• Published 6th Jan 2016
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Alien: Twilight Signing Out - TwiRaptor

"Space travel is all we know. Some of us are engineers or pilots. Except for me. All I am is a common civilian along fro the ride......... Now there is some organism its aggressive...mean and its killing ponies." -Twilight Sparkle

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Reality Check

Twilight started to scream backing away from the creature, she continued to scream as she was backed up against a wall. The organism closed its mouth and moved towards her. Its sliding across the ground as it slowly stopped in front of Twilight. The mares screams slowly stopped and turned into whimpers as the lips of the animal started to shake and spit landed on Twilight, Scootaloo slowly opened the locker and was about to run away, run and leave Twilight to die. The creature placed its hand on twilight's neck and it began to raise her up into the air. Twilight kicked and screamed as her breath leaked out of her lungs, now with the creature's mouth opening and its dagger like tongue ready to lung out of its mouth and impale the alicorn, Twilight closed her eyes. Hooves came running down the hall, two ponies burst into the room.

"It's here!! it's here!!! Shoot it!!" a mare shouted as she ducked behind a the stallion allowing him to get a good attack point. The white coated stallion raised a flamethrowing from off his back, Pulling the trigger the flames launched directly at the creature and the flames went right over its back. The bright light from the flame shined all over the body of the animal. Throwing Twilight down into the boxes she was hiding behind the creature ran to the vent and jumped up inside roaring as it ran through the vent to get away from the fire. Twilight felt helpless as she lay on the ground, she was about to die and she could do nothing about it. She felt weak knowing that she needed to be saved, however, she was thankful the ponies saved her life. The two ponies run over and help Twilight to her hooves, once on her hooves one of them grabs Scootaloo. They quickly move them down the hall to a wall vent, tapping on it hard the vent opens. Pushing Twi inside and Scootaloo as well. Climbing in themselves the close and seal the vent.

"Move move!! Keep going towards the light!" the stallions says in a loud yet secluded sounding voice. Twilight pushed herself along the floor of the vent before entering a large circulation room that now looked like a living space. The two ponies soon enter the room and flop down on a tattered mattress.

The grey coated mare moved too Twilight and placed her hoof under her chin flashing a light in the alicorns eyes to dilate the pupils. The mare had a beautiful blond mane and blue eyes. Twilight groaned in pain from being thrown to the ground by the creature. The light hardly making her flinch do too her being in shock, her pupils were responding as they should and the mare smiles down at the weak alicorn. "I wish i could check for more but without the supplies, that is all i can check for" The white stallion walks over next to the mare and smiles.

"Are you alright? That thing almost got you girl. If we wouldn't have shown up you would be another corpse to walk by" The stallion grins and moves to a vent opening placing his ear on it listening to sounds, the mare blushes as the stallion leaves placing her hoof on the alicorns head with a soft smile on her face. Twilight smiles and looks over to Scootaloo and the filly looks away frowning. Twilight's ears pinned back and looked back to the mare and the stallion.

"I'm fine, thanks too you two. Who are you? How did you get that thing to let go of me?" Twilight rubbed her throat, her neck was sore and she still felt like she was being choked. The stallion lifts his ear off the vent and narrows his eyes and bluntly speaks to the alicorn.

"Its an animal, animals are afraid of fire. Even as deadly as that thing is, it has something we can scare it with" He chuckles as the mare turns to look at him with a frown.

"Something that can run out of fuel. When it does, we can't scare it anymore" she huffs as segments of her blond mane covers her eyes. The stallion grunts and looks to Twilight,.

"I'm White Lightning, this is my marefriend Silverstar. Who seems to forget, fuel can be collected and flamethrowers can be reloaded" He chuckles and opens his changeling like wing placing it over the back of the mare, a soft blush growing on her muzzles as he does this. Twilight smiles seeing this bond made her feel a bit more hopeful instead of being filled with fear. White looked over to the vent and grunts. "We have managed to figure out how this thing moves around so fast, it uses the vents to move around the station and only leaves it when it hears something or smells something alive" Silverstar lowers her head and nods in agreement to what her boyfriend was saying. Twilight gulps and ponders putting a hoof on her chin.

"Then why do you hide in this air box? Why hide where it travels?" The alicorn uses her magic to lift up one of the empty pop cans and waves it around as she spoke. "Why would we stay where it goes? How does that make any sense?"

"There is only one way in this box, the vent entrance, so if it comes in here we can stop it with fire. It's better than roaming out there" White picked up the flamethrower and shook it hearing the liquid splash in the red metal container. He looks to the vent and then to Silverstar. Silver smiled back at him and blushed again.

"Sweetie, um, what about the alicorn?"

"My name is Twilight! Twilight Sparkle" Twilight stood up and smiled at them both with fear still lingering in her eyes.

