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Trick Question

Being against evil doesn't make you good.


All mothers love their children, and all mothers feed their children. Princess Chrysalis and her mother are no different, except that to a changeling, "love" and "food" are the same thing.

Well... mostly.

This was the "Usurper Chrysalis" story in FOME's Imposing Sovereigns Contest.

Inductee to the Royal Canterlot Library.

Now featured on Equestria Daily.

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This was a thing.

A fascinating tale of a well and truly alien culture. Fair is foul and foul is fair, and even smiles must be defined only through what they are not. The moments of crudity provide wonderful little mood breaks that bring a little light into the story without disrupting its flow, and back off nicely as things get more consistently serious. Puparia's twisted philosophy does a great job of answering the question that always hangs over changelings: Why choose parasitism over symbiosis?

In all, excellent stuff. Thank you for it. I'm glad I was able to inspire you. :twilightsmile:

Hm, interesting..

And yet, not alien enough that we can't see the horrible suffering her ideology causes, including Puparia's own.

I love a happy ending.

No wonder Chrysalis grew up the way she was.

mewling females,

Well somebuggy has their sexism turned up to 11 today.

the same genetics that prevented her drones from harming a female grub even when ordered to.

So why are you getting pissy at that drone? Bitch.

'bored indifference' and 'duty-bound tolerance'.

Literally neither of those things is love.

"I did exactly what you would have done in my place."


I don't think it needs to be spelled out, but, ERMAHGAWD STRONGER BUGGS CUM OUT FRUM CHRYSALISES

Anyways, an interesting perspective on a certain kind of motherly love (at least, that's what I'm assuming Chrysalis consumed at the end). Although I'm still confused as to how the changelings survived without love to feed on...

I don't understand the ending...

Well Trick Question, I got around to reading this. I can say with absolute honesty that I like it, though I do wonder at what point in the timeline this takes place.

The reason that Chrysalis felt so nourished when she killed her mother is that her mother loved her so much that she did what she needed to force Chrysalis to kill her, to toughen her up.

The whole story takes place prior to the reappearance of Nightmare Moon.

That's why I think even Puparia suffered from her ideology. The only way to get to this point was to starve her daughter of any love, ruthlessly squashing the feeling whenever it welled up. She literally could only allow herself to love her child over her dead body.

Where's the violent blood-spewing foal rape?

Very in retesting take on why she is the way she is. I can see why she never wanted to reform at the end of season 6

Well done

I really like this story because of how it made me feel. I hated both the characters, but I emphasized with both of them, as alien as they were. There are very little stories on this website that take the effort to create a well rounded character, a villain who is also a hero.

This was a really good fic. Thanks for writing it.

I don't write any stories with violent abuse like that, but such stories are not hard to find.

I understand this story from an objective standpoint and what you seemed to be going for. It's written well, and I can in a disgustingly twisted way understand the motives, but goddamn do I feel empty inside.

Good job...I guess?

It's supposed to have a happy ending (Chrysalis's realization).


It feels bittersweet at best. I guess it's happy in comparison.

But my next fic will be sunshine and lollipops! :pinkiehappy:

(actually no it's horrifying tragedy at first, but gets fixed up at the end) :facehoof:

Thank you for the review! :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer


Really, Trixie? Really?

Clearly you haven't read Veneer yet. :trollestia:

And for the record: hay bucking yes, anybuggy! Remember when I put 'foalks' in Girl Talk? :pinkiecrazy:

(Besides, "anybuggy" sounds more like "anybody" than "anypony" does. And the kyoote! Oh dear Woona, the kyoote. Everybuggy needs somebuggy.)

Author Interviewer

But it's so cheesy D:

Dis a good story tho :B

That's why the legs have holes! :pinkiehappy: :facehoof:

...but as I mentioned (and heavily edited previous comment), is super-kyoote, which in a horrific drama pokes a mote of contrast.

Submit this to EQD.

You make the hive seem similar to what ancient Sparta was alleged to be like (before the ridiculous movie that is). And under those conditions (classic survival of the fittest) Chrysalis's mother was very loving indeed. Good story, thanks for writing it (we so need a Chrysalis icon, I wish I knew how to make and submit one...).

Sorry I’m a bit late, but congrats on the RCL feature! This was really good, especially that ending. And I loved “un-frown” :rainbowlaugh:

“Anybuggy” just made me think of Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends. Don’t ask how I’m familiar with that show :twilightblush:

Only caught two errors:

... and not an drop more...

As the Princess pinned all four of her mother's legs to the floor of the arena like a specimen in a[n] insect collection

Also — totally not related to the story — would you be interested in additional rabbits? My mom’s trying to find a home for some, but I believe she said they’re feeder rabbits, so the SPCA’s having some issues with that

One rabbit is enough. We’d like to pair-bond but the process takes a lot of time and can’t be done in our home, and you can’t predict if two specific rabbits will be friends either.

You might want to consider the tapping charity we (AnthrOhio) raised money for over the past three years:


Oh, and thanks! (I wrote that on my cell so I forget to reply to the rest.) I rarely make typos like that one, so I'm pretty shocked it was there in a story this short, but it's fixed.

Glad you enjoyed! :twilightsmile:

Thanks, I’ll look into that!

you do dark better then funny and you arent half bad at funny.
i love when i hit an authors page and find happy surprises like this.
bravo and followin.

An excellent and credible origin story.

I wonder how many people got the ending. There's only one sentence that clues the reader in, and someone reading quickly might not grasp it.

Shortly after I published the story, I added the appositive-like phrase at the end because I was worried it wasn't clear enough. I never really thought readers would miss it as it is now, but I suppose things are always clearer to the author.

9051458 Yeah, I should've said there are 2 sentences.

Once again, with the late comment. This one is quite good, with the ending really selling a complexity to these characters and the hard lives they believe they need to live to survive. Good stuff!

Late to the party, but this story is masterfully done. I just finished reading, so thoughts are still percolating--but everything with this story is perfect. It's very dark and sinister, but the tiny little epilogue at the ending puts a whole new spin on everything that's come before. Great job!

That love was abusive AF. To me that's torture.

I'm not defending her twisted moral values, but intentionally sacrificing your life in order to help your child survive and grow is love by any definition.

I know you're not.

She's just not an objective judge of her own character.

Furthermore I've known of similar experiences of family ties whether its my own or others and I've no interest in defending the mother here. Not to mention that by this way she might just have ruined any and every chance her daughter had a better future than villainy.

Good fic I guess tho.

i cant stop laughing every time anyone says everybuggy in this story. XD still really good though.

You see, this is why I like fanfiction of child-friendly serieses - it goes into far more detail than the canon piece.

This is not the first time I will write or say this and it is unlikely to be the last.

MLP':FIM is a good series and one of my favourites. However, despite bring topped with great character and world deleopment, and suprizingly deep themes, it is too-often crippled by its rating.

Even the G1 series had yet darker themes and episodes, right from the first special.

I wish, at the very least, that it was TV-Y7 (look what another equine-based series, "Centaurworld" can get away with).

Anyway, I liked how this was a somewhat different take on the 'abusive parent as backstory for a villain' story. I especially liked that Puparia did not slowly fall for Crysalis, only to be tragically slain by her abuse-hardened daughter, realizing too late that she loved her.

Her remaining cruel, even a fool, to the end was a good choice. I am, however, confused by the implication of the last sentence. Could, you explain it, please?

Chrysalis killing her sister was a suprize too and for most of the conversation, I thought she might have been lying.

BTW, 'everybuggy' is oddly adorable for such a parasitic species. I'm imagining, if they spoke, Tyrannids using it and it is hilarious.

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