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Girls just wanna have fun---Albert Einstein. I agree---Marie Curie/Meryl Streep/Me.


Yay! People are following me, whoopee!! · 2:07am Jun 26th, 2017

:pinkiehappy:Hi gals and guys, howchya doing? I'm not sure why, but I have been gaining momentum even though horribly inactive and been unable to do any of these posting stuff.

Anywho weewow, thanks for following me! :rainbowwild:

:twilightoops:Wait a minute... Why are these people following me?

Optimism/Ego feeding side: Because you're adorable, hilarious, charming?

Paranoia side: 'Cause the human trafficking ring has found it's next target?

ID: Sexy fun times?

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Report ZestyPegasister · 450 views · #Comedy!

Parablogging is magic

HI! I'm zesty, jubilant, bouncy, 18, and single. I'm totally not vying for attention or anything I'm just gonna have fun jotting down my very, very own genuine thoughts on parablogs.

So you might saying, what do I meant by parablogging?

Well then reader, what do these pictures say to you?

Do I really need to explain it with words?

I'm excited, aren't you excited?Follow me and you get every reason to get more excited!?


Parablog #1 Yeah, Someone's finally watching me! :) · 8:07pm May 19th, 2017

Hello fandom!:heart: Your new favourite perky Pegasus here!:yay:

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Everypony/anthropomorphic pony listen up, she forgot her password and can't seem to figure out why she can't reset her password, any help or advice would be great

2454657YES!... ALL HAIL FLUTTERSHY!:flutterrage:
Also, I can't take it!:raritydespair: If you have anything else to say, say it now or forever hold your piece!

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