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Gone For Good


Alien: Twilight Signing Out, Captain’s Control Room, Iron Will took a brave step in order for everypony else to make it out alive from the horror that was going on aboard the station. It was believed that this great captain was dead from the battle against an Alien Organism who was named Gash by a Filly aboard the station. The final blow was a fiery explosion that was supposed to take out both Iron Will and the Xenomorph at once.

We know now however that the great Iron Will survived and ever since it was a frequently asked question. How does one survive something so brutal and then live to help fight again aboard an entirely different station? It is time you get your answer, in this short story it will be explained. How did Iron Will survive Valuntas Station?

Please read the Alien Twilight Series before reading this, this is a short story to answer a big question of the trilogy I made on FimFiction. Thank You!

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YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Not only we find out how will made it out! But he SAVED sunset! that's also why she's alive! this felt like it answered so much and i'm so happy to see these long awaited questions answered! it was excited Touching to see that sunset had her own realizing that she had done wrong nearly at the cost of own life too. I see why sunset and will became close friends there situation was so similar to one and other... This was great ... I'm so happy to be alive to had read this~ <3

I am happy that I have been able to answer these questions and that this series has made it to where it is today. I am happy it pulled you in and showed you not only how Will survived but how Sunset survived as well. Yes, they both have a very similar situation in their lives and it all leads to an understanding of each other. You are glad to be alive for this series? I am glad to be alive to give it too you and to have you all by my side for it. Thanks for the comment, Rahzzy.

Iron Will is in the picture, right? I can't tell.

Yes Iron Will is in the cover image, if you click the image it will make it larger and easier to view.

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