• Published 6th Jan 2016
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Alien: Twilight Signing Out - TwiRaptor

"Space travel is all we know. Some of us are engineers or pilots. Except for me. All I am is a common civilian along fro the ride......... Now there is some organism its aggressive...mean and its killing ponies." -Twilight Sparkle

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The Fight

Pushing hard on the stallions arm Twilight uses her magic to rip off some cloth from her own outfit to tie around the wound. "So How am I supposed to do this again White? I have never done this before, help me out" White groaned and looked at his shot arm and then to the cloth closing his eyes.

"Okay, keep the wound closed and tie the cloth tight enough to keep it from bleeding anymore. PLEASE try and make this as painless as possible"Twilight looked at his arm and the blood that was coming out of it. She presses the hole together and quickly ties the fabric hard, the cloth made a loud noise as the cloth rubs against itself. He kicks with his back leg groaning in pain, "Silver is going to kill me...Oh god this hurts like a bitch" he cries like a colt who fell while running on the playground throwing his head around in pain. "Do you think it's still out there?" Twilight slowly raises her head to look through the office window, the creature was infact still walking around hissing and picking up boxes. She looks to White and nods slowly gulping in air.

"What are we going to do now? That thing will kill us if we make to much noise" Twilight looked back up to see where the creature was, White began to think. He knew that it was not safe to stay here, especially now that they were out of fuel. The creature slowly begins to walk down towards their direction, its tail sliding across the floor and spit dripping down from its lips. On its chest was a green colored bullet wound that would drip green droplets of blood from time to time. Slowing down and letting out a long hiss it seemed the creature already knew they were there but at the same time acted like it was unsure as it moved its head around sniffing the air. Shifting its body around and its tail smacking the sides of desks as it continued to hiss and sniff the air. White and Twilight closed their eyes before slowly starting to move away. The creature hissed loudly again as they started to move and spit could be heard hitting the floor as it dropped more from the mouth. White stopped and looked at Twilight speaking in the softest way possible.

"Slower...I don't like this, not one bit" The stallion moves slowly with Twilight as they both move to a different desk, it was a circle table with chairs all around it. For meetings probably. At that moment the creature rushed over to the table and stopped on the opposite side of it , slowly it started to move around it towards Twilight and White, as it moved they moved away but kept close to the table. Turning around it started to go around the table the opposite way it was before causing the two ponies to move away in the opposite direction again. It was like a psychotic game of ring around the rosie and duck, duck, goose and they really didn't want to get caught. The creature then rushes away from the table returning to the office area walking around, it's loud footsteps could be heard getting more distant. Twilight looked around to makes sure it was safe to move.

"Alright, come on, I don't want to stay in this room anymore than I have too. Not after that" Twilight got up and started to walk cautiously to the door. The door made a soft beep and slid open allowing Twi to exit with the wounded stallion. "You said there was more fuel on the ship, where is the closest place would you say?" Twilight quickly turned around to face White Lightning, "Where is iT" she said in a demanding whisper. "We need that fuel" she frowned as Lightning began to rub the back of his head giving an embarrassed smile.

"I don't actually know where to start looking...it could be anywhere" He said and his ears began to flop backwards. Twilight turned away lowering her head.

"You don't know...wonderful...to think I had hope just now. It's gone now, you know why?" She narrowed her eyes and a tear started to form in her right eye. "Fire is all we have to fight back....it's gone....and we don't know where anymore is" White nods and grunts from his arm pain as he moves closer to the alicorn.

"We will be alright, we made it this far without fire" his smile fades as the creature makes a loud hiss nearby, "For now, less talk, more moving. Okay?" They both quickly start moving once again, the creature was then heard moving up into a vent access and running through it moving right over them and further away after that. Twilight lowered her head and stopped quickly placed her head against a wall and groans. White slowly moved over to her and placed a hoof on her shoulder. "Twilight, you saved me back there...you know that...you did what you had too do" Twilight slowly looked back at him and shook her head.

"What of that other pony, he is dead now because of that thing. He didn't deserve that, nopony deserves to be killed that way" The alicorn closed her eyes and a tear slowly rolled down her cheek. White removed his hoof and backed up away from her.

