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Aren't siblings like, well, your brothers and sisters?

Lot of spelling and grammar errors, plus you didn't credit the artist of the picture which is kind of a dick move.

I DIDN'T!!?? :rainbowderp:(Looks at the whole story) :pinkiegasp:
HOLY &%#$, I DIDN'T!!! CRAP!!! :facehoof:
Thanks for telling me. I'll fix it right away.

This is great tbh. original scene, already interesting plotline (pun intended :raritywink: ), and the characters are being described well. Im enjoying the hell out of it, and if you need an editor/co-author just give me a shout lol.

6852000 :yay:
There you go. Are you willing to do it?

i couldn't find the cover art. Great story by the way:twilightsmile:.

6852501 You can find it on Derpibooru using the tags "Twilight Velvet, anthro, zebra"

I don't understand all these destroy the ponies plots. Are the villains really so stupid as to destroy the race that keeps the sun and moon moving?

6854452 It will be told in the future. :ajsmug:
... Be patient... :pinkiecrazy:

I could be a co-author if it's still open

Huh...that was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be.:rainbowhuh: Well, talk about being pleasantly surprised.

Uhhh... thanks?
(the heck is he talking about?)

An okay chapter. I was hoping there would be some action between Fleur and Velvet.

One day, she finds something that could provide her with something exciting: the world of Porn.

Awwww shi-

In another part of Equestria, an extremist group of zebras with the objective of wiping out ponies from existence, finds about her. And they plan to use her for their own purposes.


B-b-but... why stop?

Oooooh, epic explosion incoming.


Adultery! Kill him!
This is hot though. Please continue!
I want more!

Hope to see more of this fic! Finally Twi/Zebra fun is only so far away!

I had a feeling this was going to happen. Looking forward to next chapter.

please update this.

You know what?
I'm getting back to write.

Please continue, i hate stalled stories been waiting forever.

This was a fun read :) I hope you keep going with it.

Will there be any kind of chapter soon or have you decided to maybe cancel the story

It is NOT cancelled. I've already started to work in the next chapter, just some details i don't quite like. Spoiler alert: velvet's first real contact wirh zebras.

Jesus, she's a piece of shit.

Gotta disagree.

First, she spent what sounds like literal months trying to get attention from him, met with little to no success.

Second, She's horny. We've all been there. Watching porn isn't a sin, even if you have a significant other.

Third, she caught him balls deep in another female, and when he comes home finding her naked, his first reaction is to assume she's cheating on him.

when next chan. ?

Do you plan on continuing this, or is it ended there? You have so many stories that it feels like you simply jump from one story to the next and drop the previous ones as a result.

Two words: real life. I'm an adult now, and have to somehow earn my life. On the other hand, and i've already said it, i have no intentions on just leaving these away.

Can someone please explain why this fandom is fused to the idea that zebras are like this? Not the only story like it. But first time I can ask.

Zecora is the only one we know of, and she never came across as having escaped from this sort of thing, and that's why she's in Equestria like she is.

Fetish fuel. I can't answer for everyone else on this branch of the fandom, but it's just for fun. Much like Fall of Equestria or even Human dominance fetish.
It started with a "what if?" And it continued from there on.

I think I might know. It is the fact the Zebras are an unknown element in the World that Equestria is in, your right about the Zecora but there's a air of mystery about them and as fans we're curious. Think about other fandoms with similar one of a kind creatures or characters, the fans love to speculate on how a certain element may work. Zecora herself as a few details the fans can base their ideas off but I'm not sure.

Just going to say this was a good chapter

finally! an update. i'm so glad it's not going full dark or smutty. cum for the plot stay for the seduction. ^-~

Seriously Nightlight, you have like two jobs and tons of money. I think you will be fine with just 1 job.

Night Light you idiot. you have a fucking hot wife that was being faithful to you and wants sex with you.

Night Light, it's simple. YOU DON'T NEED THAT JOB! and so she is naked, you have no proof while she caught you in the act.

But story wise dislike you have dark motive for the Zebras

Nice,I hope that I can get the chance to read the end of this story.

Please, meep updating it!

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