"Alright, what about Twilight?" Silverstar frowns and looks into White Lightning's eyes from a distance, White shook his head and looked back with a frown. "You have to help her, she can't stay here and rely on us. She needs to get over that fear! You can see it in her eyes just as easily as I can" Twilight backed away hearing the mare's attitude change. "She can't stay here"

"She can't help that she is afraid, we all are, even you are!!" White moved away from the vent entrance and placed his hoof softly on his marefriends shoulder, "She could help us, even with that fear" Twilight looks back and forth and Scootaloo moves close to Twilight hugging her hind leg softly. Silverstar narrowed her eyes.

"She almost died out there! That could be us out there if we keep her with us!" it was obvious Silverstar was overly safe and didn't want to risk taking Twilight in in fear that what she has now could crumble with the smallest change. Silverstar opened her wings and shook her head. "I don't feel safe with this large of a group, remember what those other ponies did?" Silverstars ears pin back and she looks away from White Lightning. White nods and removes his hoof from her shoulder.

"Then I will rid of her fear. I will make it so she can survive on her own if she needs too" Everypony goes silent for a moment as a hiss was heard outside the vent exit. They waited for the creature to leave and then White Lighting looks at everypony then focuses too Twilight. "You're coming with me"
White poked his head around the corner before entering the room, him and Twilight walked around looking around. White was faster and more quiet than Twilight as he began to look through boxes that were placed in the room. "The most important thing is too be very quiet, you want to have very little encounters with the creature as possible" He picked up a pack of batteries and smiles, "Also, never run out of batteries. The ship is dark and unlike the creature, we need light to move around" White looked at the alicorn. Her ears were pinned back and her legs were shaking. He narrows his eyes and shakes his head. "You need to control yourself, Twilight. Walking around scared is a good thing, always have fear. But this amount of fear you are having right now is dangerous" He tosses her a bag of food. Twilight catches it with her magic and nods slowly.

"I'm sorry, I have had this fear of being away from home. Space makes me sick and being alone fuels my fear the most" The alicorn looks at the bag and sighs. "Back there, your marefriend. She was right about me...I can't make it out here alone" White narrows his eyes more and walks up too her.

"That's true, however, once you see things for what they are. You will understand" He smiles as he adjusts his sleeves and neck of his outfit. Walking out the door he raises his weapon and looks around. The area was quiet and dark for a moment until a stallion in a Valuntas workmens outfit walks out pointing his gun around. White ducks down and pulls Twilight with him. The stallion points his pistol in their direction and looks angry.

"Who's there! I don't want any funny business now move!!! I will shoot if you stop me from making it to the control room!!" Pulling back the hammer he moves forward. White moves back pushing Twilight with him. "Who is there!!!" White growls and stands up.

"Don't shoot, don't shoot! Please don't shoot" White Lighting jumps when he sees the stallion about to shoot. The bullet leaves the barrel and smacks White in the arm knocking the flamethrower out of his grasp. Twilight watches as the weapon falls to the ground. Almost seconds after the gun was fired the vent rumbles and the creature falls from the vent. The stallion with the gun turns around to see the creature standing up on its hind legs. Twilight gasped and another gunshot was fired at the animal as it jumped at the gunman.

As the shot hit the creature green blood flew from its body landing on the stallion's face. Hitting the ground it didn't take long for the creature to get back up. The stallion dropped his weapon and began to scream, his left side of his face began to bubble. Screaming louder he fell over and blood started to pool from his face as it began to melt away were the blood landed. White Lightning cringes as the attackers face begins to slide off the bone as blood curdling screams rang in his ears from the dying pony "Twilight shoot it, grab the flamethrower. SHOOT IT!!!!" Twilight looks at the flamethrower then at the death causing creature that was now shoving its dagger tongue into the melting corpse of the attacker. Twilight uses her magic and got up levitating the weapon up. The creature snarls as the small flame from the barrel was turned on. As it then lunges at Twilight, the alicorn pulls the trigger letting the flames fly. The creature loses focus and smashes into the body of the alicorn

"Fuck you!!!" the creature gets up again and Twilight lets the flames fly and they smash into the animal sending it running, moving to White she helps him up on his hooves. "Get up! Get up!" The face of the attacker was completely gone from the blood boiling it away. "We have to go now! We are out of fuel!" Twilight said less scared but more worried.

Author's Note:

White Lightning- This OC belongs to the artist who has been working with me on my Fic, I do not own him and it is a pleasure to have this OC here in this Fic. http://pork984.deviantart.com/

Silverstar- This mare is taken xP in RL by the artist who is currently having his OC shipped in this story. She was excited when i asked her if I could add her OC to the story, she said yes.