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Gone For Good



This story is a sequel to Alien: Twilight MIA

Twilight has been through so much, the loss of friends, the loss of a great protector, and almost loosing her self to a creator of death. Twilight is more than deserving of a break, more deserving of a life with no more stress and no more death. However, her well deserved things are too far away for her to reach when she wakes up in the arms of the Weyland Yutani Corparation.

Twilight Sparkle will be undergoing some extreme changes, she will have to once again survive. Infected with a Xenomorph Queen will witness the true power of the creatures, will see all the breeds the parasitic species has to offer. Good things will come to an end , Weyland will fall, the truth will come out and Twilight will have.....

Her Final Chapter

(Please Read The First Two Stories First Before Jumping Into This One! The First Stories are in the Following Order
Alien: Twilight Signing Out
Alien: Twilight MIA
and then you should read this one)

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Yay Cadence! But wait. Does that mean... Okay yes that means Weyland Yutani is there as well seeing as it makes sense and I wouldn't be surprised if Cadence found out Weyland's secret and try to put a stop to it. Great first chapter.

NO!, why???? Whay can't there be another chapter for me to read already?????

7227172 I am going to guess here and say you like the story so far lol, I will work when i can to get the next chapter out, Thanks for the comment they always help

Lets place Rarity my favorite character in a world of death... my marshmellow is gonna die now dammit nooooooooooo.. "Oh and beards are in this season. I see my OC white is still the same as he was despite depression and no almighty will station that him and his girl were happy on till that beloved and hated gash had to blow it up :/ great chapter glad i could draw all the artwork since day one.

7237855 The artwork shall continue as well I hope, even in some of the upcoming chapters perhaps? I am glad you like this chapter, things are as life. Slow and lifelike....but as we know this is the final story so we know for a fact that hell will break loose. Rarity is just another body or maybe she is another survivor

I should have read this sooner...

Cadence needs to know what the company did to White's girl before trying to defend them. Rarity needs to have a talk with Sunset about the events on the last two stations which reminds me that this station will also fall making it three that fell. I consider it to be like see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil. I'm going to take a guess and say that the first xenomorph will appear in chapter 4. Weyland Yutani destroying many worlds.

7269639 Well I hope to get to that point soon, just hard with the lack of a computer of my own. I shall try my hardest to write when i can and get the next chapter out. Thanks for that comment, it brings a smile and a chuckle

I thirst for Weyland Yutani blood. I hope the next chapter will be up soon. Oh and I hope my oc appears soon but anyone who asks will have to wait until he is introduced.

7276306 Wow, i just posted the next chapter so I hope you enjoy it :D

i didnt see my marshmellow till the end butttttttttttt fuck you wayland you can suck my dick. your good and fucking up my shit with you fricken xeno testing. your idiots you are

welp, just finishing reading all of them and i must say you have me hooked. Will be expecting more of this just because i don't like to be kept hanging and not knowing how this will end... and please try to get an editor, there where looooots of errors, but i brush them off and kept reading it.

7277058 You know what, thank you, sincerely thank you for brushing it all off instead of jumping to hate and negativity. However I have a couple times wanted to get an editor but have come to the conclusion that i may not need it. I am a terrible writer when it comes to getting a story with no errors but then I have people like you who have looked past that and truely that means allot. I have had offers for an editor but you know. I am having so much fun just putting out what i love. An editor delays things and most are unreliable. I just love to have fun, thank you so much for this comment and I am glad i have you hooked.

you have earned my respect :twilightblush:

Gallants is going to die soon. I mean no offense to user Gallants that I want his oc to die it's just that I don't like how he's working for the company. Also Cadence better turn on these Wey-U bastards because I don't want you know who killing her and I'm not talking about Twilight, White, Sunset, and Weyland Yutani. I'm talking about a specific xenomorph. The queen maybe or 'something else'

I was not expecting Gallants to be professor I hope you have a ball writing him.

