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New group. · 12:40am January 19th

Hi, G'day and happy flights.

Just letting you know that I just started a new group called World of Equus-Craft. Hope you like it and feel free to join, spread the word, and publish to it.

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I'd have to say the Tasmanian Tiger is probably my favorite extinct animal. It just seems like a really cool animal - and I hear a lot about kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, etc. But I don't hear about too many marsupial predators. I think the Tasmanian Devil is one, but I hear it's going extinct due to some disease.

I've seen programs where they go out and try to find the Tasmanian Tiger in the wild, but obviously they haven't. I've never been to Tasmania, but I can imagine some of the backcountry being remote and difficult to traverse. But hey, there's so many animals out there that weren't known to science. If I remember correctly, the panda wasn't "officially" discovered until the 1930s. And I've heard the Tiger was pretty shy around humans, so maybe.

If it isn't out there, I'd sure love for them to bring it back. I mean, we drove it to extinction and upset the natural balance, so shouldn't we try to resurrect a species we eradicated?



Hi Dreadnaught, I always follow good writers and good stories, and I'm enjoying your stories.

Scientists are pretty much 50-50 on if it's still alive, if you ask government Scientists it's extinct, but quite a few indie Biologists they agree that there is a lot of evidence out there of it being still alive.

One thing I tell people, given the sheer amount of scrub land throughout the country, the chance of it being still alive is not zero. After all, look at the Coelacanth, until a living specimen was 'discovered' by scientists it was 'extinct' for millions of years.

Thanks for the follow!

Ah the thylacine. I've heard scientists are trying to un-extinct the animal.


I'm actually working on a multi-chapter story at the moment, hopefully the first two chapters should be up by Sunday or Monday at the latest.

A Thylacine is more commonly known as a Tasmanian 'Tiger', a supposedly extinct canid type marsupial.

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