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One fateful day, a simple man is ripped from his comfortable bed, and is swung across realities into a world not his own and a body eerily familiar to him.

He now has the eldritch powers of a certain pink earth pony. What will he do with said power? Only time will tell.

The shitposting and references have been doubled!

Thanks for the feature! 7/5/24 - 11/5/24 And nearly the top of popular!
Holy moly, featured again right after posting chapter 2. Thank you.

Here's the link to the original cover art image

[This will be randomly updated whenever I feel like it]

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Finally, some good fucking HIE

Alright, I down. I want to see where this ends up going.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of this

I hope the author completes this

this is quite interesting, although it would be really interesting if the story started before the start of the series

Interesting start. Could go for more.

Pinkie pie is best pony, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this story

I'm down to see where this goes. I like that he has his own Pinkie powers.

Who are you, and how are you so good in the ways of science writing?

AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! NOT ANOTHER ONE! But this is a good story, keep it up.

Simply make your pc explode so you'll play video games less and write more. Something like that happened to me, so now the only things I can do are write, read and draw ponies.

Heh, my headcanon is Pinkie Pie being an outer god on vacation in Equestria

Oooh, I'll be keeping an eye on this one!

Where did you get the cover art? Did you make it? Is there a link?

There's a link attached to the image but I'll make one in the description just so it'll be easier for everyone else to see.

Already love the feel of this story. Definitely one of those rare gems that hits that specific spot for me, can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:

Can't believe no one has posted this yet:

Huzzah! The pink has been doubled! :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

An interesting start. I'll be tracking this one. Congrats on the Feature.

I also love the meme cover art. That's how I feel most days.

Feel The Pink, Comprehend The Pink, BECOME THE PINK :pinkiecrazy:

Unfortunately I mostly play indie 2d games:ajsmug:

You have my interest pique. :pinkiehappy:

All will become pink. Resistance is futile.

Seriously, purple Borg in a pink Cube!:rainbowlaugh:

"I HAVE A TWIN SISTER!" She jumped in the air before somehow turning her momentum in a different way, while still in the air and practically flying at Adam.

Pinkie, did you forget about Marble already?

Whoops. Forgot to write "New twin sister."

Viva la TF story! Viva la HiE story! Viva la Isekai! 2012-4 never dies!

Huh. There's two human-turns-into-main-character stories being featured right now, including this one.
They're both good.

Dumb question but why is the date feature 7/5/24 instead 5/7/24

Because I am European

Eurochads rise up. Thats why.

Judging by the other comments and what little I read, this is a good read but I just can't stand the "I can't say my name" trope in this kinds of stories unless it's established before hand like in the heartbreak series, I just don't see it adding anything.

aw well. Not my cup of tea but clearly someone else's. Good luck on your current and future endeavors

It's not supposed to add anything, it's supposed to remove things like the inevitable questions in the comments asking why he doesn't just say his name or the ponies in the world commenting on his strange name.
I prefer a hand wavy thing like this rather than having to read a typical human name in a pony story when they're a pony.

Huh, well that was a surprisingly short 1600 words. Felt like I barely started reading before I was out of material.

Looking forward to more of this. I hope it lasts a while as other stories in a similar vein just end abruptly or don't go for too long. No satisfying versions.

While the new twin sister thing fits it would be more accurate to say "I'm part of a set of triplets now!" And would also be something Pinkie would say.

I blame discord or harmony for this.

Out of curiosity, why would anyone want to put the month before the day anyways...
That doesn't make a lot of sense to me to be honest.

It's May seventh, 2024. 5/7/2024
It's the seventh of May, 2024. 7/5/2024
It's about how people say the date.

Oh okay, that explains a lot actually.

If you give him/her official Pinkie Pie powers, I'm pretty sure this is a Mary Sue(keep in mind I enjoy Mary Sues so that was meant as a compliment).

"Everything is going to be fine. It's not like an exact copy of Pinkie Pie appeared in town." She then patted her back and joined Pinkie ahead of her.

Oh that is just absolute comedic perfection.

I wonder how Elements + intoxication would work 🤔

Really curious how this will go.

I like the story so far, but you should always have a new paragraph when you have a new speaker, multiple speakers in the same paragraph just gets confusing.

Diane is now wanted for distribution of a controlled substance (alcohol >15% ABV).

This is putting a smile on my face.

Can't wait to see the consequences.

And the rest of the night was an incomprehensible blur that none of them would remember. Some parts for good and some for bad reasons.

Gotta be an orgy lmao.

My brain tingles when I see numbers go up, and this is definitely not an exception.

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