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John Oliver, was your average joe with his friends. Twenty-seven years old along with his friends, going to Comic-con. He was Thanos, three of his manly friends were, General Grievous, Entity 303, and Rob Lucci. His womanly friends were Rapunzel, Sally (From Nightmare Before Christmas I recommend watching it.), and Supergirl. They were sent to Equestria balance the universe. After a huge war involving the whole world, they were defeated and banished for trying to bring balance to the planet. Now, "Thanos" returned with no weapons or allies, he has to get his Gauntlet and blade, find his stones and his allies, all by himself.

Arc 1, Breaking Friends out of Jail (Or BFJ): Chapters 1 - 9

Arc 2, The Quest For Power: Chapters 10 - 15

Arc 3, The King of Beasts: Chapters 16 - 23

Arc 4, The Beginning of The End: Chapters 23 - Epilogue

Chapters (45)
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Simp Thanos > Balance Thanos.

Not a bad first chapter my friend

Thanks! I'm putting a lot of effort into this like a lot.

Simp Thanos. The one who did everything so he could bang Death.

They were two Thanos the comic and animated series and mc Thanos who want to impress Godes of death of the mc Thanos who want to balance the universe

This story will get longer, because there is an arc coming that I'm very excited for.

"Never, for I have yet begun to fight." They rained fire on me, I deflect the magic bolts. As they rapidly shot their magic at me, I held up for a while but after I started to get hit, first they got my right leg I fell on my knee but I continue to deflect the oncoming attacks. My extra arms came out and grabbed the water and air swords, but they were shot out of my hands by magic, I snarled in pain. I held my hand and that was all they needed to dominate me. I was on the ground, smoking and burnt, I couldn't move, two guards held me up and turned me to Black Shield.

Ama be honest, this thanos kinda weak

I'm really enjoying these shenanigans. Really fun. And I'm calling it now, the elements of "Harmony" are the infinity stones.

Heh, next they're going after Zachary (Entity 303)

Oh and btw the stones aren't the Elements of Harmony but he's going to have some armor that will allow him to use the elements so he is going after them too.

Please make more chapter

And then it turns out, he was played the whole time. Nemesis, through the Ego Gem, tricked him into reuniting her with all the stones so she could live again.


But, isn't this the MCU Movie Version of the Infinity Stones. And there is NO Ego Gem/Stone and the Crazy Nemesis in the Marvel Movie Series like the Comics did.

Mind if I use one of your team in Shadow of Equestria

I was thinking either The big man himself or Rob Lucci

Uh... Thanos would be a good idea because Lucci is definitely the one who would freaking fight anyone and would most likely not get along with Rainbow Dash, her cocky nature and his black nature would not work, and trust me I live with black folk.

(I know a purrfect name.)


Just no..........take your fingers off your keyboard and go home

"Move aside, things are about to be crazy." She took her gloves off and ran through the horde of guards and when she put her gloves back on they all crumbled to dust.

Earlier you said that there was a spell preventing her from removing the gloves herself

Just to ask who is Sally?

I mean the character, who is Sally The character. Like Superman is a character in dc comics.

But she can’t turn people to dust.

Didn't you read the first chapter? Kilton said that she would have the quirk Decay to make it more interesting.

I did but it probably slipped my mind.
Sorry for the trouble.

Bruh moment from that authors note

How do you feel about this chapter? Is it awesome? Too awesome? Ultra awesome?

I see you're putting the Devil Fruit I gave you to Excellent use

I have a bucket load of ideas on how to use it. No seriously I have a bucket load.

Wait, who's Entity 303, and where is it from?


To answer your first question, read the first chapter

The second, he's from Minecraft.

Still loving it! And I also love the Celestia and Thanos love backstory.

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