Okay so Applejack and Rarity are going to need time to mourn over their sisters once they find out that their dead and the they all need to know about the xenomorphs. I don't like how they're wearing clothes with the yellow W one them. Weyland bastards can die and burn in hell. I have but a curious thought though. How would a xenomorph act if it met its host that survived? The movies never mentioned a thing about because no one ever survived a chestburster. This thought is quite curious.

The recording idea is a good way for the readers to learn things that will help them understand things more. Though it was about time a xenomorph escaped. I have a feeling that the troops opening the lab is foreshadowing something. I wonder if the scientists crossed genes of a xenomorph. Maybe even created their own. Hope the next chapter is made soon. I also noticed how I'm the only one who seems to comment first but I do monitor this story a few times everyday to see if there is a new chapter. I guess I work like that sometimes. Oh and Rainbow, don't let your ego convince you to fight a xenomorph head on. They can learn a lot faster than a normal pony.

7325742 Some people comment less than others, where you seem to comment more frequently. Now that the aliens are free we all know that huge things are to be revealed. More flashbacks, more tapes, and something unexpected is to come as the story continues. I would like to apologies for my absence but I am back


Seeing different descriptions for the xenomorphs is getting me excited! At this point whenever I see a description in the story that's different from the regular drones I'm constantly finding myself guessing and checking what type is xeno it is. And it looks like the group may have been split up, Rainbow and Twilight apart from the rest.

Oh shit is going down and they took out Fluttershy the magic of friendship won't save anyone today.

7343694 Their coming from the walls!! From the fucking walls!!!

Yes shit is going down, the fate for Fluttershy is going to be a tragic one

Welcome to the sequel of Alien Isolation, Alien: Xenomorph Outbreak that is Weyland Yutani's fault! Coming next year in October.

That fake ad I made up is funny. In all seriousness though the station isn't going to last. The hive is most likely already made at the core because the eggs seem to need heat. I'm still wondering what will happen if Twilight meets the queen that was in her chest. It also doesn't sound like Flutters is going to last long. May her soul rest in peace. This new OC seems nice but nice isn't something you can have when there's a alien outbreak happening and nowhere is safe when nearly every room has at least one vent. Cadence you better not keep working with Weyland. Wait Cadence is a princess and Twilight is a princess. Hmmmmmmmmm, then that means that they are more superior to Weyland and that their deaths won't go unmissed. Heheh everything will fall eventually meaning that when these two fall, the company falls with them.

Keep up the great work!:twilightsmile:

7345486 The fate to all the things on the station and the station itself will be revealed. Everything will be revealed, the story will be complete and blood will spill in the process. As for the Queen...lets just say....things will happen with that too but as too what I cannot reveal. Wait...I can't reveal anything, keep reading to find out more. Next chapter is on the way

You think theyve learn from their first mistake on having xenomorph for further studies on it species

Damn those facehuggers strikes again

Great story by the way

7347340 Oh hello there ^^ I knew you would love to see your favorite facehuggers again

7349284 lol definitely going to get a restraining order on those little ninja bastards XD

Oh, I have a feeling, I survived the lab.

7352912 Oh? Well its a huge possibility you did survive ^-^

7352997 I figure with Moon Dusts saying he's an asshole to ponies because he isn't, makes me think Gallants.

7353156 Your observant, though I guess its not hard with my short chapters, lol. Thanks for the comment and I hope to see more in the future. Also you could be right about what you are thinking

Warriors can't spit acid I don't think so I'm thinking spitters got the group of mares when they came in. Next thing you know you end up in a quiet part of the station with boilers walking around.(note boilers are blind and will go to and explode when hearing a noise just like they did in aliens: colonel marines) Maybe there will be a raven xenomorph or something similar. Though the flashback Sunset had is actually worrying. The company pushing the limits of the xenomorphs is bad. It sounded like this happened to the queen or a praetorian. Another reason the company needs to fall and how the xenomorphs get out. New joke!

