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Trick Question

Being against evil doesn't make you good.


Stress is driving Princess Twilight Sparkle crazy, but at least she seems able to regain control of herself once per week.

Oddly enough, Twilight's friends would love to put a stop to that... but Twilight controls a lot more than she realizes.

Even when it hurts, there are times it pays to lose control.

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Wow, i love this

I want to see the rest of royalty reaction and punishment for the hex

Another really good one-shot :pinkiehappy:

I enjoyed this almost as much as i enjoyed your Nipples :twilightsmile:

Thanks! A surprising number of ponies enjoyed my Nipples. :trollestia:

This one seems to be doing better than the story I posted yesterday, which is currently my lowest-rated story of all time. Nopony warned me that comedic, heartwarming cuckoldry would not be well-received. :derpytongue2:

Well now... this is creepy.

Honestly, Nipples and Self-control are usually better than cuckoldry

Maybe thats just me, but hey, there is no wrong way to fantasize :trollestia:

This is really well written and sad.

Who told you I was working on a story called No Wrong Way? :trollestia:

Hmm... I wonder if I can find some deep philosophy in this story... Oh wait! The experience machine! Or maybe not... I am not sure...

It is a good story however. I liked it :pinkiesmile:

What is this based on? Is it a one shot or no? :duck:

This seems to me that there is another entire story this is based on but I have never read it so I'm not sure... :twilightblush:

If that is true could you point it out, that would be great because I really enjoyed this. :twilightsmile:

Nope, this is a one-shot.

Aww... :pinkiesad2:
I was kinda hoping there was a prequel to this... :fluttershysad:

But, the author says what goes and if its a one shot, its a one shot. :twilightsmile:

Well, if you're itching for saddark Twilight stories, you should check out my library.

I was expecting the secret, but I was expecting it to be Pinkie Pie. Did I miss something explaining her absence, or was it left vague precisely to throw folks like me off the scent?

Sure! Why not! :trollestia:

Pinkie wasn't necessarily doing anything in the story. Her absence isn't intended to be conspicuous, she's just not around when Twilight has her weekly reckoning.

 I don't know what the problem is, but I clearly need stronger sleep medication

God damnit Luna, you had one job. ONE job!

"I don't think you understand. Night terrors aren't dream-related," said Twilight. "They're a common sleep disorder that affect delta wave sleep. You dream when you're in REM sleep. I don't remember any dreams, I just wake up screaming and can't get back to sleep."

Ever think to ask Zecora about potions to help you remember these night terrors?

holding a toroidal helix of cold-wrought iron

These things are the bane of my existence when it comes to Order of Springing my unicorn ocs.

Poor Twilight, I just want to give her the biggest hug and tell her everything's going to be okay someday. :raritycry:

So... why don’t they just wait until she’s asleep the night before, and then put the thing on her then and when she objects, they tell her in no uncertain terms that it’s for her own good? And also for their own good, because they’re tired of living under the sword of Damocles? I mean, once it’s on her, she can’t remove it without a professional, right?

I think you missed a line at the end:

"It ain't gonna work that way, hon. Right now's the only time of the week when the spell's weak enough we can actually get that thing on your horn," said Applejack.

Dear sweet Celestia. :twilightoops:

Be that as it may, they still haven’t tried to drug her or choke her out or otherwise take her by surprise.

I can see that they are taking other steps, now that they’re trying to get Moondancer involved, but I got the impression that it’s taken them a long time to finally decide this is what they’ll need to do, instead of immediately going to drastic measures when she put metaphorical guns to their heads.

Being totally honest, this feels more like a personal hang-up of mine than anything else, so it’s maybe not worth worrying about too much.

The idea I had was this: it would be difficult to do that to Twilight since the only time in which that plan would work would be the same point in time where she were at the peak of focused anxiety. If you can't stop Twilight's magic, it's hard to subdue her for very long. It'd certainly be hard to keep her unconscious for nearly twenty-four hours without risking her life in the process.

