• Published 6th Jan 2016
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Alien: Twilight Signing Out - TwiRaptor

"Space travel is all we know. Some of us are engineers or pilots. Except for me. All I am is a common civilian along fro the ride......... Now there is some organism its aggressive...mean and its killing ponies." -Twilight Sparkle

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Separated / Vent Issues

It was unlike Twilight to walk off on her own, especially with her fear and sickness. However the tables have turned and she was walking up one of the staircases. She had met so many kind ponies, every single one just willing to help one another. She stopped at a food court and got free food because this was her first visit to the station. Never before did she receive free food because she was a visitor. Twilight didn't seem to notice she left Sunset all alone and now would have no idea where to look for her, as the thought dawned on her she began to walk at a much slower pace, her ears pin back and her look changed , she was scared. "Oh! Why did I decide to do this, I don't know where I am going! This was a stupid idea" she turns around looking down the stairs she came from, "I should go back but...where is back?"

"Twilight! Twilight~!" Three small voices rang out from at the bottom of the staircase. Twilight's ears perked up when she peaked over all the passing ponies heads to see three small fillies jumping up and down trying to get her attention. It was Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Applebloom. Twilight flared her wings in excitement at the sight of them.

"Girls!! Oh Celestia you're here, what are you doing here!" The alicorn ran down the stairs and met them, all three of them lunging into a huge hug pile on top of Twilight. "How in Equestria did you get the money or free time to come all the way up here~!?" The three fillies were just as surprised to see Twilight up here. They knew about her space sickness and fear of being away from home. They all smile at the same time and all hollar at once.

"We are just as excited to see you~!! How did you get here?" Twilight looks around as the traffic on the stairway starts to get a bit more compact. The alicorn motions them to step out of the way so the other ponies can pass by.

"I was invited by a friend, one that I just got separated from. I don't know this place, I already forgot where I have been, I could never retrace my steps" she says planting her hoof on her face and shaking disappointed in herself for leaving her friend all alone. The girls look at her and Scootaloo giggles.

"Hey you know, we could help you!! Sweetie Belle has been here for at least a year. She knows this place just like any other pony would" Hearing this news made Twilights eyes light up like Christmas day. She leaned down to them and hugged them all tightly with the biggest smile plastered on her face.

"Oh girls!! If you could help me get back to my room I would be greatful! Thank you so much" Twilight separated the hug and looked down at them. They were small but they acted so mature, wanting to help Twilight and behaving really well for their age. Scootaloo nods and nudges Sweetie Belle. the pegasus grins and looks up at Twilight. "You just tell her where it is you need to be and we will all take you there, Twilight" Scootaloo and Applebloom pound a hoof together, mostly thinking they might find their talent if they helped Twilight, also because Twilight was a very close friend of theirs and their sisters.

"Alright, So I have been staying with Sunset Shimmer, she lives in the employee bunker area. If you could help me find that area i could surely find my way to the room" Twilight was still looking down at the fillies but mostly focusing on Sweetie Belle. Sweetie bell pondered for a moment and nodded to the alicorn.

"Oh yeah, I know where that is. We can take you there no problem" Twilight gasps and hugs the small white filly tightly, she was extremely happy to hear she was going to be back in the only area familiar to her, Sunset's bunk.

The light shines into the vent and Soarin lets out a slight grunt, he was sent to pick up where Sunset had left off. The stallion really didn't like going into these things. Rats and other things like to crawl around in them, plus what if he ran into a stow away. However a job was a job, he slowly started to slide into the vent, the metal making loud clanging sounds as he did. As he was officially past the entrance he felt like the walls were going to close in on him. Placing his hoof on his headset he begins to radio to the control room, "This is Soarin, I have entered the vent. Issue still undetermined" He removed his hoof and the headset beeps into his ear, at least now he knows they can hear him while he aimlessly crawls around.

