• Published 6th Jan 2016
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Alien: Twilight Signing Out - TwiRaptor

"Space travel is all we know. Some of us are engineers or pilots. Except for me. All I am is a common civilian along fro the ride......... Now there is some organism its aggressive...mean and its killing ponies." -Twilight Sparkle

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"Three! Two!! ONE~!" Sunset and Fractured both pull on the center panel of the locked doors of the control room. Falling down on her flank with no prevail Sunset places both hooves over her eyes as the lights around her and Fractured began to flicker. "Why...why would they tell us all to come here if they didn't plan to open the doors?" Fractured raised her hoof as if she was about to speak but she quickly withheld her words and forced a smile.

"I don't know about you but....a door is not going to stop me from my duties. I am getting in there one way or another" the earth pony looked around at the walls and then to Sunset. "Clearly there is a malfunction, this station appears to be taking a beating from the meteor showers" she points up at the flickering lights and gives a cocky smile. "Appears to have stopped communications....I have not heard anything from in there in at least an hour" outside the control room they were not alone, several ponies sit against the walls. These were the same civilian horses who were rioting for answers. The ones who were clueless to the real situation.

"Meteor storms happen all the time, this is the first time I have seen the place so dark and lonely" her horn lighting up the surrounding area with its light, Sunset looks to her left and then her right, "Where do you suggest we go smart stuff~?" Fractured slowly raises her hoof and points to her own badge on her work coat.

"To the Valuntas Synthetics, they should have activated the synthetics after the power went out. We use them for situations such as this one. They keep the peace and fix what ponies cannot" waving her hoof she motions Sunset to follow her. Ponies watch as the two mares walk off down the hall. Fractured smiled and slowly began down the stairs, once focused she never stopped moving. Sunset was watching her closely, paranoid with blood still on her hooves.

"Fractured, right? That was your name?" Sunset hurries to the mares side with a smile. Fractured blushed lightly and nodded slowly. Sunsets smiles grows and she blushes as well, "My name is Sunset Shimmer~ I work the vents of this station" as they both continued to walk the walls that surrounded them grew darker. Sunsets horn glows brighter to better light their way through the halls.

"Sunset Shimmer? Hmmm, I like it" Fractured beamed a smile at Sunset. That smile reminded the unicorn of her friend who she was afraid was alone, Twilight Sparkle. Frowning and following Fractured, Sunset shook her head trying to shake the thought of Twilight hurt or alone. Fractured looked back at Sunset as she opened a door, the door sliding open with a loud steam hiss sound coming from it. "You alright?" Walking into the room the lights shoot on.

"Fine? Are you sure you want to ask that question?" Sunset said slowly raising one of her still blood stained hooves up in the air.

"Right...what happened, rumors are starting to make me think there are killers on this station" Fractured looked around, the room was freezing cold and contained many glass cages but all were opened and coolant leaked from them in a smoke.

"I don't even know, something pulled him away. I had his hooves on mine and I let go..." Fractured raised a brow at Sunsets choice in words. Turning around and walking up to the unicorn the earth pony ponders.

"Don't you mean somepony pulled him away?" The door slides open causing the two mares to go quiet and look over to the doorway. The white, bald, blank face of an android stares at them from the doorway. In a robotic monotone voice the android looks back and forth at them.

"What are you doing here? You are not safe here, please go to your bunker and sleep. Let me help you" the android steps in the room. It was a unicorn with piercing white eyes. "You really shouldn't be here" Fractured looks to the synthetic and smiles happy to see it.

"Its alright synthetic, we need your assistance" She turns her body to face the white robotic fleshed pony as it listened to her and walked closer to the two mares. "There is a door at the control room that has been locked down. Me and my friend need inside, can you help us?" The android walks up to Fractured.

"Most certainly, you require emergency access. Fusion cutter will be required, this way please. Follow" The android turned away and headed out the door. Sunset and Fractured tail behind it as it leads the way. Sunset had a big smile on her face as it lead the way. "Fusion cutter will be inside this room, do you require anymore assistance?"

"That will be all, stay outside while we retrieve the cutter, thank you" Fractured enters the room with a smile on her face and Sunset followed. The androids eyes slowly turn red as its slowly watches them leave into the room. Inside Fractured begins to put together the cutter they required. Sunset looked around and then to her new friend.

"Wow, that was quick. We will be in that control room no problem now" she closed her eyes beaming a smile. The door opens and the android looks in with red eyes.

