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Paul Jensen can't seem to catch a break. As if slaving away at a soul-sucking data entry job just to put food on the table wasn't bad enough, mass adoption of AI is threatening to make him obsolete within the year. Only the love and support of his long-time girlfriend keeps him getting out of bed every morning, but even she can only help so much.

To make matters worse, Paul's eccentric uncle sends him a "magic" mirror which he promises will change his life for the better -- more junk to get rid of, Paul thinks. But when the mirror turns out to actually be magical and transforms him into a small equine-ish creature (and a female one, at that!), Paul must face a whole new set of problems.

Only time will tell if the mirror really is a blessing in disguise.

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This is good!

I also recommended you maximized viewership by releasing a chapter every week/month. Don't release everything at the same time.

Just like gacha games liked to do. You have to make viewer expected that you're going to post a chapter at this specific time. Habit is the key.

Here's information regarding when to post story(take it with a grain of salt)

The multi-chapter dump was really a one-time thing, mostly so I could have the existing chapters archived in one convenient place compared to how it had been hosted piecemeal beforehand. Future chapters will be uploaded individually as I finish them, ideally no later than a month apart if life (and motivation) allows. Thank you for the earlier compliment, by the way.

Speaking of more content, the next chapter is in the pipeline and hopefully shouldn't be too much longer of a wait.

No, I mean you can also archived your finished chapters here without publishing them(don't click publish button). Give yourself a buffer zone of unreleased chapters so you can be consistant with your releases even when you're actually on hiatus and didn't write anything.

Interesting story, even if TG stuff isn't my usual cup of tea, the writing makes it worth the reading and keeps it's interesting. I like TG stuff for the 'wrongness' of the guy turned mare which is what keeps my interest in those kinds of stories. I did really like the dream sequence a lot and the descriptions. I hope to see more of this story and see what is the actual plot and mystery of the mirror and the guy's uncle.

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