"Alright, proceed with procedure and get out as soon as you can, over" a mare voice rings in the stallions ear, she was rather calm and had a comforting voice, however, Soarin still just wanted to book it and get out of this thing. His radio was now set to constant transmit so he could speak without having to multitask.

"Nothing good besides fresh air comes from these things. Hot, dark, echoing tubes of pure terror" He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath trying to get control of his fear. Didn't want to look bad , the quicker he did his job the faster he would be out of here. "Alright, so run by the problem with me again. What's wrong with this area?" He waited for what seemed to be too long.

"We lost connection with a circulation fan, happens to be the one that pumps air to the nursery" The mare voice rings in his ears again and he lets out a very loud groan.

"Of course, babies are on the line, perfect. I'll get right to it then" He slammed his hoof into his face and rolls his eyes whispering to himself, "Why in the world would you allow a nursery fan to disconnect, wow" he continued to wiggle his way down the vent, it was extremely quiet confirming that they not only lost connection, the fan was not spinning period. Coming to a ladder he points his flashlight on the text and it reads. ' Spinning blades, don't proceed while blades are in motion' , luckily he knew they weren't working and he proceed by starting his climb to the fan. As he climbed the hotter the vent became and the harder the climb became. The pegasus slowly made his arm in a hook shape and leaned back his arm wrapped around the ladder bar. "How high is this stupid shaft! What kind of idiot pony would sign up to do this everyday" he shakes his head as he remembers this should have already been dealt with but Sunset shimmer messed it up. His headset then lights up again. His headset was running short, the connection was starting to fry out.

"Did you bring somepony in there with you?" The mare on the other end speak sounding slightly concerned. Soarin's eyes widen when he hears her say that. "There is something or somepony in there with you~! I repeat, did you bring somepony with you?" Soarin gulped as he looked down into the darkness staring to climb up.

"Negative, I did not bring anypony with me!! What the hell is going on control! This isn't funny!!" Soarin began to climb faster slipping on bars several times as he picks up pace. The thought of a blood thirsty space pirate or angry stowaway lingers in the back of his head. He wanted nothing to do with that. As he climbed he reached the top to see the stationary blades. His eyes widen as he gulps again. "C-control...."

"What, confirm what the problem is, over" the mare sounded calm again but still very concerned because there was definitely something else down there with Soarin.

"These things are ripped apart, something was trying to get through here. What the hell is going on!" Soarin didn't waste time, the fan was screwed, it needed to be completely replaced. Sliding down the ladder he makes his way down to the bottom. He didn't hesitate and he got down on his belly and began to head for the vent exit. Not wanting what was in there to find him. At the exit he saw ponies were walking by. "Hey!! Hey!!" he hollard getting extremely scared, he froze when suddenly he heard a very high pitched screech from behind him, it echoed throughout the vent. He teared up hearing that horrible noise as he was inches now from the exit. "Help me out of this thing!!" The pedestrian ponies stopped and saw Soarin wiggling trying to get out. It appeared he was stuck.

"Soarin!" Sunset Shimmer burst from the crowed seeing him, he was a wreak. Crying and trying to get out. "Soaring just calm down I will get you out of here" Soarin placed a hoof on her and a tear fall.

"Pull! Pull me out, there is something in here!!" Sunset and two stallions got right next to him grabbing tightly. "Pulllll!!!" Everypony was watching when a loud hiss was heard from the vent followed by a loud crunching sound, Soaring screamed in pain as something started to pull him the other direction. Sunset almost fell down as she was yanked up against the wall, one of the stallion fell on his face as Soarin was yanked.

"Oh my God!! Pull Pull PULL!!" Everypony was shocked and started to lend a hoof but he was being pulled in more and more and the crunching got louder as his blood started to pool in his mouth.

"HELP ME!!! AHHHHHH!!" He was ripped from everypony's grip and his screams echoed through the vent as the went distant.

Author's Note:

Let the fear and turmoil began, like every Alien movie, doesn't take long for a good day to go to shit