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After decades of waiting, the hyped-up movie of the year everyone at CHS has been clamouring about has finally arrived. The first ever film to include two of the world's most iconic superheroes onscreen together:

Nightbat v Stellarman: Dawn of Honor.

Unphased by the negativity feedback towards it, Rainbow drags Sunset, Twilight and the others to see the movie one weekend. While she enjoys practically every second of it, the others' reactions differ somewhat...

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR BATMAN V SUPERMAN! And puns. Horrible, horrible puns.

Entry for Harms Way's 1,000 Follower Contest

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Yeah reflects perfectly on what i felt about the movie, i do like it but...sighs it could been so much better if it been Super/Batman meeting and working together like the the comics they made.
There was alot of ideas that could been played out but dammit....it's the verus each other with out build up.

My god this is awesome! It's EXACTLY how I felt when I saw Batman v. Superman! You have officially made one of my favorite stories! Well done! Well done!

:trixieshiftleft: Well the girls could give the Ultimate Edition a chance when that comes to Blu-Ray.

I personally liked BVS. Though I did feel that there were a few problems with the theatrical cut, especially with Lex Luthor. In my opinion, the Ultimate Cut is a better improvement and what the theatrical release should've been.

7766859 Heh, if this weren't a one shot story for Harms Way's contest, I'd add an epilogue chapter on that.

:rainbowlaugh: "Hey, guys, the Ultimate Edition's out on DVD now! I checked it out and it actually explains a lot of the plotholes! It's a huge improvement over the original cut!"

:pinkiehappy: "Improvement? Ooh! Does that mean it's more fun and less depressing, Stellarman is more upbeat, there's more witty comedy, he and Lois have more chemistry, she's more useful, Lex Longeing is played by a different and more suitable actor, Nightbat doesn't kill, him and Stellarman's conflict is less hypocritical, they stop fighting for a different reason, Stellarman doesn't die and Extinction, Awe Woman and the Morality Force are all removed?"

:rainbowhuh: "...uhhh... no."

:pinkiesad2: "Aw, phooey!"

It was very nice (and the puns really enjoyable! :pinkiehappy:), specially because it was a good fit of who says what argument.

It would be interesting to see the girls reaction of the EG World equivalents of The Force Awakens or Arrival (I can see Twilight and Sunset enjoying that one)

I wish we could see more stories like this; the human Main 7 talking about movies we all know, except the titles are all slightly different (in the form of some nice puns). I recognized just about every franchise that were referenced in this story (DC Comics, Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings), but I would have especially liked seeing a reference to the Lego Movie. (Such a reference could've actually worked in this story, because I've heard some people say they were more hyped for the Lego Batman Movie than they were for Batman vs Superman, even before the latter first came out.) I can only imagine what kind of puns you could come up with that idea.

7770154 Ask and you shall receive.

"Yeah, it wouldn’t have hurt for Stellarman or Lois to crack a joke, or even Nightbat." Applejack added, "Heck, I'm more lookin' forward to the Buildo Nightbat Movie than the next IC movie. That at least'll be fun."

Also check out the top when the arguing starts for another reference I snuck in. :raritywink:

Comment posted by Alphamon_Ouryuken deleted June 11th

It's weird. I'm not sure how I feel about this story. How should I put this... I liked the puns, covering a significant amount of bases for the movie itself was good, and I found myself agreeing with some of the points they made.
However... there were some things about it I found myself scratching my head at. They made points that seemed easily refutable, yet never were. The ending, while touching, seems contradictory (if anything, wouldn't it be the people who defend the movie who get hate?). And Twilight seemed rather unhinged... moreso than usual (but that's probably just me). And I can't help but feel that parts of the Nostalgia Critic / Angry Joe crossover review were echoed in this (Extinction being compared to Toxic Man, the Spectral Man Death rant, replacing Snyder with something less dignified, etc.).
But it did have some interesting concepts. I'll pretend that the janitor at the end was Sid Nee and call it a day.

7779568 7779568

The ending, while touching, seems contradictory (if anything, wouldn't it be the people who defend the movie who get hate?).

I see what you mean, with the detractors who refer to the supporters as brainwashed fanboys and such. But in my experience, I've found it's the supporters who are a thousand times worse. I heard they sent out death threats to critics who didn't like the movie.

