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Cynical noble who hates everything.
Royal guard with big potential and a lot to learn.
Big, simple farmer with heart of gold.
Crazy self proclaimed time traveler.
Hotblooded, always second weather manager.
Expert lover and clumsy celebrity flier.

These six stallions will have to band together and discover true power of Elements of Harmony and Friendship to save Equestria from everlasting night.
New NEW cover art provided by ScarletCommenter.

Now has a TV Tropes page!

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Comments ( 633 )

that ending, my dear author, is the most hilarious shining armor moment that has ever graced my sight... moostache for you :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


Oh my god.... That is a favorite just because of that ending.... Hahahahahaha!!

Sent by Chaos... Great story, the ending won me over. Keep goin and stay golden^^

Comment posted by Jetto deleted Jul 8th, 2013

SA puts way to much value on filly tears

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: That was the greatest moment in Shining's history.

Continue this story. Please.

2842385 It has barely even begun :)

Heads up; there appear to be some articles missing. And I don't mean just with Prince Blueblood, since I'm not certain that that's not his name instead of his title in this fic. Some apostrophes are missing as well.

2842798 For the sake of not repeating his name over and over and over again, Im pretty much using a single "Prince" or "Blueblood" sometimes instead of his full name. I know it's wrong, but its intentional anyway.

And if anything is wrong, could you put some examples here or via pm? I'm not a native english speaker (or writer), so please bear with some errors I make.

I would be willing to bet it's just because of what he said, in the ending, that he got promoted to captain. (And because he punched Blueblood).

2842901 Pity the Blueblood clan, as they exists solely to be punching bags for potential Captains :trollestia:

Comment posted by ivord deleted Jul 8th, 2013

I'm surprised Celestia took it that well... Hahahaa. Will be interesting to see how the other stallions get pulled into this.

Now I want a buck the system shirt.......:applejackunsure:.........interesting story so far. Hope to see more soon.:pinkiehappy:

Shining Armor can punch me in the face. Anytime.

A "Punch the Sun" shirt sounds pretty awesome.

You know, I bet Shining's that one guy who replied "No way, sister!" and meant it when he played Phoenix Wright.

Prince, however, was not one of those ponies.

Wait, so Prince is actually his first name?!

Careful, Warner Records will sue you and make you change it to some unpronounceable symbol.

This is pretty good, but you really need an editor. The spelling and grammar errors here are giving my eyes cancer. Follow the little green link.

... that is kinda the same conclusion I would come up with for punching celestia in the face... loving it so much

So, up intill now every single complaint I got was about grammar and spelling :trixieshiftleft: Yeah, I need an editor, badly. One generous person already contacted me about it, so expect some changes in near future.

Dude, unleash the power of the sun! Great chapter, keep goin and stay golden^^

I apologize in advance for poor grammar, I still didn't get an editor, but I still wanted to publish this chapter before going out. So, yeah, hope you enjoy and dont get eye cancer :pinkiecrazy:


No worries, I'm going over this chapter now. I'll send you a PM when I'm done :twilightsmile:

TwiShimmer and ShiningFlame, place your bets here!

Loving it, can't wait to see more.

almost killing your younger sister with a bear hug; $200 :twilightoops:, arguing with one of your best friends who refuses to stop trying to get with your brother; $50 :twilightangry2:, arguing with an ex co-worker for another ex co-worker's amusement; $10 :twilightblush:, realizing that the pony you are going to be guarding is the guy you punched in the nose; priceless :facehoof:.

for everything else, there's Trollestia :trollestia:

best thing I've read in some time

"The hooves of Justice are unisex!"

2854018 Can I quote that in some other chapter? This is too good to skip :duck:


This comment has been approved by Trollestia :trollestia:



:trixieshiftright: continue.

2855898 If only we had a version with a hoof instead of hand, this would be perfect. :ajsmug:

I love this there just isnt enough male representation out there.

2856485 Thats why Im injecting much needed testosterone and healthy amount of bromance.

:pinkiehappy:50 likes. :twilightangry2:1 dislike.
FIND THE TRAITOR! :flutterrage:

2858854 For a moment I wanted to dislike my fic just to sound modest, but I love writing it way too much :trollestia:
No hurt feelings.

Come on, Twilight. You'd punch Princess Celestia in the face, too. You know you would...

Wow………all i can say………:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
I love it!:pinkiehappy: Please dont stop.

This Shining Armor certainly wears his heart on his sleeve.

I too would like to punch Princess Celestia in the face. Where do I sign up?

2865654 Give it a year or two, once Shining Armor gets promoted to captain :raritywink: Just make sure you have a good reason, only then you shall be forgiven.

2865657 Or you are a being outside of Equestrian jurisdiction. Then they can only start a world war. :trollestia:

So Blueblood is Twilight and Shining is Spike. Huh. Not what I'd expected.

I think Shining is filling in for both Spike and Applejack, honestly.

2861243 :twilightangry2:i do i really do wanna punch her

2866190 Really? She's the reason this story has a chapter 4, why so hostile?

Ooooh dear, meeting rarity soon, brace for impact.

Loving so far, keep it up.

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