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Bronze Inkwell

Hello to all the bronies and pegasisters. I'm a writer for fun and I am beginning to make Youtube videos of stories that I think deserve to be told.

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Has this story been restarted from the beginning? I remember it had more chapters than this before.

Yup. Even the origins of the character had changed.

Noice, this good so far. :pinkiehappy:

I love this! keep up the good work!!!

This seems to be a start (the first 2 chapters) of a very good story :pinkiehappy:. Please keep it up :twilightsmile:. I really would like to see more.


the name that bears the speed will be dubbed as "LIGHTNING MCQUEEN" for he is speed!

Can’t I ask about how long the voice vibration will last? It is starting to get a bit annoying to have to read through alternating caps

As long as he feels the need of a disguise. Also, it's not a spring breeze for me to do either.

There’s probably some better way, similar to how you made Jarvis and Gideon’s voices italics and bold respectively, you could make disguised voice underlined like for example:
I am Godspeed.
Or maybe find a colour readable in both light theme and dark theme, such as the following:
I am Godspeed.
But with whatever colour you think fits best which is easily readable on both themes.

Well the best colours would either be Gold or white. Both would be hard to read in light mode. Other than that, it wouldn't make much sense.

Good thing he not get the super shotgun with meat hook because is the doom slayer weapon, it mean the shopkeeper will died by the power of the multiverse and making the person as a fail copy of doom slayer

He didn't get the shotgun, I was just listing things that were at the table.

Have you started rewriting history? What about the others? Can we expect to continue?

Well, I'm going to be sort of creating a few villians and maybe some heros as well. But that will have to wait until after Nightmare Moon is defeated.

First, discombobulate. Dazed, discombobulate. Distract target... Discombobulate. :trollestia:

Rainbow fangirling over Godspeed is great, keep up the good work.

I really like this :twilightsmile: I'm not sure what else to say but I want the story to continue and see were it goes.

Looking at it, I'm assuming this "hero" is some kind of a bot, or possibly Godspeed? Haven't actually read it yet, or any of the comments, but if it is I look forward to seeing how this goes!

When are you going to do more of that fall of equestria?

Soon. Maybe. Thinking of taking a few steps back with it though. Right now, I'm working on something bigger. Well, a demo of something that will get bigger as time goes on that is.

Yes, anything. Besides, getting tired of waiting you know?

They Hell you trying to say? Displaced can use other franchise weapons

This is why I hate displace fic. -_- geez, displace fics have 99% is trash.

How about, instead of being a dick, you leave constructive criticism instead, so I know which areas I need to improve on. Also, no story is perfect. It's an impossibility. So either not be a douche, or go fuck off.

Comment posted by Dragon Shimmer deleted Jul 5th, 2021
Comment posted by Dragon Shimmer deleted Jul 5th, 2021

Yep, and I'm going to try and update it more often.

This is the same chapter of the last chapter

Think you made a mistake, this chapter is the same as the last one. :twilightoops:

Whoops, sorry everyone. Accidentally posted the same chapter. I'll fix this in a bit, as I'm working right now.

Yay, it's fixed. Finally some progress. Curious, have you already written the chapters on a Google document or something? Since you accidentally uploaded the same chapter.

Yes, I find it easier to go from Google docs then paste it in here. I was just in a rush and accidentally posted the wrong chapter.

So far so good. Though I'm noticing something, so far with Flutters and RD, his interference has changed things..... hmmm. Very interesting so far.

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