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As everypony knows, Pinkie Pie can do impossible things. She can hover in midair without wings, play ten instruments at once, and even go days without breathing! Clearly some kind of magic is at work, but what could it be?

Pinkie decides it's finally time to tell her friends the whole, unvarnished truth.

Written for The Writeoff Association's "The Best Medicine" contest.

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I liked this story during the write-off and I like it even more now. Doubling the length fixed the small quibbles I had with the contest version.


Yeah, I wasn't able to inject the full idea into 750 words, but now I can give it teeth. :pinkiesmile:

5784843 the sad tag isn't really fitting, perhaps a alternate universe tag instead?

The "Sad" tag is kind of a misnomer: it doesn't always mean the story itself is sad. It just means that the story might make somepony cry from the feels. If the story had a sad ending, it would get the "Tragic" tag.

Maybe! I suspect releasing the story on a Thursday morning isn't the ideal road to featuredom, but we'll see. Thanks for the kind words! :pinkiesmile:

I feel this shouldn't be just one chapter...

Also, I nearly missed the sudden change in her story.

You have been Sweetly approved! Consider yourself honored!

This is definitely improvifiednesses by the extra length

........ that really did not explain anything about her weirdo powers........ at all. an intersting concept but it ultimately was lacking in the execution.

Didn't it? :pinkiesmile: Let me see if explaining helps:

Her ability to do all of those things is because she's a changeling. Specifically, she mentions being able to use her wings and create other appendages without them being visible.

Nice story!! You did really well! I wish you included the actual party/reveal in the story, though. Other than that, really nice! It is interesting to think about Pinkie actually being a changeling!

The story doesn't explain her actual "pinkie sense", though, but oh well.

Oh my goodness, it just hit me that Pinkie actually died as a filly and never did all of this stuff herself.. That sad tag definitely belongs in this story..

So you can't really understand my abilities until you meet someone else in my family. Fortunately my friends already have, although it was a really awkward meeting—nopony in my family is any good at first impressions, and I even think my entire family might be autistic (except for me, of course, and probably my Mom).

So... she used to be a part of Chrysalis's hive, then?

I disagree. It explained a lot of what Pinkie can do. It also means Twilight's hunch about it being some foreign type of magic is actually true.

I love how, even if you suspect the reveal early, you can't help but go back and re-read the parts when Pinkie talks about her family! That's very clever right there. To go back over all the things you thought referred to her PONY family... and then you realise she's talking about her time as a Changeling.

Great, great read!

Yep, that's the implication. :pinkiesmile:

Alright this explains most of pinks tricks. But what about the fourth wall?

Technically, she never really breaks the fourth wall in the show or even the comics (not that I can recall anyway). That's mostly fanon based on her cartoonish abilities and sixth sense, the idea being she's enlightened like Deadpool (i.e. she knows she is a cartoon, therefore she can do anything she likes).

5785430 *cough* Over a barrel *cough**cough* Magic duel *cough*

The end of Magic Duel involves both her and Twilight. She never speaks to the audience. In Over a Barrel her final comment is to Twilight, not to the audience, so it depends mainly on whether you interpret the iris-grab as reaching to the audience or not. It's still open to interpretation (though suggestive).

(Then again, they all speak to the audience in promos!) :pinkiehappy:

5785462 Alright then what about the mirror in green isn't your color how is her being a changeling explain that.

It's not supposed to be a canonical explanation, it's just a story. :pinkiesmile:

(Also spoiler the word changeling please!)

That was very interesting. Would explain a lot.

This was well written...
and I honestly didn't see the twist coming.
Will this get some kind of sequel detailing how the others react when they find out the truth?

I can see why that would be attractive! :pinkiesmile: But this is the whole story. It's about the message behind the party, not the party itself. (But it is nice to think about what happens, and I wouldn't be doing my job if readers weren't left wanting more and with imaginations humming!)

Okay... this can't possibly just end there :D Please say there is a continuation in the works, please please please!

Nice little tale. Gave me Sasami/Tsunami vibes.

5785698 Ah...
Oh well, hopefully someone else will write it.

Wonder what will happen if somepony in the Pie family builds a well or plows a field and finds the body.

