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When it comes to most of my stories, don't make assumptions. Not only is there a 99.9% chance that you're wrong, but it's also frustrating to me.



When Princess Celestia finds a young nymph in a basket floating down the river, she decides to take him in as her son. As the years go by, She decides that her beloved son and her star student needs to learn an essential part of life. Making friends.

So she sends them to Ponyville, in hopes that they learn about the importance of friendship.

Bandit and Chad belongs to Me
Lightning Sprint belongs to Lightning Sprint
Art by the Awesome Julunis14

I hope you enjoy.

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Darn good job on this first chapter LOVED the looks how Celestia first found and adopted Bandit. As well as Bandit and Twilight's first meeting (introducing them to not just each other, but also their respective little brothers. And, yeah, while the second half of the first chapter was incredibly similar to the actual first episode (though I DID like the touches of the friendly "eating competition" between Spike and Chad as well Bandit and Chad being the ones to meet Fluttershy), I suppose that was unavoidable and I can respect that.

Anyway, really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

VERY definitely looking forward to more of this.

Though, for a bit of friendly advice, after you get done with the "pilot", maybe you can do a careful mix of canon chapters/episodes and more original stuff (i.e. episodes/chapters that were NOT in the series proper). And, perhaps, include a few more alterations to the canon episodes (like, for example, in "Bridle Gossip", Bandit can point out that "Chad and I are changelings and you're not afraid of US. Spike is a dragon and you aren't afraid of HIM. Why would you be afraid of a zebra?" And for "Call of the Cutie" maybe Chad and Spike could become part of the Cutie Mark Crusaders [even though, Spike, as a dragon, can't get a Cutie Mark and Chad, as a Changeling, can easily FAKE Cutie Marks when so desired, I could see Chad joining up to provide moral support for Apple Bloom and her new friends and Spike joining out of friendly competition with Chad. Plus, I could see Spike and Chad keeping the Crusaders focused more on helping out bullying victims by building them up both physically AND mentally through an extremely wide range of activities that they could learn ALL how to do]).

It's like you were reading my mind, because I already had intentions of making original episode ideas. I'm trying to make each Season [except 3] at least thirty episodes.

I also intend on mixing episodes with Original stuff, so people would get to know the three ocs. Making lots of altercations with the Ocs I have.

As for the CMC's, have a plan for that too. Chad will be a member of the CMC along with three colts.

Just want to debunk something really quick,Chad and Bandit do not know how to change their appearances just yet.

I'm really glad you liked the chapter. Hopefully, I don't disappoint when I continue.

Thanks very much for the correction.

Another thing. Keep your eyes peeled for easter eggs. I'll be dropping them everywhere.

Looking forward to the next chapter

wait a minute the long way of how Chad said his name... was that an Animaniacs reference?

No. It's a Suite Life of Zack and Cody reference. Esteban Julió Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez.

Oh I know but that joke originated from Animaniacs

I guess that makes that two easter eggs. Never saw that episode of Animaniacs.

interesting concept, I'll like to see where this goes.

Well, all I can say is great job on the exchanges, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Yeah, I liked the detail about how Bandit initially didn't want the others accompanying him and Twilight specifically BECAUSE he knew it was going to be dangerous. And, yeah, the detail of the other two elements was a rather good one too.

I'm going to guess the "no Marevel references" was a nod to the Infinity Stones. And I'm also going to guess that "Amending Fences" is going to happen MUCH sooner than in canon (like, Twilight returning to Canterlot JUST long enough to pack some prized belongings for the move to Ponyville and explain things in pony to her parents and big brother only to realize just how badly she unintentionally hurt Moondancer and set out to fix it. And I'm also going to guess that "A Canterlot Wedding" late in Season Two is going to go slightly differently than in canon because these ponies actually WILL have SOME prior experience with Changelings (and most of it positive, so there is the possibility of reforming the considerable majority of Chrysalis's hive much sooner than in canon). But I will also admit that I COULD very easily be wrong.

But, anyway, I am DEFINITELY going to be looking forward to more of this.

There are some other moments where Bandit represents the Element of Heroism. Did you notice them?

Well, yeah, of course I did. That was just the FIRST example after all. In fact, he showed examples for MOST of the trials.

