his own desk snapping it in half. "Ughhhh, you son of a bitch" Getting back up he limbers up quickly raising his fists. "Have at me, GASH!!" They both once again rush at each other, colliding together Iron Will slams his fist into the face of the creature, "This is for my ship" He punches Gash and the creature lets out a loud scream each time, "This is for my friends" He punches again, "AND THIS IS FOR MY WIFE!!!" He swings but Gash catches the punch and hisses opening its mouth, the dagger like tongue flies out but the captain catches it and keeps it out of the mouth. "If I am going down!! Your going down with me" with a loud scream he pulls the creature off of him as he rushes to the control rooms panel. Slamming his fist down on a button the ship rumbles. With a smile he spits out blood and tears up falling to his knees. stuttering he speaks as Gash grabs Iron Will by the head, "A G-good Captain I am n-not" a tear falls as he shakes lightly bleeding from his gut as a tail shoves all the way through, "B-but that doesn't make me a b-bad man" his chin was red and he smiles as he felt at peace, "I'm coming my love" flames engulf the room as a large detonated explosion detonates in the room destroying everything in the control room.

Twilight felt a huge rumble under her hooves as the control room lit up in flames and exploded. She fell to her knees and Sunset began to wake up rubbing her head softly.

"Ugh, what, no!! What happened!!" Sunset looked around angered. Twilight smiles and got up slowly.

"I saved you...."She stops and shakes her head, "No, Iron Will saved you..." the alicorn stared at her unicorn friend and shook her head, "Why are you still so angry are you still wanting to kill me? Lets get out of here and live a better life!" the station rumbled and a robotic mare spoke on the speakers.

"Ship stabilizers off line, evacuate station, evacuate station~" Twilight looked up at the wall and then Sunset.

"we can leave, we can end this, ponies need to know that Weyland is lying to them, that these things exist!! You know its the right thing to do, please, come with me!!" Twilight raised her hoof and moved it over to Sunset to except, it was right then that White came from around the corner with the fillies. Scootaloo had managed to give the stallion hope, that things could be fixed and he could be happy. "Please Sunset.." White narrowed his eyes at the unicorn still holding back his hate for her. Scootaloo looked around as Twilight waited for the unicorn to except her offer. Twilight smiled as Sunset walked up slowly to her friend Twilight, slowly going into a hug Sunset smiles softly and so does Twilight. Hisses and roars were heard heading that way as the Xenomorphs were hunting for the remaining ponies, they were a handful of what was left and it would not be long until the creatures were right on top of them.

"Sorry Twilight.." Sunset said softly before pushing forward. Twilight eyes widen and the alicorn slowly falls to the ground, a knife in her gut Twilight lays on the ground in shock and pain. "No witnesses...."

"You fucking BITCH~!!!" Whites anger exploded at that moment as he tackled the unicorn to the ground, "She loved you!! She trusted you!!" using his magic he grabs the Unicorns knife and they both fight for control with their horns glowing. "We all trusted you!!!"

"That was your mistake!! I never wanted to help you!! You all are expendable! Everypony is!" Sunset screams as she pushes on the knife as the other remains still stuck in Twilight. Roars were heard coming down the hall.

"If thats the truth they would kill you too, ponies aren't items, you can't throw them away!!" White tears up as he gains control turning the blade towards her. "Weyland will always screw you over!! They will use you til you have nothing more to give!!"

"What would you know about anything White!!" she struggles and turns the blade towards him now. White grunts and his horn began to glow brighter as he grabbed a segment of his outfit and ripped off the badge. Underneath was a Weyland W.

"Because thats what they did to me!!" he uses all his strength to slam the blade down onto Sunsets chest, the blade penetrated her heart and he rolled off of her. Sunset gasped and was now slowly dieing as the Xenomorphs were now visible in the hallway. Scootaloo screamed as they were heading their way. White moved to Twilight and picked her up moving down the hall, a ambulance craft was not far. Scootaloo was screaming but helped White by opening the door to the craft. The door closed behind them and he set the dieing Twilight into a seat. The creatures were all outside the craft banging on the door and roaring. White moved to the pilots chair and buckled himself in. "Stay by Twilight Scootaloo!! Buckle her in!!"

