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Writing stories I wish were on here, or simply getting inspired to write my own version of said topic. And now you know why I write fanfics!

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  • ENew Feelings
    Ponies change, it's inevitable. We grow, we change, nopony can stop it. The question is though, what do you do when you first realize things have changed, do accept it or do you deny with everything you.
    Silver Scrolls · 5.7k words  ·  189  4 · 4.4k views
  • TIn Her Sanctuary
    Celestia left the public eye of Canterlot to be alone with her beloved, Twilight Sparkle. All she ever wanted could finally be hers. Together in love within her sanctuary, Celestia attempts to have a perfect day with Twilight.
    OmegaPony11 · 3.1k words  ·  515  13 · 8.3k views
  • TThe Lessons of Eternity
    It has been over 100 years since Celestia and Twilight's relationship collapsed, since they've seen or spoken to each other. But when Twilight appears in the royal palace, that century of silence will come to an end. Very, very politely.
    Fedora Mask · 4k words  ·  1,197  29 · 14k views
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So are you like stop making story's or...? :unsuresweetie:

Thank you for the fav!

Thank you for adding Luna's Foal to your library.
Hope you can drop by again soon!

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