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Moose Mage

Hello there, friends. I've long admired the artistic branch of the Brony community, so I decided, "You know what? I'm sure no one will mind if I contribute something myself." Let the adventure begin.

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Flim... Gotta be honest here, Moose. I've never been that interested in those two characters, let alone fics about them. But your stories have surprised me before. Flim is in my Read Later and Tracking bookshelves. I'll get to it soon.

1851698 I like progressive funk metal electronica baroque-pop rock with Rich vocal harmonies. That is the say a bit of everything

Oh, I do some songwriting, some piano stuff, and other things when my fancies are tickled. (Although I don't have a Sound Cloud account, I'm afraid.) Actually, I'm transferring over to NYC this fall to study musical theatre songwriting - that is, if the anticipation doesn't kill me first. But I must admit, I've never used music for anything MLP-related. How about you? Any preferred styles/genres?

1851294 why thank you! And you compose? What genres instruments etc? Sound cloud?

Small world, isn't it? Well then, I thank you very kindly again. Actually, after looking at your page a bit more, here you are - have a follow. I'm quite entertained by your blog posts, and the truth is, I could stand to have bit more funny in my life. (Plus, it's always great to meet a fellow composer.) Hope to see you around, bud.

  • Viewing 15 - 19 of 19
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