And Twilight seemed rather unhinged... moreso than usual (but that's probably just me).

I thought I'd expand on her character here: in that she's an avid, extremely dedicated comic book fan and if there's one intolerable thing that breaks her out of her shell, it's a terrible representation of a superhero.

And I can't help but feel that parts of the Nostalgia Critic / Angry Joe crossover review were echoed in this (Extinction being compared to Toxic Man, the Spectral Man Death rant, replacing Snyder with something less dignified, etc.).

I can definitely see how you'd think that. Personally I feel it's like the complaints about The Phantom Menace: practically everybody on the Internet and in person has voiced the same complaints so much, they all sound the same. "Your complaints are my complaints."

7780897 True, but I would presume that there have been moments in Nightbat's existence where he's killed people, whether it be in the bronze age or the golden age (and a moment when he actually used a gun of his own volition). I imagined that, as an avid fan, she would know such information beforehand. But I suppose that Zack has simply shafted too many movies for that nugget of truth to come to light.

7780960 That was the prototype version of the character. The moment IC Comics realised that children were reading their comics, this was retconned immediately. And yes, there are moments in the Tim Burtrot movies where he kills people. But bear in mind, those were the very first big-budget Nightbat films; they were bound to get their wires crossed and get some details wrong. As soon as the animated series premiered in the 90s (a show created by actual fans who grew up with the comics), it was firmly established that the definitive Nightbat does not kill or use guns, making all the following times in the later movies where he has indirectly caused his enemies' deaths (Rarz al Ghoul in Nightbat Begins) very debatable. Here, there are no excuses. Everybody is firmly aware that Nightbat doesn't kill or use firearms and yet this version of the character is shooting, blowing up and running over criminals left and right with no hesitation.

7781026 I recall Nightbat shooting a gun in Last Catastrophe Number 6, which came out in 2009. Of course, this was in an attempt to defeat Gloompoint, but the point still stands: he broke his "one rule" in order to do something he believed that he was in the right for.
I see your point about Burtrot, but in the end, he did that because he recognized that Nightbat had a darker past, and wished to present that in a more accessible medium. He knew that the iconic Newton East TV show existed, he just did his own thing and benefited greatly from it... that is, until the execs decided to make it campier in Nightbat Everlasting, and Nightbat and Sparrow.
I recall the commonly used phrase, "just because it's different, doesn't make it good." However, the inverse is also true. If an established character undergoes a separate interpretation, that interpretation should be judged on the merits of the story itself, not solely on the ties with the accepted iteration. It may be jarring, but it's supposed to be. It makes the scene where Nightbat doesn't take the opportunity to kill Longeing all the more poignant.
As for that particular character, seven words: Nightbat Stratagem. The Crimson Lapels Have Arrived.
I'd say the film definitely has its faults. No question about it. I personally enjoyed it, despite the many, many missed opportunities it had. For what it's worth, however, I believe that there are some redeeming qualities about it, though not wholly apparent they may be.

7781092 All deez puns though... :rainbowlaugh:

7781941 I know, right? :derpyderp1: Took everything I had to come up with Sid Nee.
Stand = Stan
Sit = Sid
Stan Lee = Stanley
Sid Nee = Sidney
See what I mean?

I have to agree on some points. While I like the story, it felt like a RD was simply ganged up on by most of her friends. The points where she made a good argument where so few and in between and anytime she brought up a good argument it was simply glossed over.

I can understand most of them not liking the movie, but all of them hating it seems like a stretch. While the ending was meant to come off as touching it felt a little contradictory considering they spent most of the story simply shooting down every argument she brought up, and a few of the arguments could've easily been rebuffed by her pointing out something that contradicted them yet she was completely shut down.

I'm just saying, if you're going to do something like this again at least have equal sides for both defending and pointing out the flaws of the movie, otherwise it just comes off as unecessarily meanspirited.

7804301 Wait, did... did you just agree with me? Wow, I forgot how that feels. Thank you!


I see what you mean, with the detractors who refer to the supporters as brainwashed fanboys and such. But in my experience, I've found it's the supporters who are a thousand times worse. I heard they sent out death threats to critics who didn't like the movie.

