• Published 6th Jan 2016
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Alien: Twilight Signing Out - TwiRaptor

"Space travel is all we know. Some of us are engineers or pilots. Except for me. All I am is a common civilian along fro the ride......... Now there is some organism its aggressive...mean and its killing ponies." -Twilight Sparkle

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Perfect Organism

The halls are filled with screams as ponies run full of fear. Wanting answers most start to rush up to the captain's door pounding and screaming for help. Sunset was doing the opposite as the thought of that happening to Twilight lingering in the back of her head. With tears and drops of blood up her arms from Soarin's bloody screams of help she began to run through the tsunami of ponies.

Sunset never spoke as some ponies tried to ask her for help because she was wearing her work outfit. She just gave them blank stares and walked past them as they pleaded to her. She couldn't help them from whatever happened, whatever had Soarin was stronger than her, stronger than those stallions who were trying to help. It murdered Soarin and she didn't want her friends being next. Everypony on Valuntas Station was reacting to the situation, it didn't take long for the news to spread through the crowded ship. Twilight, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Applebloom were trying not to get swept away from the rushing ponies. the fillies were as close as they could be to Twilight. Twilight looked around , she was more scared than ever now that something was wrong. Her heart pounding in her chest as her fear was starting to get to her. She wanted to go home. A tear rolled down her cheek.

The control room doors were pounding as ponies were trying to get in, Iron will clenching his mug tightly shakes his head to the staff, He couldn't allow them to come it. It would be hell, they needed to think of what they were going to do alone without all these ponies. "What are our options sir?" one of the ponies asked Iron Will with fear in her eyes and a raspy tone in her voice. Iron Will looks to her and shakes his head again as if saying there was a problem.

"Nothing we can do, the shower is coming and the shutters will close. It's not safe for anypony to leave yet." The pony staff had almost forgot about the meteor shower that was coming. They had originally thought it could wait until tomorrow but the storm had other plans. Now with no way out of this Iron Will presses a big red button on his dashboard. "Ponies, griffons, and others, please stay calm and go to your bunks. We are currently experiencing problems that are preventing your evacuation" he flinches as the pounding began to get louder outside the doors, "We can't say for sure what is going on for we did not see anything but for your safety" he flinches again as it was even louder now. "You must leave the main traffic areas, go to your home, or any sealed room" he lets go of the button and places his hand on his head letting out a long sigh. "Somepony needs to tell me what is going on, we need to bring all the staff in and see if any of them saw anything, proceed with that task or find yourself out with the civilians" He pushes off the desk and walks to his cabin doors and exits the main area of the control room. As he entered his room he could still hear all the ponies pounding at the doors. This was madness being born, he could not stop thinking about what he heard over the radio. Everypony in the control room heard the screams and the struggle that was taking place before the connection died. In the control room the head mare pressed her little green button on her dashboard.

"All employees, make your way to the control room immediately. We need your help please move immediately" as she spoke all the employees heard her voice in their headsets. Sunset Shimmer ignored it continuing on her way to find her friend Twilight. She noticed some ponies were heading into their bunks as they were told to do by the captain. She noticed a stallion yelling at a mare to give him her card to get inside her room but Sunset just walked by. She didn't care, she just saw a pony die, she was shocked and still trying to figure out what happened back at that vent. That's when her eyes began to fill with tears , the events dawning on her hard. Soarin was dead and she felt like she could have saved him, falling down she began to cry. Ponies kept to themselves and continued to press on ignoring her tears as she had ignored their cries for help and answers.

"Soarin, I'm so sorry, I tried to save you! I'm so s-sorry..." she cried as she felt a hoof touch her shoulder. Sunset looked up to see a very large mare. Tall as Big Mac looking down at her with a confused stare. She seemed calm and focused while everypony else was running and screaming or hiding in their bunks. "What do you want!?" Sunset giving the worst first impression to the mare possible, however, the mare didn't seem to care. She was wearing a green suit like other employees, except she had a badge on her shoulder that was orange with two silver stripes on in the center of it.