"Okay!! Hurry I'm SCARED!!"

"Don't be...its okay...I'm okay. I promised you didn't I?" Twilight smiles as hints of blood collected on her lips, tears in the alicorn's eyes. "I promised i wouldn't let them get you, didn't I" Twilight placed a hoof on Scootaloo's cheek and smiles. White starts up the ship and soon they were soaring through space at high speeds. Twilight heard a bunch of ponies talking on the radio form another station 'Come in Voluntas Station, do you copy' Twilight reached up and pressed a button and she brought Scootaloo up to her chest and hugged her. "This is Twilight"

"Twilight? Twilight please tell us what is going on. There was a large explosion detected on Voluntas. What is happening up there" Twilight giggled at the ponies and smiled.

"You might not believe me if I told you....however i don't see a reason not to tell you other than that. There was a attack on Voluntas, an alien organism, don't bother going there everypony is dead" the radio buzzed and the ponies on the other end responded.

"Alien what!! Twilight, you have to let us know what is going on!!"

"My friends....Applebloom, Fractured Hearts, Silverstar, Sunset Shimmer, Captain Iron Will, Sweetie Belle....they have all signed off. they are either deceased or believed to be" Twilight pauses and the radio was quiet for a moment. The blood collecting on her body and her eyes closing slowly, "This is Twilight.....Signing Out"

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6875502 exacatly. that why i hate them and i couldn't complete AVP 2010 on pc cause i'm in the hive, full of them along with the queen

A tragedy for sweetie belle, only she is a carrier and heading back to equestria where the terror continues

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7023274 Lol, yeah I kind of threw a number in there and I am seriously thinking about revising it but yes..GOD DAMN

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7029072 We will see, working on the next chapter to the sequel today as a matter of fact. Then moving on to Predator story again and so on, a chapter for a different story a day sense I am working on three at once! lol

7058083 Read on good sir and thank you for your comment, they all help!

7158763 It all gets worse ;)

7161351 Xenomorphs, especially Drones like noise and tend to go to every single sound they hear. That can prove to be a weakness but a drone makes up for it by being slightly more witty than other types of Xenomorphs.

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7945577 To be honest I cannot explain, haha, I simply put my work up and boom and it surprises you.

Well glad I took the time to read this, this was a really good fic. I was well written and even had a couple moments that scared me a bit.
I also like that twist as well

Suggestion on an old story? Hmmm, I will take this suggestion and use it thank you

Actually there's a terminal in the game that tells you thar Waylan Corp bought the station literally days before you arrive. Its hard to find but there is a remote terminal with orders from Waylan Corp to the one buying that he needs to reprogram the working Joes to *ahem* "assist" with the remaining stragglers.

The name is coming from a child and from there it becomes the way to speak of the creature. I know it is not the cleverest name ever made up for some Xenomorph, however, it works in a way. I would also like to say that I have noticed the other two comments on the story made by you, I would like to thank you for the feedback.

Every Comment, I accept them here. I appreciate them and thanks for taking the time to comment because it means alot to see what you think of the story as it moves forward.

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nice work.

Everything silent, calm, normal ... never meant to last. Thank you for commenting and beginning to read the Alien Twilight Series, I hope you enjoy my little creation.

One: This story is well over three years old and I never got an editor because I don't care enough because I write for fun, not glory or recognition.

Two: To be straight with you I chose Dagger Like Tongue from one of the books for the alien series called Alien Out of The Shadows. I think that was the name because again it was three years ago.

Three: Thank you for all your feedback on this story so far, however, I just wanna make you realize the age of this story. That this story was written for fun and was never expected to gain what it has given me.

Thank You

You may not write for glory but you have my respect.

Your Respect is Welcomed!! It makes me feel more than wonderful!! If you enjoy my work take a look at my latest on Tapas!
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I'm on your second book now is the tapa just a inbetween piece or should I read it now to get a full scope of things

It is a Comic Reimagining of the series. It is this first Story but in comic form!

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