Be that as it may, everything feels way too stacked against Rainbow in this story. Not only was she shot down too easily in certain areas (Batman has killed before in the older films), but it feels like her friends just verbally beat her down to the point where she genuinely felt like she should be ashamed for liking the movie! And they way they "comfort" her ends up feeling contrived since they barely gave her any room to argue back.

I'll say it again, if you're going to do a story like this, at least have it addressing BOTH sides equally, just having one side gang up on the other comes of as an unfair advantage and makes it mean spirited in the end.

I liked this. The puns, all those puns. XD

Although, you did have a few brick paragraphs in there that you could have broken down into smaller ones. Fluttershy's rant near the end there for example, that was WAAAAY too big and needed splitting.

7926899 Point taken. What points in the paragraph would you suggest starting a new one?

7926908 Well, as far as Fluttershy's rant, I think maybe it would look better like this:

"Awesome? Emotional? Try lazy and too early! I mean, what was Zack thinking while writing this part? 'Say, fans, remember all that stuff you loved in the comics? Well we're stuffing it all into one movie including the saddest Stellarman comic storyline ever! And we'll completely strip away what you loved about this story in the first place and just show it to you because we think you're all a bunch of drooling idiots who'll pay money to see whatever you loved from the comics on the big screen, even if it's portrayed in the laziest way possible!' I didn't feel any sadness when Stellarman died, not one ounce!

“There were thousands of comics made about him before The Death of Stellarman came out! In this movie, they hardly focused on his character and now they're trying to manipulative sadness out of us with this lazy excuse for an adaptation, especially when they’ve already confirmed they're making a Morality Force movie! Zack should have taken a cue from Joss Whinneydon and realised that you can’t just have these type of moments for shock value; you have to earn these moments!

“What's more powerful? Seeing the Man of Titanium who we've barely focused on get stabbed in one swoop in the second movie of a new IC movie universe? Or saving Extinction for the Morality Force movie where he slowly strips away Stellarman's life in the ultimate battle followed by the members of the Force attending his funeral, making the audience emotional because they fear that maybe he's really not coming back, especially after we've built more of a connection with him? HUH?!"

I mean, they're still rather large paragraphs, but still much better in terms of readability. Generally you want to alternate paragraph length so to avoid a string of really short paragraphs and a string of really long ones, the latter being because it tires out the reader, and the former so it doesn't look like a five paragraph school essay.

7926940 Jeez, with such good writing advice, I'm amazed you don't have any fics of your own. Thanks. :twilightsmile:

7927019 Haha. Yeah, I'm interested in writing and I've read a lot of books on the subject. As far as fanfics, I do have a few, just not for this fandom (ones I really need to get back to....) and actually, I'm working on one for here right now, a Sunset Shimmer story. I have quite a bit of it drafted, and I hoping to start posting it this month. I just want to make sure it's the best it can be.

7927087 Well best of luck with that. :pinkiesmile:

Fluttershy sounded a lot like Angry Joe at the end.

"And how about Deathpool?"

That movie was great.

"I'm sure Zack Shafter's a nice guy but he needs to stop thinking that audiences hate fun." Sunset stated bluntly, making Twilight look back at her and nod.

While he's a good visual director, he can make a shot look great, he can't write for shit.

So, i have read your story, Dawn or Yawn ?,

Therefore, i am just wondering that are you going to make a story involving the Humane Seven reacting to a movie based on Suicide Squad in the future ?

If so, that would be legitimately awesome since i want the Sonic Rainbooms to react to that "anti-heroic" mess.

Please reply back at your earliest convenience, so you could express your thought and opinions on this matter.

8192533 Ehhhh, haven't really given that much thought as there's so many other stories I wanna get out. Honestly, I'm don't really see this as one of my strongest fics, or one that's just demanding a sequel.

This was F$#@!ING brillant!

'pessimistic edgelord fanfiction'


being gritty and miserable does not equal 'mature'

I also loved the ending part.
PS. Have ever considered doing something like this for the Transformers films?

Glad you enjoyed it. And to answer your question, I haven't but it could happen.

You're welcome.

You perfectly summed up what I thought about that film. Just... wow...

And my hat is off to you for those puns. :rainbowlaugh: Those were all genius!

Snyder Cut based sequel?

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