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I´m what happens, if you have a great libido and too much time on your hands. And yes that also includes fapping...

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Good morning to everyone except the person who made this fucking nonsense

nohen #3 · Jun 12th, 2017 · · 1 ·



Well, I am sorry to hear that you didn´t like it. It´s not everyone cup of tea, I admit.

I still hope you have a good day. :twilightsmile:

You see, it's shit like this that makes me weary of turning off the Mature filter.

I feel bad for everyone who've read this, because I didn't:derpyderp1:

Yes, I'd like to echo Mr. Gun-to-the-head. The fact that you wrote this makes me wonder if I should check if alley cats and feral Dogs are vanishing from your neighborhoods.

Well, since I moved in I haven´t really seen feral dogs and the like, but I will watch out for them now. :raritywink:

Thank you for your time and your constructive criticism.

I dont really review much, but seeing all the hate I just had to say i enjoyed this story. Some of it felt 'rushed' in a word, but the characters felt true to themself? Whatever, it's good fetishe clop, you and Towan built it and i...don't need to finish that sentence.

(On a side note) I honestly think some of the comments are uncalled for, I mean the fics name kinda tells someone what there gonna be reading (what did you expect a romantic night out with a candle lit diner?) Well what else with a name like rape town!

Thank you for the kind words. I know, that this indeed is kinda rushed, but it owes that to the point that Towan and I more or less write the entire thing in one go. We even skipped sleep for it. :twilightblush:
And considering that at the start we didn´t even plan to publish it...

Still, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Some of the comments make me worried for people in real life.

This nigga needs help
As in NOW

One point that irritated me a bit: I don't think Celestia has the ability to take away Twilight's Alicornhood or the castle itself. Unless it was just the title of princess and she's not allowed in the castle anymore, that is.

I will edit it to make it more clear that it was the title and that she is not allowed in the castle anymore, because that is actually what we meant.

At the mentioning of this the little filly shuddered and squirted in a sudden orgasm. "I struggled so much. And Applejack screamed her lungs out, when the others held her down. But when brother fucked me...ooh, it was so good....fuck cutie-marks! My destiny is being my brothers cock-sock!", she mumbled, while creeping closer to Twilight, with her dripping pussy and eyes burning with drunken lust. "And yours, too."

Everyone is over 18 years old.

Yeah... no they're not. You wrote her as underage, especially since she it sounds like she doesn't have her cutie mark.


Seemed like I overlooked that one, sorry. :pinkiegasp:

Edited out immediatly, thanks for the heads-up.

My gods it woulda been so easy for her to win ..... cast a want it need it spell on a stallion she hated *thunderlane cough cough* or spike and watch them rape the living crap outta them .... everyone's attention is drawn to a train wreck every time a new stallion would show up bamn rape the stallion.... enscrowled. For the ones allready broken bamn...memory spell like with discord or erase there recent memories...discord should've broke fluttershys in my opinion

Problem was for twilight that there was an anit-magic spell over Ponyville, as mentionend by Spike. Only Celestia could cast and the curse-scrolls from her could be used, as demonstrated by Thunderlane.

This is what you get when you combine Hunger Games, Rape, And My Little Pony... The real question here is

Are you fucking high?

Sorry, Im just having a bit of a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that this story was more of a horror show than anything. *shudder*

Hymn....alchemy then a love potion given to spike ..... I'd like to see his growth spurt when they try to take her muhaha yah spike would probably wanna do it but he'd follow her orders to wait till shes ready.....or one that renders her unconscious for the time limit she can't submit if she's unconscious but she's probably be pregnant when she wakes. Sorry i know the premise is theres no way to win but she has science and alchemy i just feel she coulda won then got back at celestia.

Rape glorification stories like this are indicative of a diseased mind.
Get help.


Let's not be extreme here. Plenty of people of both genders fantasize about rape, both being on the giving and receiving end. This is the core of the "BDSM" fetish, after all. And as long as it's understood by all parties involved that it is an exercise in fantasy, and should remain in the realm of fantasy, there's nothing inherently wrong with this fantasy existing.

Heck a lot of people who hold fantasies wouldn't even WANT to experience them for real if given the option.

For the record, I didn't read the fic myself, simply because it's not something I enjoy personally. But I'm not gonna yell about it existing on a website that kind of encourages people to anonymously share fantasies.


Honestly, if none of you are interested in the story that is completely okay. But what isn't okay is the way some of you are downright insulting not only Nohen but also myself. There was a dark tag, RAPE was clearly in the name of this fic, and it was even warned in the description about nonconsensual, degradation, humiliation and mindbreak.