"That's not true, he was going to kill me Twilight...not everypony is going to be your friend anymore. Not with that thing on board this station" The half changeling looked around and walked over to a locker opening it up and pulling out some batteries and a box of pistol ammo. He then returned to his new alicorn friend and poked her side with the box. "Here, you need these" he sets down the pistol ammo next to her. Twilight looks to the box then her gun that she stole earlier, she frowned and slowly levitated the box up.

"I don't want to hurt anypony, White" She shook her head and he smiled placing his hoof on her again.

"It's time you learn that you may need too hurt others to live" He backed up and walked into a room not far away to give her a bit of alone time to think about the situation and the need for protection. "I will scream like a girl if the creature come to eat me" He chuckles closing the door behind him. Twilight slowly used her magic to pull the revolver out of its holster and up close to her face. the metal of the barrel was cold and shined like a brand new wedding ring. Her horn began to glow a bit brighter and the cylinder slowly pulled out from the gun, the gun was not loaded and hadn't been this entire time. The alicorn looked at the empty holes in the cylinder and then to the bullets in the box. One of the bullets glow from her magic and floats out of the box and up next to the gun, the two objects weren't deadly unless together. Together they could end a life. Slowly she slides the bullet into place and it makes a small metal on metal click. Twilight's ears pin back and she closes the cylinder. Levitating the box up into her saddlebag slowly she puts the gun in its holster once again. One bullet was a big step for her, her weapon was now alive and ready to kill. However she was not ready for when it needed to do so, she didn't want to pull the hammer back to have it slam down and drop a pony. She would easily shoot at the creature, that thing wanted her dead every time she came across it. She didn't feel the same about anypony on this station, they are all just scared like she was. At least that's how she feels.

Sweetie Belle's tears rolled down her cheeks as she stood over Applebloom. She shouldn't have left her there alone, she kept regretting the fact that she ran instead of staying with her. Removing her hoof from the cold body of her friend she falls over and begins to sob hard, her body trembling and shaking violently as she cried. Her nerves were pinched and her brain scarred deep from the site of a lifeless friend, the blood lay clotting on the floor from the small filly. A loud hiss echoed the hall as the creature still roamed. It had came from nowhere and surprised them both. The memory of running away played over and over in the fillies head. She thought Applebloom was right behind her but when she stopped, she wasn't there. Holding her head with her hooves she cried more now that her actions had gotten Applebloom killed.

"I am so sorry Applebloom, I thought...I thought you" moving over and wrapping her hooves around the body the young filly hugged her friend and cried into her fur. "I thought you would follow me" she shakes more and slowly lets go of the body pushing away. The lights flickering around her and the thought of knowing the animal was still in the area made Sweetie Belle very scared as she slowly left the body on the floor. Sweetie Belle quickly headed out of the room and started running down the dark hallway. The lights flashed allot in this area, running passed bodies and broken androids the small filly ran fast with tears in her eyes. "Help me!! Somepony help!!" she screamed and ran into a room and the door sealed behind her. Right after she screamed a loud roar echoed in the hallway. Large footsteps began to run down the hall as the creature sprinted down towards the room she had ran into. She hid as the creature stopped running and hissed loudly looking at the door. The door refused to open after Sweetie Belle locked it down, she hid under a table and shook. The creature growled and reached up to the ceiling grabbing onto a grate ripping it down. Reaching with both hands it pulled itself up inside. Uncovering her eyes she looked around and slowly started to crawl out from under the table. Just as her hoof left the cover a grate in her room slammed down from the ceiling and the creature followed with it. Landing on all fours it growled now inside the room with the filly. Sweetie Belle quickly pulls her hoof back under the table and closed her eyes. Standing up tall the creature began to patrol the room looking left to right sniffing the air. Sweetie Belle was trying her hardest not to cry to extend her chances of living past this. She was afraid she would be seeing Applebloom again soon.

"This way lighting, the scream came from here! I know it did!" Twilight rushed down the dark hallway with the stallion following not too far behind. White Lightning couldn't help himself but continuing to shush the mare as they ran, he really wanted to do this quietly. Coming to a stop the alicorn looks around. "That sounded just like a friend of mine. It sounded just like Sweetie" Twilight walked down the hall slowly looking into the front windows of every room she passed.

"Alright, even if it was your friend there is no way they are still alive after a scream that loud" White grunted in pain from his arm still hurting. "If we heard it the creature did too, there is no way it couldn't have" Twilight continued to look into the windows and shook his head in disagreement of White's statement.