"I saw you here. You saw what happened didn't you? I'm Fractured heart, employee of the synthetic area" She rubs Sunset shoulder and smiles lightly. Sunset was curious on too how Fracture could tell she saw Soarin's death. Then she looked down and saw that she still had blood on her arms, this caused her tears to flow faster down her cheeks. Fracture was looking at Sunsets arms and nodded, "Come on, we have to get going. All employees are needed at the control room, let's go" Sunset slowly looked up at her and nodded wiping off her tears slowly getting up willing to follow the mare but if she saw Twi on the way to the control room, she would go with Twi and not her.


Every window in the station began to darken , noise coming from all directions as the shutters of the ship begin to lower covering the windows to prevent them from breaking during the meteor shower. Ponies who didn't understand began to scream as the place went dark. Security cameras throughout the ship caught many ponies pounding on the now covered windows begging for the light, the view they all saw everyday was now hidden, nothing but the metal walls and ship lighting, nothing natural but the ponies themselves. Twilight and the fillies were stopped moving when the shutters began to close, Scootaloo runs over to one of the windows following the shutters as it slides over. "Hey, Hey, Hey, you can't do that. It's not fair!" she yelled at the metal as it covered the window completely along with the rest in the ship. Twilight walked over and her gut began to turn and twirl, she couldn't see the view that had kept her calm for so long. Now her view of home was gone.

"No, no, no, no! What is going on, what's happening!!" Twilight moved her hooves along the blackened window and began to hyperventilate as her fear began to go crazy. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle both go to the alicorn and begin to hug her softly and whisper to her to calm down. She was shaking now as the fillies held on to her, her nerves going out of control it almost seemed as if the fillies attempts to calm her were going to fail until the shaking slowly came to a stop and Twilight began to sniffle with her eyes closed. The three sat in front of the closed window in another group hug.

Sunset Shimmer and Fractured Heart looked around as the shutters began to close, Sunset and Fracture both knew exactly what was going on. The meteor shower was here and it was going to be a long one. However even though they knew what was going on they both couldn't help but frown as the beautiful view was disappearing. Sunset looks to Fracture and smiles, "Looks like it's me, you, and the ship walls now"

At the control room the shutters begun to close and Iron Will put his hat on his chest and let out a long sigh saying goodbye to the sun and planet. The whole control room was quiet as they watched just as they thought it was going to go dark one of the shutters began to make a grinding sound and stopped moving. It was now making a very loud howling sound as it was still trying to close. Iron will placed his hands on his ears , the sound was deafening. Just as the sound started, everypony heard a thumping in the vents, Iron Will and others knelt down out of cation and looked up. Two ponies scream as a ceiling vent cover blows off its bolts and smashes into the floor, steam billows out of the vent along with long strands of what looked like spit dripping down onto the floor. Everypony jumped down to the floor and out of instinct hid behind their desks. Iron Will stayed standing up and stared at the spit dripping down. "What in the hell...." he looked shocked.

The minotaurs eyes widen when a long tail flopped down from the vent followed by a loud hissing sound. He jumped down to the floor by his desk and something was heard jumping down from the vent. A loud growl echoed in the room and the captain couldn't help but start wishing his desk was bigger than it was. Iron will slowly started to peak up over his desk and was shocked at what he saw. It was huge and looking at the window that was causing the loud noise. Its head shined brightly from all the light beating down on it, Iron will could almost see his small reflection in it from here.

Making a loud hiss it turned away from the window and began to walk along the aisle of desks looking back and forth. Its long tail sliding along the floor and smacking into the sides of the desks. Looking over across from him Iron Will sees the head mare hiding not far away, shaking and almost crying . The creature sniffed the air and opened its mouth slightly and wet spit drops from its shiny teeth. The captain slowly shakes his head as the mare across from him looks as if she was about to run for the exit.