Personally I'm loving this but, I think bravery would be more representing of Bandit's element. Unless you have something more specific planed. Nice story

Bravery is an older generation Element. Belonging to Flash Magnus. I also do have some things planned with Bandit's element.

Why stop there? Please make more for all of us!

I'm not stopping here. More will come here.

I have ptanie cz it continues because I liked this story ???

Bandit and Chad were walking through the streets of Ponyville when they saw a garden that looked decorated with a gravestone that said Tiger Lily Memorial Public Flower Garden, which is next to Derpy's house.

"What did you do with our Princess?!" Rainbow Dash asked angrily before trying to take on Nightmare Moon, only to be stopped by Applejack. "Woah there Nelly..." She said with a muffled voice as Nightmare Moon chuckled evily. "Why, am I not royal enough for any of you? Don't any of you know who I am?" The wicked mare asked with everypony too afraid to answer.

evilly is spelled wrong.

I do hope you will come back and continue as I wanna see how Bandit and Chase react to meeting Discord, Queen Chryaslis and what their relationship with Cadence was like.

I really like the background of Bandit growing up as Celestia's adopted son and being a close friend of Twilight and Spike. :heart::heart:

Don't worry, i'll be back soon. I have some things specially planned for Discord and Especially Queem Chrysalis.

Also, it's Chad. Not Chase. Chase is gonna be a Season 4 character.

Very good to hear. I can't wait to see them. :pinkiehappy:

My mistake there, thanks for correcting me.

“Chad, no lemons for you.” Bandit scolded, resulting in an aww from his little brother. Suddenly, the two hear chirping from birds.

chad is too young lemon scenes

“D-ah, ow, oh, hey, wow, watch it, whoa!” Spike exclaimed as he was getting forcibly dressed. The booth was moved and Spike was revealed to be in an old timey button up dress coat with golden buttons. Bandit started to chuckle.

“How does a pony, crony, son of a phony-” Chad started before Bandit covered his mouth.

I got one better:

How does a dragon, crony, son of a uni
And a brony, made for the first generation of ponies
In Equestria, his gender is outnumbered by
The females, become a beloved dragon brother?

Yeah that's all I got. And yes, I am not an experienced songwriter, nor am I good at making song parodies. I just felt like making a portion of the lyrics after reading that part of the story.

Nice story by the way. Follows the typical "OC is part of the source material's main storyline" fanfic trope but it's still pretty good.

You my fine sir, or madam, have predicted a future season 4 episode.

Also, good lyrics, except Blueskin Peacock is a stallion (named after George Washington's and Hamilton's horses).

And thank you kindly, I know it seems that he's just PART of the main story, but believe me, there are a lot of changes that are gonna go by. Evidence by a little hint in the first episode that foreshadows a lot.

Glad you enjoyed.

You're welcome Alpha Wolf 4500. Also I'm, in fact, a guy

I also did not know that about Hamilton and Washington's horses. I just wrote the lyrics based on what you wrote, and the fact that Chad sang the lyrics to make fun of Spike's attire.

Also, when you say "predicted a future season 4 episode", does that mean there'll be a Hamilton parody episode, or an episode about a certain dragon's origins? Because if it's a Hamilton parody, I think I know which episode it takes place.

I also kinda figured that there will be HUGE changes in the storyline. I mean, the main character's a changeling! That basically changes their interactions with Chrysalis.

There's gonna be a future Hamilton parody. That's all I'm gonna say on the matter right now.

As for Chrysalis. Was just say there's gonna be quite some foreshadowing.

“Easy there fella.” Bandit said as he stuck out his hoof and gently stroked it’s mane. “Easy……. Sun’s starting to set.”


“I may watch just a little too much Ponanza.” Bandit sheepishly confessed. Pinkie started bounce around.

Ah yes a Bonanza reference...yes

Ah, I see you are a man or woman of culture as well.

Gilda ran over and grabbed the punch, attempting to drink it, but the punch fell onto her before reaching her mouth.

you double posted this line

Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it. Sorry about that.

Thinderclapping the cloud he was on, he scared all four of them. I believe you meant to say "Thunderclapping".

Does Bandit have a crush on Twilight?

I can neither confirm nor deny whether he does or do not.


If he does, then that might be an important (yet somewhat cliched) plot device.

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