"I don't believe she is dead! There is no way she is dead, I will never accept that unless i see a body" she looks into a window and her eyes slowly widen as she sees the creature inside. She ducks down and motions White to get down. The stallion slowly lowers himself and groans from his arm pain. Twilight slowly lifts her head to look in the window, under the table was Sweetie Belle who had her eyes closed and she was shaking. Lowering her head she looks to White. "Told you she wasn't dead, she's in there with it now. Poor filly" Whites eyes widen and he got up.

"A filly, your telling me a child is in there with that thing. I don't fucking think so" the stallion closes his eyes after looking up to the opened grate. Using all his leg strength he manages to get up inside the vent. Using his magic he illuminates the ventilation and wiggles his way to get to Sweetie Belle., Twilight gasps and shakes her head at the rash action. She quickly looks into the room and sees White slowly lowering himself into the room with the soft flapping of his wings. As he touched the ground he quickly got down on his belly. The creature turned around hearing his hooves touch the ground. As it slowly started moving in his direction he began to move to the filly. Twilight went to the door and tried to open it but the lights were still red signifying the door was on lockdown.

"That's why you took the vent, dammit Lightning" She pressed her head on the door when a filly scream was heard followed by the door light turning green. Sweetie Belle rushed out and Twilight immediately grabbed her covering the fillies mouth, "Sweetie Belle!!!" The creature roared as White got up and headed for the door, he was quickly stopped smashing into the wall as the creature whipped him with its tail. Twilight gasped and un holstered her gun. As she turned to look in the room Twilight shot at the creature just before it started to head to lightning. The bullet smashing into the side of the creature it let out a loud scream. White wiggled looking up to the hurt creature. He shook his head as it looked over to Twilight. The spit pooled out from its mouth and its lips shaking violently. Opening its mouth and bursted into a sprint. Twilight Quickly reacted and run out of the way causing the creature to smash into the wall outside the door. Falling over it roared again quickly getting on its feet again. Twilight managed to get one bullet in the cylinder of the gun and was about to put in a second one when the creature got back up. Hissing loudly and its tail swishing up into the air it growled. White bursted out of the room with a lead pipe and smashed it into the large head of the creature, Twilight quickly started to continue loading the gun. After loading the gun Twilight looked up to see the creature picking up White by the throat slowly opening its mouth. Sweetie Belle ran out from behind Twilight and ran up to the creature. Twilight slammed the cylinder into the side of the gun and raised it. White began to tear up in fear as he looked at the creature's mouth opening. Twilight pulled the hammer back and Sweetie Belle jumped up and kicked the creature in the side but with no prevail on helping stop this attack.

"Help me!!! I don't wanna die!!" As the dagger like tongue flew out of the mouth of the creature Twilight began to unload the shots into the creature's side again causing the tongue to graze the side of White Lightnings head instead of inside it. The creature let go of the stallion letting him drop to the floor as the creature's blood spattered. It screamed and raised its head to look at the ceiling as it did. It looked to Twilight now and growled quickly lunging into the air and pouncing on top of her. The creature raise its tail and slammed it towards her but missed, the tails spike stabbed inside the wall and Twilight pushed at the creature's head the tongue sliding out trying to stab into her head but Twilight kept smacking the creatures large head pushing it back just enough to prevent this. She began to scream and White was getting back up. Sweetie Belle was hiding under the table in the room she was before. The stallion growled and rushed landing on the animal's back smacking it before being thrown off into a wall. Twilight stared up at the creature as her chest was now covered in spit from its mouth. White rubbed the top of his head and groaned in pain, the tail of the creature pulled from the wall and it let out another loud roar, its side was painted green from its own blood. A bullet shot rang from behind the creature and it screamed again. Sweetie Belle had managed to levitate the gun up into the air and shoot it. Turning around the creature seemed to react to whoever attacked it, getting off of Twilight it hisses and started to move towards Sweetie Belle. Pulling the hammer back the filly stared at the creature. Twilight slowly slide down to the floor now laying on her back, she was weak from trying not to die. Opening its mouth hovering it in front of the fillies head and she closed her eyes slowly now only hearing the low growl of the creature.

"It's the Xenomorph, the Xenomorph!!!" The creature then yelled as the sound of fire was heard flying through the air, then the sound of the creature was heard jumping up into the vent.