"Do you need assistance? Please let me help you" The android steps inside the room and glares at Fractured. The mare turns around and finishes putting the cutter together and fastens it to her side. "You're not safe here"

"I told you to wait outside, we are fine. Go on your assistance is no longer needed here" the earth pony said to the now disobeying android. Sunset moved out of the way as the android slowly started to move forward. "I said go, we are fine here. Your assistance is no longer needed" Sunset and Fracture both leave the room passing the android. The synthetic watches them leave and stands still for a moment before deciding to follow the two mares.

"You shouldn't have done that" it says in an emotionless tone, it slowly and steadily walks behind them following them with its red eyes glowing brightly. Sunset looks back and gasps at the disturbing looking synthetic trailing them.

"Uh, Fractured, our friend is following us still" She nudges the taller mare to further express the fact something was not right. The earth pony looked back as they both headed back up the stairs. They both started to feel uneasy, making it too the top of the stairway they freeze. A synthetic was slamming its hoof repeatedly into a stallion's face, over and over and over. The pony's face was sinking deeper into the head with every blow. The android stopped when the two mares did. The area around the control room that had several scared and confused ponies was now replaced with their lifeless corpses. All around the area there was androids , they all had beating red eyes. Sunset had tears in her eyes and Fractured was deathly shocked by what she saw. Removing the cutter from her side she gulps and Sunset looks around as all the androids stare."Hurry! Give me the cutter!! Lets go!!" Sunset takes the cutter and sprints to the locked door, Fracture follows as the androids begin to slowly walk forward at them.

"Stand DOWN!! STAY BACK!! THATS AN ORDER!!!" The androids ignored the pony they would normally never disobey, "I mean it, stop moving, STAND DOWN" Fractured for once was starting to sweat and shake from the site of so many androids and she had nothing to stop them but words at this moment. As they drew closer Sunset wasn't even halfway done with cutting the the panel to unlock the door. "Come on Sunset!! Get it open, NOW!!" Sunset started to shake making it harder to cut.

"This is harder than it looks!! I'm trying!!" The androids were only a couple feet away now as they all were calmly speaking, telling the two mares to 'come with me' or 'you're not safe here'. They for sure weren't safe here because the androids were the thing making it unsafe at the moment. As Sunset continued to cut the red light on the door started to flash green. Pulling away the torch she was confused. She hadn't finished cutting.

"Did you get it! Please tell me you got it!" Fractured turns around as the door opens up. Both mares see to small hooves but as the door raises the body got bigger. Holding a large maintenance jack. Iron will rushes out the door and slams the large metal bar into one of the android's head letting out a loud scream as he swung.

"Get inside!! Move!!" the minotaur removed the jack slowly from the head of the android and quickly moved back as the mares rushed inside, Iron will enters after them and smashes his fist into one of the Androids as it enters knocking it out of the room. Lifting his other hand he smashes the button by the door and it locks down like before. "Stupid androids, what the hell is the matter with you" he turns around and stares down at the two ponies, "As for you morons!! Why in the hell were you trying to ruin this safe haven!! I could be dead now because of you sorry sacks of.."

"We came here because you told us too, sir!! So how about you calm your shit!!" Fractured quickly snapped back at the captain and pressed one of her hooves on the captains chest. "Our mission was to report to this office, that is what the headmare said over the speaker before things went dark~!" the captain blinked slowly feeling slightly intimidated by the mare interrupting him. Only slightly, he grabs her hoof and removes it from his chest. "Tell me what the hell is going on captain, those androids were killing ponies. They don't do that! They are suppose to be friendly"

"How do you know what androids aren't supposed to do and are suppose to do!" he demands asserting his rank and authority to the mares, he was quickly shot down and looked like a fool as the tall earth pony grunted and pointed to her badge.

"Because work with them" she said bluntly and looked around the room, papers were scattered all over the floor. Belonging were gone and a blanket lay over what appeared to be a body on the floor, "W-what the hell happened in here Captain, what is going on?" Iron Will looked over to the covered up body and clenched his fist over his heart.

"Everypony left this room after the headmare was murdered. They all took their things and left, I am all that keeps this ship going now, however now that you are here..." he walks to a window and places his hands on the glass. Sunset looks at the body with tears filling her eyes and then looks to the captain.

"What happened in here Captain, what did this?" Sunset said as she placed her hoof on the blood soaked blanket, remembrance of Soarins blood filled screams return to the back of her head. The captain takes a sip slowly from his coffee mug and chuckles.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you but what choice do I have. A creature is on this ship and it is killing ponies, just like it did the headmare. Took her life in the first couple seconds it was in this room, she was just dead and gone" he closed his eyes and shook his head. Both the mares covered their mouths and shook their heads with the captain.

"I told you it was something and not somepony..."