• Published 6th Jan 2016
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Alien: Twilight Signing Out - TwiRaptor

"Space travel is all we know. Some of us are engineers or pilots. Except for me. All I am is a common civilian along fro the ride......... Now there is some organism its aggressive...mean and its killing ponies." -Twilight Sparkle

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Isolated Fear

Flashes of light bated down on the alicorns eyes, sirens ringing in her ears. Twilight's eyes slowly opened seeing Scootaloo was still at her side but the other two fillies had left. Rubbing her head Twilight looks around, the desk was still covering her and it was hard to move. Pushing hard against it she manages to free herself. Scootaloo hugged Twilight started to hide under the alicorn. Unsure what was going on Twilight got up on her hooves and took another look around the hallway. "Scootaloo, what is going on. My head hurts really bad" Scootaloo sniffles and looks up to her.

"I have no idea! Sweetie Belle, Applebloom...they left me here. They just ran away!" the filly got closer to Twilight's leg, clinging to her in fear. "Everything is wrong, this whole situation is wrong....i'm scared" Twilight frowned and picked her up with magic slowly setting Scootaloo on her back and began walking.

"We will find them and figure out what is going on. I promise Scootaloo, I promise you we will figure this out" Her hooves walking stepping in a pool of blood, Twilight looked around in horror to see bodies of ponies, torn apart, oozing bodily fluids, and clearly died in a struggle to stay alive. Twilight walked on trying to keep her eyes away from the dead, trying not too look at them. "Oh Celestia why? What happened here?" Twilight's fear was still lingering in her gut and mind, making her unsafe to others and unsafe for herself in this dire situation. Scootaloo shivered covering her eyes from the deceased, she was too young and didn't want the scares to stay with her as she lived on. The hall lights flashed and some through sparks from being broken, reaching a door Twilight presses the green button. The door hisses and slowly raises into the ceiling and she enters. Moving over to a desk she starts to look for a flashlight, her horn would be unable to guide her in this darkness. She felt the need for something brighter.

"Twilight what are we doing, we should be going to safety. I don't wanna die" Twilight stopped shuffling and levitated the filly onto the desk and glared.

"Don't you say that! Don't you ever say that, we are going to be fine. Ponies don't just die without a reason!" she teared up trying to make the situation less real. Scootaloo shook her head and stood up on the desk.

"Then why is everypony dead!? Why is this happening!"

"I don't know OKAY!!" Twilight slammed her hoof into the desk and fell onto her flank lowering her head as she did. Directly after Twilight slammed the door shut aloud thud followed by a hiss came from outside her door. Scootaloo's ears pinned back and she shook her head with tears filling her eyes.

"No, no, no, no. Not again!" She jumped off the desk and ran under it. Twilight's eyes widened at the reaction Scootaloo was making.

"Whats going on, what do you mean. What was that noise" Twilight slowly started to kneel under the desk to get the filly. She froze when she heard something stomp outside the door, a loud growl echoed into the room as the door slid up into the ceiling. Twilight quickly got completely under the desk and covered the fillies snout. Slowly to legs walking through the entrance, as the creature walked into the room it immediately began to look around. Twilight began to shake biting her lower lip hard as the tail of the creature slide under the desk and sat there inches from the both of them before it finally slid out from under the desk, the creature then leaves the room hissing and growling. Twilight and Scootaloo were both terrified, Twilight had never seen anything like it before. She didn't know what it was or what it was doing here, she couldn't help but feel it wanted to kill her and Scoots. "What was that thing?" she sniffled letting go of the fillies snout.

"It was the killer, he is hungry and he wants to eat me" Scootaloo buries her face into Twilight's chest beginning crying. Twilight placed a hoof on the back of the head of the small pony. "Please don't let it get me, Twilight!" The alicorn slowly nodded.

"I promise it wont get you Scootaloo, I promise"

Pulling hard on the revolver trying to free it from its holster on the dead pony, Twilight had no intentions on using the weapon but wanted it too feel safer if something were to happen. Tugging and pulling, the body pulling back and smacking the wall as she continued to tug. "COME ON, YOU, STUPID!!" she falls back as the gun rips from its holster. Landing on another dead pony that laid on the floor, Twilight yelped from its cold flesh touching her body. Quickly getting up she points the gun around frantically and falls over again from being to frantic. Scootaloo stares kind of smiling at how silly Twilight was being, despite the death that surrounded them both. Twilight got back up and looked over at the holster deciding she might need it as well, she looked over to Scootaloo and smiled. "Could you please keep an eye open for me? Run if you see something, I will be right behind you" Twilight slowly knelt down and placed her hoof on the stallions waist and shakily starts to pull it off his waist, biting her lower lip as the blood leaks out of large holes in the body as she yanks it off. The blood collected at the bottom of her hooves and she held back her stomach as she wanted to puke. Getting up she uses her magic to put the belt around her waist, "Dear Celestia, I am so sorry" she said to the deceased pony. Twilight looked up as she heard loud thumping in the vent above her, she stopped moving and looked to Scootaloo. The thumping stopped and spit began to drip from the vent exit.

"T-Twilight..." Scootaloo said in a faint whisper looking back at Twilight, fear filled the fillies eyes. The spit continued to drip and loud hissing echoed out of the vent but nothing but large clumps of spit came from the vent.

"Come to me, slowly, don't be scared Scootaloo. Come to me slowly" Twilight moves her hoof out to the small filly. Scootaloo moves her front hoof hesitantly to start towards Twilight but stops and the creature moves in the vent making a loud scratching noise as it stays at the exit. Spit starts too drop again, Scootaloo slowly started to make her way to Twilight avoiding the vent exit not wanting to be seen in fear she would be taken away. Twilight started to wave her hoof wanting Scootaloo to be closer. "Come on..."

"I'm scared, its going to get me" they both whispered as they talked, however, every time they spoke the creature hissed and moved as if adjusting itself to stay up in the vent. "Please help me.." Scootaloo stopped walking and slowly started to lower herself feeling helpless, that she wasn't going to make it to Twilight. Twilight bites her lower lip and shakes her head begging Scootaloo to keep moving with facial expressions. The alicorns facial expression turns to pure terror as a tail starts to slowly come out of the vent, the spit stopped dripping. Scootaloo started to back away as the front of the shiny dome head of the creature started to poke out of the darkness. Twilight looks around and sees a slightly opened locker. She looked to it then Scootaloo, holding her hoof out Scootaloo finally grabs for it. Quickly pulling her close Twilight moves to the locker as the creature lowered itself to the ground. Moving the filly inside and closing it she moves quickly to hide behind a pile of boxed food. Immediately the creature hisses and moves over to where twilight was standing. Growling again it crawls across the ground on all fours before standing up in front of the locker.Twilight moved her hoof out mouthing the words 'no'. Sniffing the locker and sliding its hand on the metal opening its mouth hissing as it did. Twilight looked away and closed her eyes. The snarling stopped and Twilight opened her eyes, what happened. She feared the worst, that her fear and sickness had gotten her into the worst. That she might have failed Scootaloo. ]

The alicorn slowly looks back and the creature was gone, Twilight smiled and closed her eyes turning around. A smile on her face still as she opens her eyes getting back up. Twilight's smile disappeared when she then came face to face with an the opening jaws of the creature.

Author's Note:

The horror has just began and our main character is failing to survive. At the face of death now, what will happen next?