If none of you saw the dark side of this fic coming, then I would recommend to check the tags and descriptions of the stories you read in the future beforehand.

I'm not even trying to be offensive here. I'm just stating that you should save yourself the headache of reading a story you don't like and us authors the headache of reading insults in the comments. It would be a win-win for both sides.


Why they are even here in the million dollar question. But I think we all know they are just looking for a fight.

I know the story was a bit on the dark side but honestly. There was a warning that it would be dark and the things that would be in this story were clearly stated.
personally I liked the story, though a bit extreme. It was a fun read, a dark sort of fun but still fun.
and btw this is a fairly normal comment section for these darker fics. There is a writer ,though I have forgotten his name, here on fimfiction that writes even darker stuff. his comment section is pretty much the same.

personally I would like to see another story from both of you.
This might be interesting to hear then. The making and reading of stories, hentai en porn like this has been proven to lower the chance someone would actually act on such fantasies in real life. this is because of the fact that a person with such fantasies now has an outlet for the fantasies and emotions that come with said fantasies.
Also not everyone who fantasizes about stuff like this is ever going to act on those fantasies.

I wasnt insulting it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Im saying it was more of a horror show than a clopfic. Sorry if I insulted the authors, but I thought the story wasn't bad. If anything, they did a good job at delievering the fact that this place is just downright wrong. So I guess...

Im sorry guy without a name. Im very ashamed of myself now :(. And I also apologize to authors as I do feel like they deserve some recognition for making me think

"What in the darn hell did I just read, that was the most horrific scene Ive ever pictured in my life".

Sorry again for any misunderstandings!

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

The dark tag is for everything really. It contains a hole lot of rape and slutification and worst of all it contains a logical story. To be specific it is ,and to quote another comment,

what you get when you combine Hunger Games, Rape, And My Little Pony

in my opinion you could replace hunger games with the Purge (only then with rape instead of killing and specifically the rape of the mane six).

In my opinion it is a good fic but i think it goes a bit to far for most, all the dislikes are a result of that. The start might also be a bit confusing but in the end it is explained. I would like to be more specific but I am afraid of spoiling stuff.

Comment posted by Fluttershy Whisperwing deleted Nov 1st, 2019

Rape fantasies are not the core defining element of BDSM.

Are they a reason to say you are a person who kills small animals in real life, though?

Edit: Just to be clear, I don't mean you're saying stuff like that. I never meant to attack you in any way.


Control and subjugation are the core of what rape IS as a concept. Yes, BDSM people are doing it with consent because they want to, but the FANTASY is of being controlled, of being manipulated, of being helpless. Three primary elements that define rape. It's a rape fantasy. That's why the concept of the "Safe Word" is mandatory for it, because the idea is to pretend that you don't want it, like you are being forced to do things and bound against your will, but in a safe and controlled environment. The Safe Word is how your partner will know to actually stop, as opposed to you begging them to stop as part of the fantasy.

Nobody is hurt by it, and people are free to act it out, if they wish. Just like nobody is hurt by a work of fiction.

No problem.

Personally I have nothing against people disliking this fic. After all it is extreme and most certainly dark as hell. But then again, all of that was stated in the description and warned against. So caution was advised.

This is smut. It wasn´t supposed to be logical or focused on a central plot. Clop and specifically rape stood in the center of this fic. As such its purpose was to give the readers quick wank-material. If that wasn´t the case for some people, thats fine. But please do not use the content of this clopfic as an excuse to insult the authors and imply things like we are criminally insane, drug-addicts or should be killed. That is uncalled for and if someone goes further I will not hesitate to delete his comment. There is a way to express you distate in a civil manner.

In any case, I thank you for your time and I hope you find stories here on fimfiction, that are more to your liking. :twilightsmile:

Great story equal parts arousing and funny. Hope you write more in the future you guys have some great fantasies.

Okay... how should I put this. For a very basic one-on-one roleplay, this type of writing works well enough, but when retrofitted into a dedicated chapter it just highlights every quality issue the other format would have disguised.

Part of the appeal of rape fiction like this is being able to indulge in a well-crafted fantasy and immerse yourself in a truly despicable world. The rushed, play-by-play nature of all the dialogue and character development just butchers any immersion beyond base lust. When the afterglow fades and your brain starts booting up again, disgust at what you climaxed to is far from the best reaction.

For a pair of writers as talented as yourselves, neither was really bringing their A-game. Everything felt forced, entirely out-of-character, and just all around unpleasant.

Just make sure when you're making a controversial story that you're making it the best it can be, alright? The like ratio would fare better if the writing was done well, even if the conceit is generally offensive.

And if you were just publishing this because you thought at least one other person might enjoy this and the reception doesn't really matter, please try not to alienate people who criticize the story blatantly.

