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When it comes to most of my stories, don't make assumptions. Not only is there a 99.9% chance that you're wrong, but it's also frustrating to me.


This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: Friendships and Magic [Season 1]

Bandit's adventure continues In the 2nd season of FaM. As he continues to learn more and more lessons on friendship, he starts learning just a little bit more about who he is, what he is, and his past.

During this journey, he soon manages to find out just how important he is to everyone around him.

Bandit and Chad belong to me.
Lightning Sprint belongs to Lightning Sprint
Art by BrutalWeather

I hope you enjoy.

Chapters (9)
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nicely done! Looking forward to see the next chapter

A new part of the saga has been published!!
great chapter!

Alright awesome job and man did Discord messes with the mind of 6 of the mane 8 along with Lighting and I wonder how Bandit isn’t effect, this is a mystery and I wonder it, but anyways awesome job with the start of season 2, keep up the great work

Oh sorry I guess I’m used on calling them the mane 6 i didn’t accounted then about the two extra members sorry, I fixed it now.

For Return of Harmony, Part 2 (Ending)

Ah yes. The knowledge of Return to Harmony part 2's ending being a reference to star wars's a new hope's ending soothes me.

May the horse be with you.

Like the song at the end of friendship is magic was the parade song from episode 1?

Not too sure, still new to star wars so I don't know.

I would wait until you have watched the phantom menace (Star Wars episode 1) before watching the videos below:

Very well done job! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. :)

Well, this has been long awaited and we are already starting off with style! Love how how incorporated Lightning Sprint and Bandit into this so far.

Finally finished reading this! Great job with the first chapter, I like how Bandit wasn't dissuaded even if he was put down, unlike how Twi was just left alone

It takes a lot more than that to put him down and keep him there.

What would Bandit's discorded version be like if if that happens?

Person who thinks Skeletor is not funny i.e. a villain.

No matter how evil you are, everyone finds Skeletor funny. And that's a fact.

or maybe Bandit will become as evil as Peter Pan.

Does he become affected at all? Because eventually even Twilight gives up and succumbs for a brief period of time before coming back stronger when she rereads those friendship lessons sent to Celestia.

oh god sprint makes me think of bad things. very violent bad things.

Interesting to see how you worked Lightning Sprint snd Bandit into this.

after your great work part 1 an so far your great work on part2 is there going to be part 3

I know are gonna be on this story, pertaining to the 'OP-ness' (If you know you know) of Bandit's element of Heroism stoning discord

Translate: I want to buff him whatever I want.

..... Did I just see the second version of "The new hero"?

nicely done, love the cutie mark!


Translate: I want to buff him whatever I want.

Translate: This is the first taste of changes coming to the FaM universe so those who complained about the lack of changes in season fyayking one, while parodying the alien elements trope that I was previously messed with on, to make room for what lies ahead.

Don't make assumptions, and don't tell others or me what I meant.

..... Did I just see the second version of "The new hero"?

Ah yes. The main character slash fic you linked me, in regards to the warning that you told me was nearly reaching Sue fiction. Along with another; Blaze the pony tale. Don't know if you did, I didn't read either one. But I do know this, you are beginning to frustrate me.

2 things:

1-Holy moly Big Mac played a suprisingly big role in this.

2-Whaaaaaaat! A cutie Mark for Bandit?! SWEEEET!

I wonder what could possibly go wrong at Bandit's cutcenara. (Sorry if I misspelled that.

Wait, how is trying to prevent a city on clouds from crashing into the ground killing hundreads disloyal? I’m confused on how that last part works.

1- yes indeed. I'm setting up for Brotherhooves social to have a little more weight to it.

2- yes indeed. I've been foreshadowing it everywhere. Most recently, in the cover art.


It's not disloyal because that's what she was going to do, it's disloyal because she was deluded into thinking that it rested on her and her alone. Also, she was hypnotised.

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