Well, I realize that you probably don't plan on writing a sequel to show us how the girls react to her secret, but that won't stop me from trying to convince you. I thought the writing in this piece was lovely, and seeing a scene of the party itself would be greatly appreciated. :pinkiesmile:

Am I the only one here who thinks this is the actual story behind her powers?

Although... I am flattered that you want more. :pinkiehappy: Hmm... Maybe someday I'll revisit it. I can think of some interesting things that might make a peek into the outcome worth exploring.

Dashie's Rainboom was gorgeous, but it certainly wasn't happy.

It's how that revelation will go down that really worries me. :fluttershysad:

5785228 Nah, the explanation for the hovering thing was obvious as soon as you realized what she was, even before you had her straight out say it... he is just being thick. The Pinkie sense thing is also easy to explain for an empath. Though this doesn't explain the disappearing into too small objects. This also makes you question "Too Many Pinkie Pies".:trixieshiftright:

Oh god. Oh god poor Rainbow Dash. How is she supposed to take knowing she actually killed her best friend as a filly? That is not going to go over well at all.

Well, in this case, she didn't. Her actions caused the death of a filly she never met, but it wasn't something she had any control over.

Either way, it's not a perfect fit, but it's just a story. :pinkiesmile:

So Pinkamena was the real Pie! A Pie that doesn't exist anymore!

And Pinkie as an underqueen/elite! Nice!

5785470 5785485 You're kidding right? I had to go back and re-watch but it is easy to explain that the same way as the hovering... though there is an even easier way. If she can make part of herself invisible then use partial invisibility to allow yourself to show up in the mirror but not from the direction of the camera/witness... or just use that damn changeling horn to create an illusion in the mirror while being completely invisible.

5786501 The Pie really is a lie!

I liked this story and overall I'd say this is very good work, but in all honesty, it left me wanting more. It almost felt like it didn't live up to its potential... I think you could have gone through a lot more, really delved into the character, maybe even showed reactions... It kinda felt like just as I was really getting into it, the story was over.

It looks like this was for a write-off, so that might explain why it felt so truncated. And I'm not going to be down voting the story simply for stuff like that—just the opposite, I'm more than happy to up vote it—but I was really left craving more.

I dunno... maybe one day, this could be fleshed out into a longer story? I certainly would love to see that. Still, my qualms aside, well done with this!

A very intriguing idea. It certainly has posibilities :rainbowkiss:

5785957 After all this time, just a skeleton:twilightoops:

Several others have expressed a similar sentiment; they would like a sequel. I'm not sure whether I will revisit it later, but I'll give it thought. :pinkiehappy:

This is actually more than twice the length it was for the writeoff, so it wasn't affected by the contest: this the full length I intended the story to be. I wanted it to have a twist that makes it read differently the second time around, to convey a personal message, to hold to Pinkie's voice, and to tug loose some emotions; but not to develop a narrative tale outside of that framework. It's a glimpse into a different way of viewing a familiar and beloved character. The goal is to leave the reader stuck in thought about what this means to them; to envision the future and the past on their own; to think and rethink about what they would do or say in those situations. :pinkiesmile:

5786467 In all honesty this is pretty good as a story. As a theory... Its better then mine which is that pinks is the half child of discord.

Me and TheMasterArchiver would just like to say how much we enjoyed this story. And I sincerly hope this will oneday be continued.

Achiver believes that this has so much potintial. And even if you don't continue this it would make a great challange fic to see how others would see how the party plays out.

Usually in stories like this Pinkie turns out to be some Timeless Lovecraftian Horror of Immense Power (and in one story she's a draconequus), but I think I like this better.

So sad about the original Pinkamina, though. But at least her replacement tried to save her.

Also nice misdirection with the reference to her "family." I didn't really figure out she was talking about the hive until I read it in the comments (dumb me!), but it makes perfect sense now...even down to the other worker changelings being "autistic."

I'm gonna go ahead and tell you how I reacted for this fic... In the most ridiculous way possible.

*at the beginning*
"Oh, cool, Pinkie's talking in first person! ...Pony. Whatever!"
*continues reading*
"Oh, wow, this is amazingly in character!" (Oh god the IRONY, I would soon learn)
"Huh... I wonder why Pinkie is mentioning the Royal Wedding and the changelings... What does that have to do with this...?"
*gets close to the end*
"Wait a minute..."
"Hang on... Does this mean that..."

But my name is Pinkie Pie, because that's who I choose to be.


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