Here in my hive. With my brand new host. Do you know what I like more than my host? Killing people. I kill a new person everyday and feel no remorse. The man who stole from me, dead. The guy who owed me $5, dead. My loyal wife, dead.

Did I just go too far with that? I don't think so. Keep up the great work!

7354594 The Sunset Flashback, lets talk about that real quick. How far do you think it dates back? So far all the flashbacks date back before Twilight went to space (Before story one) or just as she left to go to Valuntas. Now we have this new flashback that could actually have a sooner date but when we look at who Sunset is now you as a reader might be able to figure out when this happened. Thanks for the support I really appreciate it.

7354997 I'm going to guess that it dates back to somewhere around 5 or 6 years ago. The flashback had to happen during the middle of the company's timeline. It seems like they had xenomorphs before but ran out because they pushed their limits. Gash would end up giving them a new toy to play with as well as the facehuggers. The only problem was that Twilight and her new friends got in the way. You know the rest of where I'm going since you made the other stories.

7355167 Well yes of course I know, I also know if your on to something and I will say this. Your very very close, good observation and more is to come as always.

7355186 I'm very observant. Though I have a feeling that something big will be making a appearance rather soon if not later. It's that foreboding feeling I'm having that makes me feel like something is going to happen that will truly test Twilight's will to survive.

Made something in the lab.

I like the sound of that!:pinkiehappy: If Gallants is telling the truth about being a spy then he's okay in my book and Cadence would most definitely be a spy. This is going to get more interesting. Even more when the thing in the lab gets out. Can't wait when that happens!

Love the way you wrote Moon. Great so far :D

7364985 I am really thankful you like how I wrote her. I tried my best to keep her as close to the cannon Moon Dusts even if she is placed in a alternate world.

Gallants slowly got up and walked over to the alicorn who was frozen in disbelief at what she was doing, she wasn't normally so aggressive and never before would she point a gun at a human unless they were going to kill her like at Valuntas Station
AT A HUMAN REALLY :rainbowhuh:

7374452 Oh god, wow, thank you so much for pointing that out too me. I would not have noticed that mistake, here let me fix that right now.

NO WHITE!!! The runners got him. Who brought dogs onto the station? Anyway great chapter and great twist with the android Coco. They are so close to shutting down the synths yet so far. I do know that this isn't where the story ends. No it's obvious that they'll get out of this one way or another. I still don't trust Gallants because him staying behind sounds suspicious. Still the synths won't succeed in their new order. Oh and android Coco, that joke you made wasn't funny, it was just sad.

7488511 R.I.P White Lightning, you will be missed along side all the rest of the dead.

You killed Fluttershy?????? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

Iron Will is alive?! Gallants and Cadence can burn with the station. I have a thought though. Predator: FracturedHearts and this alien series seem to be crossing into one another. The predator was before all this. It makes sense. Poor Pinkie and Fluttershy. Oh and Weyland, Twilight will make sure you fall.

7491203 The fall of many ponies is a shame but I do feel bad for not giving Flutters much of a chance in this story....Twilight has now lost 2 of her very close friends. IT is going to be a rough road for our alicorn when this is all over, how does one live when they have lost everything?

Rip Pinkie & Fluttershy:pinkiesad2::fluttercry:

Coco android shut off the power huh. She just released something I believe. Twilight you shouldn't have lied, things could have been easier if you told the truth. Wonder where she went. Though that Weyland troop better not be lying because I'm tired of the company troops being to smart for their own good.

The specimen has escaped! Smart work there Rarity. You took out a spitter with just a scarf. I feel bad that her and Applejack are still going because they think their sisters are alive. Which brings me back to Scootaloo. Did she make it out of the last station? Or did something happen? I hope it isn't the second question. Anyway it seems much has escalated as the outbreak went on. As for Twilight though, it seems that her surviving the queen's birth has given her a rather unique gift. The Queen Gene as I like to call it. I'm pretty sure that since an xenomorph takes genes from its host that it trades one or two of its own gened to the host as well. If the host survives to use those genes of course. Keep up the great work!

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