"Fuck this shit I have to get out of here!! Runn!!" she got up and started for the door, the creature made a loud scream and sprinted across the room and within seconds jumped over the mare landing in front of her. In fear she fell over and started crawling back on the floor. Spit dripping faster and lips shaking violently the creature turns around slowly tail raising into the air as it turns at the headmare. Letting out another loud roar it lunges onto her opening its mouth slowly, spit dripping down onto the mares chest soaking her fur.

Iron Will closed his eyes moving closer to the desk clenching his fists. The mare screamed and went silent as a small dagger tongue flies into her head ending her life. Just after the mare was dead the tongue continued to enter her body in multiple areas, the creature keeping its mouth open wide to allow the tongue to move fast. After a couple more strikes the blood begins to pool on the ground and everypony was praying it would not see them, the creature stood back up and its mouth closed as it rushed under the vent opening before lunging up inside and disappeared. Iron will opened his eyes and everypony in the room began to freak out as the ran around grabbing their things, Iron will stood up and shook his head. Looking down at his hands he began to shake.

"What the hell.....was that thing" He clenches his fists and a tear drops having seen his friend die. Some ponies rushed to the lifeless corpse but most wanted the hell out of this place. He looked over at his dead friend and sniffled, she was the best worker he had, she never made mistakes. She had grown so close to him in the last couple of years. Looking to his desk he picks up a picture frame of him and her and slowly takes the photo out and folds it up putting it in his pocket. Grabbing on the handle of a drawer he yanks it open and pulls out a small box placing it on the desk, "I am so sorry....I didn't know what too do...I should have helped" he flops down into his desk and covers his eyes. Not long after the attack, the power shut off, the ship was left in darkness.

Red lights began to flash in the nursery, two ponies were running to the doors to see what was wrong. They had no idea about the vent incident, that the nursery fan was destroyed. Once inside the mare and the stallion were greeted by the sound of screaming fillies and colts. They quickly got to work on getting the red lights to stop flashing thinking it was scaring the babies. The mare stood over the cribs and began to hum, the stallion ran to the back room and opened up the fuse box,

"Alright i got it hold on!!" the red lights stopped flashing. He smiled and slowly exited the back room and turned to see the nurse in the corner bleeding out she was pointing over in his direction gurgling out words. He yelps out a scream and looks behind him, his blood splats the wall as a dagger like tongue punctures his brain. His lifeless body being picked up as the creature hissed tossing him to the side, with loud steps it walks over to the mare getting down on all fours, the babies were crying loudly as the monster walked along the floor leaving blood trails from its hands , feet, and tail. The mare screamed before all the was heard was the cries of the screaming children. The creature left as quick as it came as it heard more screams and noises.

Twilight looked around as red lights started to flash in the hallways. Moving the fillies out of her way she stood up shaking lightly once again. A stallion came running down the hall followed by another. A gunshot rang in the distance, Twilight's eyes widened and she used her magic to levitate the fillies into the air and she took off running. Twilight was following one of the running ponies, hoping he knew where he was going, she falls over with the fillies when suddenly the stallion was tackled up against the wall, she hid with the fillies as soon as she started to hear the stallion scream in pain. She began to cry when she heard the body drop on the ground, two gunshots were heard followed by a very loud scream. The desk she was hiding by was then knocked over by the large creature running over it. the desk fell ontop of her and the fillies. Twilight slowly started to black out hearing screams and gunshots from small pistols. The last things she saw was Scootaloo and the other two shaking her head trying to get her back up.

Author's Note:

Fractured Heart is an OC that does not belong to me, it belongs to a really generous person who has allowed me to put her in this story. All she asks is that if her OC dies is that I make it an honorable death.
Fractured Heart the OC had a short part in this chapter but she will be in many more chapters to come.

Thank you for all your support

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