Hey Nohen and Towan! I don't normally comment too much on stories but saw this one was getting some and and wanted to say that I enjoyed it. Yeah, super dark and really disturbing, but was still an interesting story, and really hot with those more extreme fetishes.

Pretty impressive that you guys basically created this in a night! However, It could really use some more editing but I'm sure you guys know that. It didn't detract a lot for me but I did have to do a double take here and there which kinda messed with the flow.

Anyways, thanks for sharing guys and hope to see more from both of you!


Really? You do realize this is only fiction? By your logic, we should lock up those who written 'Cupcakes', 'Sweet Apple Massacre', 'Rainbow Factory', and 'Cheerilee's Garden'.

To put simply, it's just a story.

As for the story itself, having read it, while it was an interesting read... I just didn't enjoy it. I mean, obviously in a scenario such as this, characters are going to be OOC, and the rape and stuff in this fic is much akin to that found in lots of Fall of Equestria stories. My problem with the story mostly lies with the whole mean-spiritedness it presented. I mean, personally, you should had just excluded the end part where the other Mane Six's lives were f-ed up by 'Slut' Twilight Sparkle. I honestly was off-put by that bit, feeling it came out of nowhere. (Like why did Celestia do that?).

Overall, it was a good attempt, but I feel all the OOC and the mean-spiritedness takes away from the story.


Thank you for your comment. All your points are valid.

If anythin I consider this clopfic a prototype. A beta-test. Considering your critique, next time we will probably use the protokoll more äs a Basis for the story, than publishing it outright.

Concerning "alienating" the readers:
I have nothing against people disliking or hating this story. After all, thats their right. However it would be nice, if they do that in a civil manner. Insulting my and Towans mental health is uncalled for and I am not afraid of telling them that.
Live and let live.

Anyway, I appreciate your honesty and I promise that the next story will be better.

This is cringey FOR porn. It's a mass of nothing, a cipher, a lot of prose heaped out and meaning not a sou. It's not even edited. The dialogue is stilted and wooden even in comparison to other porn dialogs, the actions are completely nonsensical, the ending is beyond rushed and even less logical and the whole thing isn't even good porn as its just a massive mess. Plus you seem to have left in an under-18 and killed personalities because... potatoes.

Not my best summation but it's one.

Comment posted by CatBoiVin deleted Nov 19th, 2017

It is not uncalled for. By writing this you called for it.

Not even remotely. Never practice BDSM if you truly think that's true.



I also have a question, you could write a story like this but only with spike and rarity.

Oh even better with candace, shining armor and queen chrysalis

Honestly, I don't see why this is causing such a big fuss for everyone. If this isn't your kind of thing in the first place, why would you read it, or cause a shitstorm over it? I, myself, love these kinds of stories, and what you wrote beats a lot of others I've read in terms of quality and content. This story wasn't needlessly cruel, nor did it show much extreme material that would make me squeamish. You made this story to cater to a specific genre, and you did a fine good job. I can't wait to see what you write next :twilightsmile:.

Thanks, I can only imagine how it feels to have so many people in the comments criticizing your work that must have taken pure ages t write. Again, sorry for any misunderstanding. I like horror a lot, but I don't necassarily like clop. It just isn't my thing. However, I liked this story because it just proved that I should never let my guard down when I expect to read something. Thanks for making my dreams a nightmare! Lol, have a good day and stay tough :3. Just because there are a ton of haters down here doesn't mean anything, There are still people who liked it and that's all that matters. Bai!

You need to look at the General Rules again. Here, take a look:

No personal attacks, in public or otherwise.

For someone so concerned with the Rules, you sure were quick to break the very first one.

Thank you. I get being upset by a story. Happened to me too. But that's no excuse for some of what's been said here.

Holy shut..... this is one horrifically beautiful work of art. Keep up the good work my friend.


Really? You do realize this is only fiction? By your logic, we should lock up those who written 'Cupcakes', 'Sweet Apple Massacre', 'Rainbow Factory', and 'Cheerilee's Garden'.

And while we're at it, why not also authors like Thomas Harris, John Norman, or G.R.R. Martin? Once we go in that direction, where do we stop? Don't get me wrong: I think loudly expressing anger over such a story is a normal and not uncalled-for reaction - but when someone calls for destroying peoples' lives over a silly fiction, he's going several steps too far. I think it primarily shows that said person is the one who has a problem.

I also think that on average, authoritarianism has far worse effects on society than a few silly fictions.

Wait, people dislike it over the fetish? LOL.

I'm disliking it because it was poorly written. Come on, guys, work on grammar and sentence structure!

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