• Published 6th Jan 2016
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Alien: Twilight Signing Out - TwiRaptor

"Space travel is all we know. Some of us are engineers or pilots. Except for me. All I am is a common civilian along fro the ride......... Now there is some organism its aggressive...mean and its killing ponies." -Twilight Sparkle

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Weyland Yutani Corporation

The lights flash and loud sirens start to ring throughout the ship, Iron Will is yelling on the radio to Twilight about the situation. Twilight was having a hard time taking it all in as the minotaur screamed in the mic in anger at the situation. She was only focused on his voice as Sunset and White Lightning were trying to wake up Silverstar.

"You heard me Twilight, Weyland Yutani craft docked on my station!! My station!! How could I let this happen? What do they want!!" Will took a sip of his coffee and let out a loud groan. "Alright, alright...just get back to control. It's not safe out there with those Yutani ponies out there. I was checking the camera feed and they are all armed to the teeth with weapons. I just question as to why, do they know the situation" There was a long pause on the feed as the captain thought for a moment. "No, it does not matter. Just get your sorry flank to the control room. Don't die or fuck this up" Twilight removed her hoof from the mic looking back at her friends as they finally managed to wake the gray pegasus. Sunset looked up at Twilight and smiled, the orange lights still flashing brightly and making it hard to make out things around them because it was flashing.

"We made it? Oh wow, I'm alive" Silver smiled getting up, White was still holding the flame thrower with a smile, she gave the stallion a kiss on the cheek happy to see him alive.

"Iron will says we need to get back to the control station, the situation has changed is one of the words he used" Twilight looked around as what seemed to be an empty station had come to life. There were ponies moving through the halls. As Twilight and the others got there things packed up the windows of the station began to show light again, the shutters that left the place in isolation were now lifting. Twilight smiled as Equestria was now in view again. They didn't stay there for long, they had to get moving. "Come on lets go~!!" Rushing as quickly as they could move the headed on their way to the control room, it was easy to avoid the Yutani ponies because when they saw any signs of them, the group avoided them. Now running up the stairs to the control room Twilight radios Iron Will. "Captain we are almost there, be ready for us this time. Don't shut us out"

"I will be waiting Twilight, getting the doors for you now" as they arrive they see the doors opening, quickly rushing inside the door closes behind them. Twilight was quickly greeted by the barrel of a gun to her face. There were ten maybe twenty ponies in the room, two of which had rifles against the captains head.

"Hello Twilight and friends, I am from the company. We hear there is a little issue with your station. Captain here has failed to comply with us for the past minute or so. Perhaps you would like to take a seat and we can go about this peacefully" One of the ponies says giving her a glare, two his suit was gray and yellow with a W stamped on each shoulder. "Tell your friend to drop his flamethrower, after all he wouldn't have it if we did not ship it here to begin with, please and thank you" Twilight stares at the barrel of the gun that was still in her face, Iron will had one black eye and a very angry look in his eye.

"Alright, hey...we don't want anything to happen okay. Just take it easy man" White said lowering his weapon to the floor. "Take it easy now, what is the meaning of this. Why violence to solve this issue?" Two androids walk in and one of them walks up and takes the flamethrower.

"I will be taking that, it will further assist you in this time of error" the android said as he took the weapon to the stallion who appeared to be in charge. The stallion unloads it and tosses it on a desk nearby.

"Thanks to the androids we shipped to this station, and the installment of a synthetic laboratory in Voluntas Station a couple years back. These androids have supplied us with some very interesting information but none beats the one we have today" The stallion pulls out a chair and Twilight sits in it to prevent anything, "Thank you, could the rest of your friends do the same. We wouldn't want anypony to get hurt" the stallion chuckles and takes out a pistol, "You all must have seen the creature, the Xenomorph XX121, or Xenomorph if you don't want to add the rest of the garbage at the end" Twilight looks over while seated and raises a brow at the stallion.

"Xenomorph? Your saying your corporation knows this things exists! Just to keep it a secret!" Twilight growls as the pistol the stallion was holding is now resting against her cheek. "You are just going to let that thing keep killing! You have known it long enough to name it? How many are there? Where did they come from?" Twilight feels the cold barrel press harder on her face.

"Now now, getting ahead of yourself are we. Lets not have your life end today, we are here for the creature. Once we take it off the ship, you will be let go" Sunset moves forward trying to object against the stallion but a gun is quickly pointed at the unicorn. "The only thing captain has been able to supply me with is news that you are the ponies who got the power on. This is good news for me, for you can help me" moving away from Twilight the stallion puts away his gun, "I know you won't deny helping me, after all, if you don't" all the Yutani troops aim their weapons at them. "You won't exit this room if you say no" Twilight gulped and closes her eyes before responding to the stallion.

"What is it you request us too do?"

"CAPTURE GASH~!! ARE THEY CRAZY!" Sunset Shimmer slammed her hoof on the ground and stared at Twilight with one eye twitching. The unicorn was not happy to hear this or to be a part of this. "That thing...Xenomorph...Gash...whatever you want to call it has killed over half the ship mostly on its own! They want to capture the thing and you are going to have us help with that!?" Twilight nods and stood up now face to face with her friend.