You're pointing out a hole I saw, though. I did weigh the possibility of adding more to the story on that potential plot hole. For example, I considered having one of her friends be in the hospital from the last time they attempted that approach, or something like that—but I figured the offhoof mention was probably sufficient to at least lampshade the issue. Maybe I should have put more in... I'm still not certain. Ultimately the important thing is that the story acknowledges the general plot hole, because the depth of detail on patching it isn't related to the message of the story.

I always love creepy stories like this.

I'm not entirely sure wtf I just read... Help?

edit: No, really. Someone explain the ending to me.

So let me get this right:

An accident resulting in Twilight's daughters death which by the looks of it was somehow Twilight's fault leads to her blocking her existence from her memory and then Twilight hexed all her friends and family so she would never find out about it? Which all this is causing her anxiety as well.

Twilight has been casting a spell to keep herself from remembering the fact that she had a baby daughter who died due to an accident that was Twilight's fault. To do this, she has enchanted everypony in Equestria to forget that she had a baby, including herself. But since the plan isn't foalproof, she needed somepony who could remember so they'd be able to help keep her in the dark. Nopony wanted to do it, so she hexed her friends with a deadly spell to keep them from telling her, while still being aware of the situation. So far, Twilight has been unable to break the cycle of casting the spell again every week to renew it, but she always remembers everything before she's willing to recast the spell—and the emotional anguish is so deep she can't resist casting it again.

At the end of the story, Twilight cast the spell again, but her friends are hopeful someday soon they'll be able to stop her from doing it.

That's dark as fuck bro, however

I suspect there's a reason, besides being for the sake of the story, that Fluttershy hasn't called in the big guns and asked Discord to help? The rules of reality don't apply to him unless he wants them to, there's no way that Twilight's hex could affect him like it would the others, especially if he's not present when the others have been hexed and she's already suppressed the memory. If Fluttershy were to ask him to get involved, Twilight would have little choice but to face the reality of the situation.

8560812The answer seems even simplier to me. Spike could just jam it on her horn while she's distracted watching the films. As for why they haven't tried this yet, I think they only recently got the ounckse, so it may only have been a few weeks since they started using that. They might not be at the point of desperation where they'll shove it on her by force, well except for AJ who just tried that.

That was the only bit I had an issue with; the rest of it is well-written and there’s a great build-up of dread as we move through the narrative.

Great! Just wish resolution where Twi comes to terms finally and grieves!

Poor Twilight!

Discord is a plot hole for pretty much any FiM story with major consequences. I usually don't bother to lampshade him, and just assume he isn't intervening because he doesn't care enough about the outcome yet.

I really liked this. Don't suppose you have something else to go with it? Nbd if you don't :3

My story Recycled has a similar OP-Twilight-dark-and-questionable-decision flavor to it. Actually, I write a lot of dark Twilight fics. Check out my library sometime if you want more goodness. :twilightsmile:

is there going to be a sequel where Twilight comes to terms

So many ponies are asking for a sequel that I'm tempted to do one eventually. Usually in a one-shot like this I would strike the possibility entirely, but I'm leaving it open because there may be an important message I can fit into a follow-up.

I meant to tag you two as well when I posted the following message, but I accidentally deleted the post numbers.


The possibility is enough for me! :pinkiehappy:

An epilogue, perhaps... :twilightsheepish:


Hey look, this story's rated T. :trollestia:

Wow, the more I think about this the more messed up it gets. Holding a metaphorical razor to her friend's throats to get them to go along? Twilight, you are seriously fucked in the head. (Frankly, I'd think she'd be likelier to try to escape by killing herself than doing something so, well, evil, but Your Characterization May Vary).


Seriously, though, this one was a no-brainer. All the characters have nipples. :trollestia:

I wonder if she just up and kills herself one day.

Pretty sure her royal career needs to be jeopardized over this Rainbow Dash.

This is a really interesting story
I love it!

Please say there's going to be a follow up to this

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