• Published 6th Jan 2016
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Alien: Twilight Signing Out - TwiRaptor

"Space travel is all we know. Some of us are engineers or pilots. Except for me. All I am is a common civilian along fro the ride......... Now there is some organism its aggressive...mean and its killing ponies." -Twilight Sparkle

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Twilight Signing In


Clenching her teeth tightly together, back pressed against the frame of the doorway. Hoof hovering over the lock down, hesitant and scared she raises the tracker. The dot was still moving just beyond her door, hearing the footsteps aimlessly stomping around in the darkness wondering if it would finally come to get her. If this was it. She shakily started to remove her hoof from the door lock, the beeping was slowly getting more and more consistent. As the alicorns tears began to flow from her eyes she places her hoof over her ear and began to slowly force out words.

"This is Twilight Sparkle, come in anypony? I repeat, this is Twilight..." her words were quickly brought to a halt. Moving her eyes slowly to her side, the alicorn raised her revolver to the side of her face. The thick viscous saliva dripped down as the creature's mouth, lips shaking and twitching as its teeth shine. It growls lightly, Twilight tries to keep her eyes from closing, knowing it would be the end of her. she was going to die. The alicorn slowly closes her eyes and points the gun at the creature.

Papers on the floor rustle across the floor as the tail slowly slides under her wrapping around her leg sliding up, the spit dripping faster and mouth slowly starting to open. The hammer of the pistol making a click as it slowly pulls back. She was ready.

Chapter One

"Twilight signing in." The computer terminals screen lights up and starts recording. "Hi mom! Just arriving at Valuntas Station. I wanted to leave you a message before we begin traveling. The arrival went great, docked in one peace. I still have space sickness, like i discussed in my last message" Twilight bats her eyes as she looks at herself in the terminal. placing a hoof on her gut she groans. Her violet colored eyes glistening from the light radiating off the LCD screen. "I'm sure I will get used to it soon." Several ponies begin to walk passed from behind, leaning closer to the terminal she kisses the screen. "See you soon, I have to go now." she smiled delicately as the screen turns off. Bringing the recorded message to it's end,ready to be sent.

Exiting the room she hoists a bag onto her back and makes sure it's zipped closed. Taking a deep breath she slowly begins walking down the hall.

"Hello Valuntas , I'm ready to see you again" she was worried. This was the first time she was ever invited to the workplace of her friend, Sunset Shimmer. Ears pinned back and tail tucking between her legs as she walks, passing many ponies as she moved down the hall. At the end stood Sunset who was for once not wearing her uniform. "Sunset, Sunset over here~!"

"Twilight, Twilight you made it~!" Sunset beamed a smile when she saw her alicorn friend approaching. "You actually came despite your sickness, how is that by the way?" her smiled turned to concern as she scanned her over with her eyes. Twilight lunged a hug to the unicorn wrapping her hooves tightly around her. Sunset hugged back and closed her eyes, a rather soft friendly smile upon her face. "Well you seem okay, I mean you're hugging me without throwing up" Twilight blushed and nodded.

"Don't say that, still plenty of time for my lunch to evacuate" she teases by poking her friend in the chest, "You not all fancied up today? Thank you, it's good to see you out of uniform for once." The alicorn pressed on down the hall walking side by side with Sunset Shimmer, both their hips swayed in unison as the walked the halls. "So how are the bunks here? I hear they are better than Fortwaid Station's. Spent one night there and left the next day, was awful"

"Fortwaid isn't a luxury station like Valuntas, Twilight" The unicorn put a hoof in front of the alicorn to bring her to a sudden hault. "You will be bunking with me tonight! This is where I have been sleeping for the last twelve years. Come in and make yourself at home." Sunset entered the room turning on the lights. Shutters on the window open showing a nice view of Equestria below. Twilight's eyes widen from the view and lightly takes off her bag sliding it in the corner. It didn't take long until sunset plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. "My stuff is your stuff, there are no rules when you're with me" Sunset looks back with a grin on her face. Twilight smiles and takes a seat next to her friend, slowly spreading her wings as she leans back.

"I don't want to rob you of house and home, however, thank you for making this easier on me. I was honestly worried when I got your invite to this place. Space is just so, unforgiving" Twilight looks to the TV to watch whatever was on. the friends both laid back and comfortable watched the TV. The show wasn't even all that good but it helped distract Twilight from feeling sick, Television made the place feel like a house instead of a floating craft in space. That is exactly what the alicorn needed, a way to distract herself enough to forget or at least numb the fact she was up so high. So far away from home in the cold depths of space. As Twilight got in the zone of watching the show, Sunset Shimmer slowly snuck off the couch and went to the dining room. Sliding her hoof along the counter and slowly up onto the neck of a bottle she pulls of a cork. Levitating a glass down quietly from the cabinet she pours herself a glass, the unicorn made a circle above the glass before gulping down her drink. Lowering her head she pours another, making a circle again she chugs it down as her friend is distracted in the other room.

"Tomorrow is a new day, it's late, I need this" Sunset slid the glass away from her before returning to the couch with a grin like before. She looked to the TV flicking back her mane to better see the screen. "It sucks that you got here so late...but better than never. We can take a tour of the station tomorrow if you want. Get you used to the surroundings?" Twilight looked over as her ears pinned back, she was hoping for something more one on one. "What...?" Sunset frowns slightly and scoots closer to Twilight.

"Well I was hoping we could do something else...actually, a tour would be nice and all but last time.." Twilight closed her eyes as she looked away from Sunset. The remembrance of her last visit now occupying the corners of her mind.

"Last time was my fault, this time will be different Twilight." Sunset placed her hoof on the alicorns shoulder with her hoof giving Twilight the best reassurance it could. "I won't leave you alone out on this ship. Not like last time when work got in the way, I promise" beaming a smile at Twilight, Sunset Shimmer blushes lightly.

"You promise, I want this to be a visit with me and you. Not me, you, and your job.." Twilight looked over as their past flashes in her head, the memories of her last visit with Sunset. She knew it wasn't her friends fault. She didn't mean to hurt her by leaving. Twilight smiles rubbing off the fact that last time was so bad, after Sunset left her all alone on a station she didn't even know.

"I promise, this station is way bigger and I would never leave you like I did before" Sunset smiles again and hugs the alicorn softly, "I promise tomorrow we will do something fun! Okay?" Sunset closed her eyes and nuzzled against the alicorn. Twilight who was nuzzling back nodded in agreement to that statement, nothing would be better than that.

"Alright, I can't wait! This is going to be the best visit yet, I just know it will be" Twilight said as if trying to convince herself her own words were solid proof.

Author's Note:

Best visit yet!! Twilight is right in a way with that statement. Thanks for reading the first chapter, this chapter was made to follow up with the two main characters past .

Shortest for a reason, for what is too come, needs long chapters.