"Its either help them or die! I promised Scootaloo that i would not let anything happen to her, I will help these ponies if it means she will be okay. They are going to take this thing away, we will be able to live after all this Sunset. It will all be over, this nightmare, this Xenomorph" Twilight gave a slight smile as she thought of Voluntas Station being safe again. Sunset huffed and paced back and fourth a bit before returning face to face with Twilight again.

"This is crazy...the worst plan i have ever heard...but I'm in it with you" she held out her hoof with a smile as White Lighting walks up with a smile and nods joining the group.

"You can count me in as well, no Gash on board sounds okay too me" he grins now pumped for this mission, more than anything. Silverstar walks up with the foals and smiles joining in on the group as well.

"Count me in!!" As they all began to agree it was for the best, two troops walked in the room and loaded their rifles and stared at Twilight.

"We are suppose to aid you in this, it wouldn't be a team effort if you went without a Weyland to come with you, so we are here to help you capture the Xenomorph. Are you all ready?" The group of friends nod as they now all head out the door and begin down the hall. "I am required to repeat the plan. As we speak other soldiers are setting up a trap. We are to make our way to the security control center where we will make as much noise as we possibly can to draw the Xenomorph out of the vents. After we do this we will we will use fire to keep it at ease as you, Twilight. Start the security procedure, after that it will only have one way too go. The trap" Twilight nods and Sunset shakes her head and coughs out some words as they then make their way to the security center.
Twilight was now breathing heavy, the plan sounded so good but it went to hell fast. The flames only angered the creature and the two soldiers were the first to fall to its anger. She couldn't get the site of there chests being ripped into out of her head. Her friends managed to get out but she was in the back at the security panel, she needed to get the door closed so she could do what needed to be done. She move up to the wall and shook her head.

"No, this is not going to work. What went so wrong back there?" clenching her teeth tightly together, back pressed against the frame of the doorway. Hoof hovering over the lock down, hesitant and scared she raises the tracker. The dot was still moving just beyond her door, hearing the footsteps aimlessly stomping around in the darkness wondering if it would finally come to get her. If this was it. She shakily started to remove her hoof from the door lock, the beeping was slowly getting more and more consistent. As the alicorns tears began to flow from her eyes she places her hoof over her ear and began to slowly force out words.

"This is Twilight Sparkle, come in anypony? I repeat, this is Twilight..." her words were quickly brought to a halt. Moving her eyes slowly to her side, the alicorn raised her revolver to the side of her face. The thick viscous saliva dripped down as the creature's mouth, lips shaking and twitching as its teeth shine. It growls lightly, Twilight tries to keep her eyes from closing, knowing it would be the end of her. she was going to die. The alicorn slowly closes her eyes and points the gun at the creature.

Papers on the floor rustle across the floor as the tail slowly slides under her wrapping around her leg sliding up, the spit dripping faster and mouth slowly starting to open. The hammer of the pistol making a click as it slowly pulls back. She was ready. Opening her eyes she let out a loud scream and ran to through the door. The Xenomorph swung its tail and quickly tripped her up, landing face first on the ground Twilight almost lost consciousness. Sliding her body to the door she used the frame to get back up, her motion tracker lay on the ground outside. Twilight raises her revolver and shot into the dark, a loud roar was heard and the Xeno lunged out of the darkness and tackled her, Twilights eyes were narrowed and she was weak as the creature pushed its hands onto her chest pinning her too the floor. Twilight looked up at it as it moved its head over her face. The shinny teeth shined in the little light that was in the room, spit began to drip onto her muzzle. Revolver to far to reach she was defenseless. Opening its mouth the Xenomorph roared, flames flew at its body as White Lightning charged in the room screaming. The dagger like tongue flew out of the creatures mouth, sense it moved its head from the flames its face was no longer over hers. A loud crunch was heard and Twilight let out a very loud scream , it was blood boiling. Gash rushed down the hall heading to the vent. Twilight cried in pain as she had been bitten in the upper shoulder by the Xenomorph, luckily it was only minor, the tongue would have gone straight through her but it didn't this time.

"Twilight, the code!! Whats the code!!" White screamed kneeling down by her, Twilight looked up at him and the Xenomorph was almost to freedom and the plan was going to fail.

"Six...zero, eight, four, two, five" she weakly said, White Lightning didn't hesitate. He got up and ran to the panel and jumped for it. The creature was under the vent entrance and was getting down to lunge inside. White landed in front of the panel and quickly began to type. 608425. The creature was halted and smashed into the now sealed entrance. Everything began to seal shut except the hall way. The creature then ran down the hallway, to the trap. Now out of site from the two ponies. Twilight groaned, White was now helping her up.

"Come on, lets get you out of here. We did it, you did it Twilight! Its over now" as the headed out the security room they were stopped by the sound of a pistol hammer clicking back. Both their eyes widened and Twilight began to tear up. "W-What why!!" Silverstar was cuffed and Sunset Shimmer was behind the gun and motions the two to get moving. She now was wearing a different uniform, on her shoulders of the suit there was a stamp of a W, she kept the gun pointed at them and now looked impatient.

"Move now!! GO!! Move it, we aren't done with you yet!"